Matt Forney
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Buy The Hitchhiking Crash Course: How to Travel the World and Meet Cool People Today

Today is the release date of my second book, The Hitchhiking Crash Course. Here’s what you’ll learn from this 90-page book:

  • Why most conventional wisdom about hitching is wrong
  • The most important thing to have before you leave on your journey
  • What to bring with you
  • The most effective places to get rides
  • How to dress and present yourself so you can get picked up faster
  • A little-known secret for getting rides from truckers without getting in trouble
  • How to protect yourself from creeps and weirdos
  • How to deal with the police
  • Survival strategies for women hitchhikers

For this weekend only, the e-book version is only $2.99 while the paperback is only $4.99. This sale ends at midnight EST/9pm PST Sunday. (UPDATE: The sale has concluded and prices have been increased.)

  • Click here to buy the book in paperback.
  • Click here to buy it for Amazon Kindle.