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Calling on Great Men


This is a guest post by William Rome.

Great men of the past daring and bold,
Great men made from a superior mold:
Warriors fighting on harsh field of war,
Thinkers changing all that was thought before,
Lovers making ladies come back for me;
Inspire and strengthen me in this Age
Filling me with a fierce hatred and rage
For all its victims and their special “rights,”
A disgusting spectacle of such heights
No court jester could have devised
A comedy of laughs this highly prized.
Help me purge myself, both body and mind,
Of weakness and laziness of the kind
Loved by those today so stupid and blind
To the false shadows they watch on the wall
They take to be history’s highest call.
Touch me with the obsessive ambition
That pounded your foes into submission
While doing things no one had ever seen
So I can accomplish all that I dream.
Kindle in me the fire of your strength,
Helping push my body past every length
It has known to this point athletically
To triumph over new tests physically.
Create unceasing curiosity,
A lust for knowledge that will never be
Easily satisfied by simple things
Like the fools who don’t care beyond what blings.
And now you great men of the past
I ask thoughtfully for the very last
Of these requests to help me soar today
And keep the vile victimness at bay:
Infect my lips with the consuming urge
To taste everything in a flaming surge
Of ecstatic decadence and delight:
Food and flesh, bottled or rolled, whatever
Comes across my lips in passing pleasure
As a tasty treat that I’ll never miss;
Enjoying all of life’s physical bliss.
Great men of the past strengthen and inspire
Because you achieved all I desire,
Do so as I strive for the world to see
I made myself the man I wanna be.

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  • I love this! Great Post William!!

  • Spike Gomes

    While I admire the spirit behind it greatly… this is not good poetry. The lack of any recognizable metre combined with the exclusive use of perfect rhymes in couplet form make it seem amateur, along with the hamhanded tone taken to the subject matter (not against rhetorical poetry, it’s just it’s the type that needs extra care not to become sentimental, in this case I would suggest more leading concreteness in imagery and less editorializing). That’s more my taste, however. What I would suggest on a more fundamental level is working on developing strong prosody skills. What I did was gather up my favorite poets and worked out the scansion their verse myself until I could do it without thinking about it. I hope to see more in the future. The manosphere needs more “art”

  • Lorne

    While it is highly likely that there are many potentially great men in our society, greatness is not compatible with the savage egalitarianism we live under. Imagine, for example, George Patton in the modern U.S. Army. Therefore, since the time is not right for them, the potentially great find other things to do. I firmly believe, however, that ‘the hour will call forth the man.’ When reality strikes, which it will do with a vengeance, we will see great men again.