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Calorie Counting for Your Brain

One of the things I’ve resolved to do as part of my journey is severely curtail the amount of crap I read online. An “information diet,” as Tim Ferriss puts it. Here are some examples of what I’m getting rid of.

  • Politics. What a complete waste of time. No matter whether Obama or Romney becomes president, this country is going to continue to spiral into the sewer. I’ve dumped all punditry blogs from my Google Reader.
  • Paleo dieting. I’ve already read The Primal Blueprint and a few other books. The basics of Paleo eating are simple: no grains, dairy or anything our caveman ancestors didn’t have. I don’t need to keep reading Mark’s Daily Apple or Hunt Gather Love to understand that formula. The Chef in Jeans is the only cooking blog I bother with right now.
  • Men’s rights. Yeah yeah yeah, feminism sucks, men are oppressed, I get it. I agree with MRAs on most everything, but their whiny, victim-y tone grates on me. And like with the Paleo diet, MRA articles are repetitive and aren’t telling me anything I don’t already know.
  • Game (sort of). I’ve dumped most of the game blogs save for the most important/entertaining ones, like Chateau Heartiste and Roosh. I want absolutely nothing to do with the PUA fuzzy hat brigade.
  • Economics. Aside from Naked Capitalism and Cappy Cap, it’s all a waste for the same reasons that paying attention to politics is a waste.
  • Human biodiversity/race realism. Aside from SBPDL, Steve Sailer, and Mangan, it’s repetitive and pointless, like all the rest. Furthermore, a lot of the HBD bloggers, like Half Sigma and OneSTDV, seem to be missing something upstairs.
  • Blogs written by girls. Call me a sexist if you want, but very few women on the Internet have anything interesting to say. Chick bloggers are virtually all attention whores who either spend all their time emoting about their various personal problems or writing about vapid crap like celebrity gossip (see: Jezebel).
  • Music (sort of). Between Pitchfork, Stereogum and The Hype Machine’s smartphone app (plus following a whole bunch of alt-celebrites on Twitter), my obsessive need to stay on top of the latest indie music is sated.
  • Local news. I scan once a day, comb the New Times once a week to stay informed on what’s happening around town, and listen to WSYR and WRVO when I’m in the car. That’s all I need.

Just imagine what you could accomplish if you took the time you pissed away on the Internet or watching TV and put it towards something useful.

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