Matt Forney
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Buy Trolling for a Living: The Best of Matt Forney, Volume One Today

trollingforalivingoldToday marks the release date of my next book, Trolling for a Living. Here’s what you’ll find inside this 230-page title:

  • Why “shaming language” is justified
  • The real definition of “manning up”
  • An insider’s look at the North Dakota oil patch
  • What a bitch is and why they’re problematic
  • How feminists and men’s rights activists are two sides of the same coin
  • Why voting is a waste of time
  • Why people on the Internet are retarded
  • Why “real” men support fat acceptance
  • And more!

As with my previous releases, if you buy either the paperback or e-book edition of Trolling for a Living anytime this weekend (until midnight EST/9pm Sunday), you’ll get it for half the regular price.

  • Click here to buy the book in paperback.
  • Click here to buy it for Amazon Kindle.