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Buy Do the Philippines: How to Make Love to Filipino Girls in the Philippines Today

do the philippinesToday, I’m excited to release my latest book, Do the Philippines, a comprehensive guide to picking up Filipinas in the Philippines. Here are just a few things that this 102-page book contains:

  • Why the Philippines may be the easiest country to get laid in on the planet
  • The kinds of men that Filipino girls go for
  • The qualities that make Filipinas great girlfriends and wives
  • An overview of Philippine nightlife and how to hack it for maximum benefit
  • A complete guide to meeting and banging Filipinas through online dating
  • A simple day game trick that will let you pick up almost any Filipino girl you meet on the street
  • What to do when Filipinas try to play games, scam you out of money or manipulate you
  • A strategy for dealing with the Philippines’ overcomplicated visa and entry requirements
  • How to protect yourself from criminals and safeguard your health while in-country
  • Complete guides to two of the Philippines’ biggest and most important cities

Furthermore, the e-book edition of Do the Philippines is on sale for $3.99—down from the regular price of $7.99—from now until midnight CST (1am EST/10pm PST) Sunday, December 27. (UPDATE: The sale is over and prices have increased.)

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Positive reviews of the book keep rolling in. Here’s an excerpt from one by Kyle from This is Trouble:

Do the Philippines reads like a bit of a cross between an insanely detailed travel datasheet combined with stories of sexy tales, written with Matt’s usual wittiness and charm. Usually, I’m one to skip reading travel stories because I just find them dull. I want to get straight to the meat of the details on where to stay, how to pipeline, and how to bang the girls. But in the case of Do the Philippines, I actually found myself enjoying the stories and content…

If you’re a blogger or writer interested in reviewing Do the Philippines, click here to email me for a review copy. Use subject line “Do the Philippines Review Copy” and tell me whether you want a paperback, ePub, .mobi/Kindle, or PDF copy. Additionally, you can learn about my affiliate program—which will allow you to make money by promoting Do the Philippines and my other books—and sign up by clicking here.

I’d like to close this post out by wishing everyone who’s bought my books in the past a Merry Christmas. Your support and patronage enables me to make a living fighting for the truth and putting out valuable information like this. I’ll be staying in this weekend, so feel free to email me if you have questions about or problems with your purchases.