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crash-courseA new month means a new re-release, and this time, The Hitchhiking Crash Course has gotten a makeover. Much like with Trolling for a Living, I’ve had my friend Matt at Unlucky Devil create an awesome new cover, and I also re-did the interior of the paperback edition, but I didn’t simply slap a pretty new image on this one.

To be honest, the original edition of Crash Course was a substandard product.

Going through my draft nearly a year after I wrote it, I was taken aback by the sheer number of typos that slipped through my edits. Now, it wasn’t Aaron Clarey-level bad, but it was far more than a professional product should be allowed to have. Additionally, too much of the book’s information was organized into lists, which made the book feel like an extended series of Buzzfeed articles instead of a cohesive work. For this new edition, I’ve not only fixed both of those problems, I’ve also added bits of new information here and there, specifically in the sections on finding places to sleep while you hitchhike and on dealing with police.

A book on the mechanics of hitchhiking is not exactly going to become a bestseller, but even still, I’m glad I wrote The Hitchhiking Crash Course. When I began hitchhiking two years ago, I relied mainly on information I found online and gleaned from the hitchers I met on the road, all of which varied wildly in quality (read: some of it was useful, a lot of it was crap). I wanted to compile a resource that would actually help people and wouldn’t leave them in the lurch. While I doubt either this book or my upcoming memoir will inspire a hitching revolution, if my adventures inspire even one guy or girl to do something out of the ordinary, I’ll consider my work a success.

Here are the links to buy the book:

  • Click here to buy the paperback edition from CreateSpace.
  • Click here to buy the paperback edition from Amazon.
  • Click here to buy the Kindle edition from Amazon.

The new edition will be released on Kobo, Nook and Smashwords in two weeks alongside Three Years of Hate, after the expiration of my KDP term. Per usual, if you’ve bought the old Kindle edition on Amazon, you’ll be receiving the new one for free as soon as the tech monkeys get on it.

If you’re a blogger interested in reviewing the book, email me by clicking here and I’ll send you a copy. Use the subject line “Hitchhiking Crash Course Review.” When you publish your review, let me know and I’ll post a link to it here.