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Brains & Brawn: A 30-Day Challenge by Robert Koch

Robert is the man behind 30 Days to X, the best blog that many of you have probably never heard of. 30 Days to X has a very simple premise: each month, Robert picks a skill he wants to master and spends the next thirty days working on it, inspiring his audience to do the same by providing valuable info and encouragement. So far, he’s done everything from getting ripped to learning programming to becoming more socially suave. I frequently plug his articles on Twitter and Facebook because he always has something interesting to say, and he’s returned the favor by promoting my blog and guest writing for me.

Now he has a new book that you must buy.

Brains & Brawn is a brief, inexpensive ($0.99) manual on becoming a better man via your own 30 Days to X-style challenge. Robert doesn’t lecture you or lard the book up with extraneous detail; he tells you directly what you need to do and what you need to read to become a better you. He breaks his program down into four essential points—reading, writing, exercise and diet—and shows you how to conquer each:

You’re probably wondering why I’m asking you to do something that I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with, the answer is simple: the ability to communicate through written words is the single most valuable skill. When you write something, it’s there forever. Look back at the reading list, most of the material is several hundred years old. Yet, despite their age, these books are still just as relevant and powerful as when they were first written.

While I have some issues with the book’s formatting and occasional typos, Brains & Brawn is a great starting resources for guys looking to get out of their rut of ennui and unhealthy living. Don’t buy this if you’re looking for a detailed tome full of info you’ll never use: buy it if you’re looking for a friendly kick in the ass.

Click here to buy Brains & Brawn: A 30-Day Challenge.

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