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Buy Confessions of an Online Hustler: How to Make Money and Become an Internet Superstar Today

onlineToday, I’m happy to announce my latest release, Confessions of an Online Hustler. Here’s what you’ll learn in this 121-page book:

  • Why most conventional wisdom about making money online is just plain wrong
  • How you can start improving your writing skills right now
  • The basic principles of making money online
  • How to structure your blogs for maximum profit
  • How to design a WordPress blog to maximize your readers’ convenience
  • A unique method for getting people to visit your blog in as little time as possible
  • Why SEO (search engine optimization) is massively overrated
  • A method of making money online quickly, easily and honestly, that most bloggers don’t do
  • How to write and publish a book that people will buy
  • The best ways to combat haters and online stalkers

If you purchase Confessions of an Online Hustler this weekend, you’ll get a 50 percent discount off the regular price. This sale ends at 9pm PST Sunday. (UPDATE: The sale has concluded and prices have been increased.)

I’m also pleased to announce that the first reviews for Confessions are rolling in. Here’s what Jose L. Romero has to say about it:

I can’t tell you how many times I wished I had a eBook with this type of information when I started in the blog game a few years ago. It would have saved me a ton of time wasted confused because I used a tactic that I read in some one blog and got myself sand boxed by Google.  Yep i have been sand boxed a few times. Or even just as bad the strategies from those online hustling eBooks just did not work at all.

Koanic was more critical, but also gave it a thumbs up:

Where the book shines is it covers a missing step that the Tim Ferriss’ and even Ramit Sethi’s of the world don’t cover. That first hurdle is often what prevents people from ever getting traction.

Anatoly Karlin also weighed in, giving the book a 4 out of 5:

Self-improvement is a roadmap, not a guided tour. There can be no guarantees of success – as Matt himself, unlike the vast majority of self-help gurus, is honest enough to admit. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that reading this book will appreciably improve your chances of success. And considering that a hell of a lot of money can depend on this – maybe even a new career – this book way more than pays for itself in terms of the additional positive expected value it generates for you. If you wish to make serious money through blogging – well, through writing books and propagandizing them on your blog – then you could do a lot worse than getting hold of Matt Forney’s literary debut and spending a couple of hours digesting the hard-won wisdom in its 120 pages.

To buy the book, click below.

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