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The Boots Come Off by Adam Lawson

boots-come-offThe sequel to Adam Lawson’s The Boots Are Red, this book follows private eye Ron Cavanaugh as he investigates the Salt Marsh, the crime syndicate that runs his home town. Now in a relationship with the sultry Audrey Carmen, the stakes are raised when she finds herself embroiled in the Salt Marsh’s nefarious plots:

“What’s the password?” An equally seedy voice asked.

Password? What is this, the 1920s? I fished around in my pocket and produced a ten dollar bill. “Hamilton,” I said.

“‘Fraid not.” The slit slammed shut.

If you enjoyed The Boots Are Red, this book has everything that made that novel fun: airtight prose, smart dialogue and a breakneck pace that keeps you invested in the action. However, Lawson largely sticks to the formula of the previous book, failing to deviate from the hardboiled detective script in any significant way. While this is a good thing insofar as The Boots Come Off avoids major missteps and is an engaging read, the lack of innovation may put off some readers and could potentially become an issue as Lawson continues with the series.

Maybe I’m just picky, but I like writers who evolve.

Additionally, The Boots Come Off assumes you’ve read the first book in the series, as it doesn’t waste much time introducing the recurring characters from that book, such as Audrey Carmen and Detective Elmira. While you can still enjoy it even if you haven’t read The Boots Are Red, some of the plot will be lost on you.

Bottom line: The Boots Come Off is a well-written, exciting detective novel. If you liked The Boots Are Red, you’ll like this book; if you haven’t read that book, you should check it out first.

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