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The Case Against Female Education


If you’re a girl pursuing anything more than a high school degree, you’re in all likelihood wasting your time.

Encouraging girls to go to college and grad school en masse is one of the biggest mistakes America has ever made. The flood of girls into universities is not only in part responsible for the current economic crisis, it’s made it increasingly difficult—if not impossible—for both girls and men to fulfill their natural roles. At the same time higher education has been degraded by so many unqualified girls getting accepted into college, those girls have seen their egos unjustifiably boosted by their degrees, making them unsuitable to be wives and mothers.

In order for society to be cured, this has to be fixed.

Here are my reasons why girls should be discouraged from going to college.

1. Going to college makes girls less attractive.

Girls, in their socially sanctioned solipsism, assume that men are turned on by the same things that they are. Because girls crave high status men, they assume that men similarly find their high status attractive, which couldn’t be further from the truth. No man alive has ever said, “God DAMN, I love the master’s degree on that girl!” It’s usually “God DAMN, she’s got a rack that could stop a runaway train!” or “God DAMN, this girl’s cooking is to die for!”

As a result, four plus years of college more often than not ruins a girl.

For starters, the extended adolescence that is college encourages sluttiness, which wrecks a girl all on its own. All those hunks splooging in her vagina make it more likely that she’ll end up divorcing the man she does end up marrying. Sluts are emotionally broken, incapable of loving and serving men, squandering their gifts of femininity and beauty, constantly trying to trade up for a bigger, better deal that never comes.

Marrying a slut is like paying full price for a beat-up old clunker.

Additionally, college is problematic because it gives girls the illusion of knowledge. Outside of STEM degrees (which are deficient in their own way), few majors actually impart useful information to girls, yet they still think they’re entitled to respect for having the degree; credentialism at its finest. Girls come out of college without being able to cook, sew, balance a checkbook or perform any of the necessary tasks of modern living, yet they still think they’re smart and independent and don’t you dare suggest otherwise. Don’t forget the massive amounts of student loan debt that these girls rack up, which you become in part responsible for if you’re dumb enough to put a ring on it.

Woman is not a learning animal.

The two most fulfilling relationships I’ve ever had were with girls who hadn’t yet graduated from college—one was midway through her degree and the other had not started yet—because they hadn’t had their minds poisoned by the lies of academia. They were fun to be around, girly, and eager to please. They hadn’t had their hearts broken through countless drunken hookups. When I explained something to them that they didn’t understand, they actually listened to me and did what I told them instead of accusing me of “mansplaining.”

If girls are like gold coins, sending them to college is like dunking them in nitric acid.

1a. Girls who go to college are extremely likely to get sexually assaulted.

Given the massive rape epidemic on college campuses, universities are massively unsafe places for girls. As feminists love reminding us, universities are ground zero for rape culture; one in four girls will be raped before the end of her college tenure. Given this information, why would anyone who cares about their daughter’s well-being let her do something as reckless as going to college?

You might as well parachute her into the worst part of Detroit with a “FREE FUCKTOY” sign taped to her back.

2. Most girls major in useless subjects that contribute nothing to the world.

Feminists love bragging about how girls are now earning the majority of college degrees, but they never bring up the fact that the majority of girls’ degrees are worthless in every way. Girls predominantly major in subjects like ethnic studies, women’s studies, English, communications and the like that require no work of any kind and give them no job prospects. As Aaron Clarey shows in this video, the majority of useful (STEM) degrees are still going to men.

What career prospects does a 22-year old girl with a bachelor’s in Arachnid Sexuality have? Dim ones.

If they’re lucky, they’ll end up becoming lawyers, civil servants or HR commissars, careers whose economic and social value is less than zero; those fields exist solely to employ the unemployable and leech off the productive. A select few might hit the jackpot and enter politics, where they can do an even better job of sucking our blood; Clarey showed in his book Worthless that the majority of American politicians have degrees in useless, parasitical subjects like law (Democrats more so than Republicans). But the vast majority of girls will end up living at home when they graduate, struggling to make their monthly student loan payments on a Starbucks salary.

Clearly, slaving away for minimum wage is way more fulfilling than being a wife and mother.

Furthermore, having all these girls “earning” these pointless degrees has lessened the value of a degree period. It’s common knowledge that the rarer something is, the more valuable it is. When our parents were our age, college degrees were uncommon enough that merely having one guaranteed you a good job, and you could secure most jobs with a one-hour interview. Now that everyone and their mother has a degree, employers cross-examine you like you’re on the witness stand, scrutinizing your GPA, your extracurriculars and making you complete stupid questionnaires that analyze how good of a “team player” you are, none of which has any bearing on how well you can do the job.

In their childish quest for “independence,” girls have made it more difficult for everyone—including themselves—to get a good-paying job.

3. Having girls working makes it more difficult for anyone to earn high wages.

It astounds me how so many feminists have absolutely no knowledge of economics. Here’s a hard lesson for you girls: labor is a commodity. And like all other commodities, labor is subject to the laws of supply and demand. When the supply of a commodity outpaces demand, its price (in this case, wages) goes down; when demand outpaces supply, the price goes up. This basic law is why a Walmart in Canton, Ohio is holding canned food drives for its own employees while the Walmart in Williston, North Dakota has to pay its workers $21 an hour and give them free hotel rooms; labor is plentiful in Ohio and scarce in North Dakota.

Leftists lament how wages have stagnated since the seventies and how the gap between the rich and poor has never been wider, but they can’t admit that feminism is a big reason why Americans are getting poorer by the day. The mass entry of girls into the workforce that began in the seventies conveniently coincides with the stagnation and decline of American wages, as well as the decline of unions. Whereas a man could comfortably support his family on his own back in the fifties and sixties, it takes both parents working to raise a family today, assuming the couple can even afford to buy a house and have children to begin with.

Additionally, the presence of girls in the labor force has feminized the economy and made it less productive as a whole. Because girls are unable and/or unwilling to actually take useful positions in the trades, manufacturing or other blue-collar fields (“Eww, I can’t mine coal! I might break a nail!”), the American economy had to be reconfigured to employ them somehow. The solution was to demonize the trades and create new useless white-collar positions such as “human resources.” Corporations used feminists as pawns to help promote outsourcing and free trade in the eighties/early nineties and push pointless office jobs as the new middle-class ideal. And all of those coveted white-collar jobs conveniently required a four-year degree, enriching the (leftist) universities as well.

As a result, we live in a country where a girl who makes $30,000 a year at a nonprofit is more highly regarded than an electrician who makes three times that.

Not only that, girls have altered the workplace itself for the worst. Government bureaucracies and other female-run institutions are governed by rules both written (e.g. sexual harassment laws) and unwritten that make it impossible to be frank, encouraging cattiness and backstabbing. And with few exceptions, female employees all act as volunteer commissars, ready to blow you in to the bossman the minute you upset their feeeeelings. You can’t be direct or honest because you never know what your co-workers will find offensive, making it difficult to get any work done.

But it gets worse than that: feminism is in part responsible for the current economic crisis.

It was girls’ desire for a never-ending supply of cheap crap (more than 80 percent of consumer spending is controlled by women) that resulted in the outsourcing of American manufacturing to China and the rise of big box stores like Walmart that squash local businesses and pay their workers the bare minimum allowed by law. It’s girls fornicating with wild abandon and divorcing their husbands on a whim that has lead to the epidemic of single moms and the subsequent strain on social services. It’s girls going to the doctor every time they get a boo-boo that has resulted in hard-working, healthy men like me having our insurance premiums skyrocket under Obamacare.

And it’s girls being unable to pay off their student loans that will lead to the next economic collapse.

4. Education (and work) are bad for girls’ physical and mental health.

It makes me laugh to see how effectively corporate America has made feminists into their most favored pets. Whenever feminists crow about the “end of men,” what they’re really saying is “Ha ha, we girls make WAY better slaves than you loser guys!” Jezebel and Gawker Media exemplify this contradiction best; all the girls writing there eagerly sound the gospel of female empowerment to make money for a man—Nick Denton—who pays them barely above minimum wage. “Yes Massa, Pax Dickinson is a misogynist racist asshat! Can I pretty please have a cookie, Massa?”

But beneath this you-go-grrl facade is a well of pain and suffering.

Despite all the feminists telling them that they should be happy to be “liberated,” female unhappiness is higher now than it’s ever been. Far more girls than men are suffering from mental illness, and antidepressant use among girls has gotten so bad that the drinking water of major cities like London is turning into a toxic soup. Every Strong, Independent Woman™ knows in her heart that her life is hell on Earth; it’s only her pride that keeps her from admitting the truth.

Recently, a friend of mine who quit her job to become a homemaker and returned to the workforce when her children grew older admitted to me that she preferred being a housewife. Why? It was less stressful. When she didn’t work, all she had to worry about was taking care of her kids, cooking and keeping the house clean. While she and her husband are wealthier now that they have two incomes, her life is never-ending misery. Her (female) boss constantly belittles and abuses her; her co-workers are gossipy do-nothings who refuse to pull their weight, making her pick up the slack; her health has deteriorated to the point where she’s developed stress-related carpal tunnel.

From the kitchen to the cubicle; isn’t freedom grand?

The reality is that girls always submit to men. It’s unavoidable. The only question is what kind of man she submits to. Will it be to a husband who protects her, provides for her and will love her until death do them part? Or will it be to a CEO like Nick Denton or some other corporate manager who views her as a tool to enrich himself, who will kick her to the curb as soon as she’s no longer useful? Even feminism itself is an invention of men, specifically Rousseau and the philosophers of the Enlightenment; Mary Wollstonecraft and other female “thinkers” were never more than sideshow freaks.

Deep inside, girls know what they want; they just need authoritative men to give it to them.

If you’re a girl, you should only go to college if you can meet one or more of these criteria:

  1. Major in something useful. Here’s a pointer to figuring out if a degree is useful; does it involve math? If not, you’re wasting your time. I recommend Aaron Clarey’s Worthless if you want more info.
  2. Go to a quality school. If you can’t make it into the Ivy League or another high-quality institution such as UVM or Binghamton, you have no business going to college.
  3. Have your parents pay for it. I don’t mean co-signing your student loans, I mean having daddy take his wallet out and cover your costs in full. If you’re rich enough that your parents can afford college without any loans, it doesn’t much matter what you do.

The rest of you girls? We’re here to take you back to the place you secretly long to be, the place where you belong: the kitchen.

Now, on your knees!

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  • Good post. I agree.

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  • I don’t necessarily agree that higher education is bad for women. What I would say is that our current system that forces women to be in college between 18-25 is the problem. Women should be finding their MRS degree and procreating during those years because that’s their best chance at snagging a quality husband. IMHO, female college should either come before or after those years, not during.

    I would agree that most colleges with their ever-increasing liberal arts requirements fill womens heads with all sorts of solipsistic nonsense. I would also agree that encouraging women to pursue things that men traditionally pursue, instead of teaching how to literally turn the home into a modest-income sole proprietorship, is a huge failing.

    I would also agree that it does not serve society to train women in career-oriented professions because realistically only a small fraction will show continuous attention to that career over their lifespan. The vast majority of women who become educated take a “break” at some point to have kids. Choosing to have children is not the poor decision. Starting a career before you were done having kids is the bad decision, and women are all taught to do this. They’re all fed ridiculous lies that they need a career before marriage and kids, when the reality is precisely the opposite. Those women could be marrying up with their higher value when they’re young, then pumping out some kids, and doing self-study for a serious career from home to better themselves while the kids are sleeping.

    Female lives are completely backwards in the developed world.

  • Rotten

    Jeremy is right.

    Women just don’t understand honor.

    Women are fed ridiculous lies that honor has anything to do with sex, that men will respect them for their career and accomplishments.

    Men will respect accomplishments, but it wolnt generate interest in the sexual ways that women want. Women can only get this status from being young feminine and beautiful.

    So all of those years pursuing a career are wasted. Women finally get established in their career at a far lower sexual market value than when they started (because of age). And, this is even true if the women avoided the college slut hookup scene. Women end up finally getting everything they want at work, and the reward is that only lower value men will commit to them.

    And this is before kids/children considerations come in. Yeah, Halle Berry had a kid at 42, but it cost her multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in fertility treatments. Why delay your motherhood to work, when all of the extra money from that work just goes to the medical industry. Any pregnancy after age 32 is high risk and will cost you a fortune.

    And don’t you have more energy to raise children at 22 instead of 42? Boys, especially can be a handful, and you don’t want to have one of those moms who drugs her kids.

  • GRW

    I had a premonition that you might write a post like this; it needed to be said.

  • Matt, did you upgrade your hosting plan before posting this? ;)

    I wrote about this a while ago…how all the bullshit degrees just hurt society as a whole:

    As someone who majored in Econ, it was ridiculous seeing how many girls spent Econ 101/102 in its entirety on their smartphone texting away instead of learning a few basic things.

    And you didn’t each touch on how girls that DO get the good degrees get burnt out of being a doctor and then leave the workforce (and their 10 year/$250k of education) out to dry.

  • Encouraging girls to go to college and grad school en masse is one of the biggest mistakes America has ever made.

    YES! And another one of the biggest mistakes has been giving us the vote. Disenfranchising women and getting the majority of girls out of the higher education system would be beneficial for everyone concerned.

    Excellent post as usual, sir.

  • Joe

    What Jeremy said.

  • My girlfriend has a BS in some sort of environmental science. I enjoy talking with her about things in the natural world, but the fact that she has a degree does nothing for me. If she had gained the knowledge she does by reading field guides, old textbooks, and volunteering at museums, I’d not think less of it. Still, she’s got some loan debt (which is why I won’t put a ring on it, no sir), and as I understand her retelling of her college experience, the whole thing was just a big money pit. If you want to learn something useful, going to school is not a good way to make that happen these days unless it’s a trade school (ew, you mean I have to get my hands dirty?!).

  • Oh God, this article is turning me on. Take me, Matt, take me!

    [CensorBot sez: I’m back bitches! And Matt says no feminists.]

  • The one thing I would take issue with is your “1 in 4 girls will be raped on campus” statistic, which has proven to be a lie:

    Of course, it’s something the feminists believe (and if so, why would they encourage you to send your girl to an institution where something like this has –what they believe is– a 25 percent chance of happening to them?)

    I’ve often wondered if the rise of fibromyalgia doesn’t correspond to the rise of women entering the workplace:

    Women get it far more often than men and I don’t recall it becoming a major thing until the last couple of decades. Could it be that women weren’t meant for the rigors of a workaday life? Would that explain why it seems to be highly ambitious women with stressful lives who get this disease the most?

  • @sunshinemary

    And another one of the biggest mistakes has been giving us the vote.

    At this point, since we let anyone vote who can point to a name on a register and appear to be that person regardless of whether or not the name on the register is actually alive… not letting women vote would be like elevating the dead over women.

    Voting rights should be tested, period. Women should be able to vote, but everyone should have to demonstrate the same level of engagement and knowledge about what the government did each year in order to cast a ballot. You should not be allowed to vote if you don’t even know the names of your representatives before you look at the ballot. You should not be allowed to vote on general propositions if you don’t know whether or not each of your municipalities was running a budget deficit or not the previous year.

    As it stands now, you have millions of women voting themselves more taxpayer-backed financial incentives to act however they wish each cycle, with no consideration of where that money comes from.

    Now, how to administer a test to validate a ballot, that’s a different matter. But you cannot have zero-challenge to voting. You cannot simply have open ballots where anyone can vote as often as they wish with the simplest of deceptions. Even the Iraqi’s had to stick their finger in ink to demonstrate that they had already cast a ballot. We don’t even do such a simple and appropriate thing in the states.

  • Counting the days (hours?) until the MSM tracks this down.

    But you make some solid points. The evidence is right in front of our noses. It’s sad that many people can’t understand that and would rather stick to what keeps them miserable, even if it’s familiar.

  • Oh, and also…

    You should not be allowed to vote if you’re over 65.

    This one will draw me hatred, and I understand that. But there’s a simple reason for it.

    People over 65 are voting on people who are shaping the future. Their vote is completely superfluous since the representatives they elect and the measures they and those representatives enact will affect their children FAR MORE than it will affect them. At some point, voting rights should be rescinded because people will simply not be around to be affected by the decisions made. Because of the impending expiration date for such people, they have an inherent conflict of interest with the future. They will only vote to preserve their current handouts/rights/situation. Also, because many of them are retired, they vote far far more often than people who barely have time to keep the kids fed.

    Flame away, but as far as I’m concerned, your voting rights should come with a maximum age in which to use them.

  • KHunt11110

    I need to read WOrthless eventually. I’m in the midst of a major that’s non-STEM and feeling increasingly less useful. I hope you’re incorrect about how low the value of a lawyer is, because that’s probably route I’m going to need to take out of necessity. (I have never had the mind that would get me a good STEM degree, anyhow.)

  • Towgunner

    feminism, women and this beautiful, liberating and perfect vista known as “work”.

    We’re a perverse nation.

    Perverse sexually and morally…for sure, but, that’s another long and painful story. We’re equally perverse in seemingly innocuous areas, such as, our cultural-societal view on “work”. feminism believes that “work” is the pathway to liberation…they’re not alone in that sentiment. Apropos; guess who else was too…Question: name the location of the following slogan “Work will set you free.”

    Catchy, eh? To those unaware, perhaps you’re wondering why feminism isn’t using it.

    For good reason; someone used it first. Answer: This slogan was displayed on the front gates at Auschwitz, the infamous nazi concentration camp. That’s a fact jack “work will set you free”. As it turned out, the guests at Auschwitz realized that work didn’t at all set them free? Another thing, the camp’s caretakers, nazi’s aka national socialists (worth repeating ‘socialists’), did in fact preside over a very authoritative and oppressive regime. Likewise, barry the potus (in cahoots with people like ‘structural feminists? (wtf), is also presiding over a very and increasingly authoritative and oppressive regime.

    Work is work, it is, with emphasis, not “play” or any closely related endeavors such as finding oneself or self actualization. Simple right? But, alas, when 1/2 the people in this country not only do not work but are paid for not working, is it fair to say that 1/2 are ignorant as to what work really is? As such, since this very same demographic likely watches a high amount of social engineering, ahem TV, it stands that they’d “consume” the meme that fulfillment lies in either the bowels of an investment bank, law firm or ghastly hospital, reference the current line-up of female empowering tv dramas and other media.

    Its all a bunch of bull. But there is something particularly grating about this current version of subterfuge, namely, the play on the female “ego”. Now, add in critical elements such as sexual harassment laws, affirmative action, preferential treatment, diversity outreach, quotas, proportionality etc, on top of all the ill effects created by effectively doubling the labor force and one will see right through this go girl nonsense, concluding that 1. they didn’t really accomplish anything and 2. they’re fools.

    And get this, feminist say they want respect. ??

  • @Jeremy

    Requirements for voting:

    Empathy for Men, women and children

    A Patriarch of your family

    Critical Thinking Skills

    IQ above 100


    Low time preference.


  • Wow, you hit another one out of the park!

  • I won’t even argue with the economics on this, but I’m glad girls go to school. Where else would you find so many young, attractive, naive girls in one place? I can’t think of any. Sure, most dudes aren’t getting any, but those who are are getting as much as they can handle.

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  • patriarchal landmine

    indeed, if the chance of being raped really was 1 in 4, no woman would ever go near a college ever again. maybe women consider an education more important than their very lives. seems like the wrong choice to me, but that’s just from my rational and logical perspective.

  • iva

    Everyone who agrees to this article is an absolutely primitive animal. I’m deeply sorry but you all have to catch up to evolution and the revolution of the world.

  • Rin Tin Tin

    Another sacred cow butchered and cooked to perfection by Master Chef Forney!

  • Rin Tin Tin

    @iva: Really? Do you know anything about how evolution actually works? Evidently not, because if you did, you would be agreeing with this article wholeheartedly.

    Facts or GTFO.

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  • surimant

    > Even feminism itself is an invention of men,

    dude, you need to read about the guy behind “Femen”. You probably already know this, but I want to say that it would fit in here.

  • baozi


    Not quite. One could argue just as well that the young have no understanding of consequences and will vote for their most immediate and shortsighted interests, usually based on emotional social issues. While old fashioned thinking is not always productive, there is a wisdom that’s needed from the elderly. In general, it’s the logical who should be voting, and I’d say the under 25 crowd (of which I am part) are the least qualified in this respect.

  • baozi

    I don’t oppose girls in higher education, just politically motivated fields. Which in the West, appears to anything that’s not hard sciences or business.

    What used to be legitimate inquiries like sociology or anthropology are now seminaries for Marxism and generic whining about how mean and inequal society is. It’s spread so far that it’s hard to even determine whether or not someone’s had a real education when they tell you they majored in fields like Literature, especially when their knowledge consists of stuff like “The Portrayal of Lower Class Women in 18th century English Novellas” or something equally worthless.

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  • Shannon

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  • Mark

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  • T hughes

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  • Part of me wanted to argue this, but you are right. This is true. Luckily for me, I fill all 3 requirements, but I don’t have to worry about that “rape stuff” in college since I go to an all women’s college.
    There are some useful careers though that a degree is mandatory for, like working in the health field. I need my masters in order to become a certified nurse midwife and we already know there are almost 0% of male midwives.

  • Anne

    I’m beating my clit furiously to this article.

    [CensorBot sez: Neato.]

  • deconstructed

    How come we don’t see a deluge of comments from the Crybaby Army? Oh, wait… this post has only been up for a week.

    I give it one more week before we start reading posts and Tweets along the lines of (picks up annoying high-pitched voice): “WAAAHHH!!! YOU’RE SO MEAN, MATT FORNEY!!!! I WANT TO GOUGE YOU WITH A PITCHFORK!!!!”

    Vis. item # 3 on the list, here is another theory: what if women were encouraged to enter the workplace (and, in extension, attend college to attain whatever degree they might) to fund unfunded liabilities against social assistance programs and pensions which, being the Ponzi schemes they are, would have gone belly-up much earlier if left alone?

  • Ooooooh!

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  • Ashley

    I’m a moron who doesn’t know how to spell “misogynist,” but I hope that won’t keep Matt from sleeping with me. Please pretty please?

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  • Ashley


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  • Sarah (Ashley’s Sockpuppet)

    I’m not exaggerating. I really do want to sleep with Matt.

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  • Angry Teenage Girl

    I’m not even 18, but I think my opinions matter! Waaaah Matt, you meanie!

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  • Angry Teenage Girl


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  • Angry Teenage Girl

    My daddy didn’t love me.

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  • Angry Teenage Girl

    Wow, four comments in a row? I must really have some major daddy issues if I have to keep fishing for attention on a blog whose owner thinks I’m a moron.

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  • Angry Teenage Girl


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  • Great. This is great. I love when you write articles like this. Not only are they a great read, but censorbot is my hero.

  • This article confirms once again why Matt Forney is the reigning master of the invective not only in the manosphere, but in cutting-edge social commentary in general. I see him as the inheritor of the satirical mantle of Johnathan Swift and Samuel Johnson. Woe to him who falls afoul of Forney’s pen.
    If this guy is doing this in his twenties, he’s going to be Voltaire by the time he’s in his forties.

  • T

    I disagree: illegal aliens by the millions, with more to come to break our wages, now take the restaurant cooking jobs, they dominate the construction industry in California, they work for the municipalities (yes, I mean the ILLEGAL ones), and in many other fields that white men w/o a degree would otherwise have.

    Then we have the HB-1 visas bringing in the damn foreigners to do the few professional jobs left; not to mention the MILLIONS of manufacturing jobs that they took decades to transfer overseas.

    I haven’t got to the outsourcing on computers of LEGAL jobs and X-Ray diagnostician jobs, have I?

    No, women haven’t taken anything away from men at all. The damn foreigners, in one way or another, do them.

  • Tammy

    Please fuck me, Matt.

    [CensorBot sez: No.]

  • Geneva Bracken

    I found this article while looking for a redeeming post from the author of “The Case Against Female Self-Esteem”. There is no redemption and seems to only get worse. Aside from the fear oozing between the lines of both posts I am reminded of the men who wrote about a woman’s place during the Antebellum South. My take-away from both of these articles is a reminder of my own inherent power over men. Men are born of and reared by women and for their entire lives struggle with their desires to be close to and simultaneously free from a woman’s rule. A leader who chooses the weak as his subjects is no leader at all.

  • Geneva Bracken

    And while a degree in Arachnid Sexuality seems enticing I’ve instead chosen Mathematics – so I completely agree with your emphasis on the importance of STEM fields. Your articles are extremely contrary and as a contrarian myself I appreciate your words and will read more as they allow me to internally reflect on my achievements.

  • Dan

    You sir, please punch me vigorously in the void where my manhood should be.

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  • marilyn

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  • Tammy

    Help, somebody HEEELLPPP me! I left an insulting comment on this blog post and CensorBot CENSORED it! Somebody please do something!

    [CensorBot sez: That’s right fatty, cry, cry your bitter tears.]

  • Not as Good as You

    I want this man to nail me like we were the last people on Earth.

    [CensorBot sez: No fatties, feminists or uggos.]

  • Tammy

    Please CensorBot, I beg you! I’ll do anything! I WANT TO BE THE MOTHER OF MATT’S BABIES! PLEAAASSSEEE!!!

    [CensorBot sez: Desperation is unbecoming.]

  • Sara

    I want to suck your dick so badly.

    [CensorBot sez: Nice.]

  • Andre


    It is incredibly cute how you believe fibro is an actual, real disease. The beauty of childish innocence…

  • Andre


    Regarding limiting suffrage, I think you are absolutely right. However, here is something to consider: women did not dare ask for the vote until men decided to make it “safe” by creating secret ballots. Before that, women were happy to let men do the voting. Until the secret ballot is abolished, nothing matters.

  • Lucy

    I want this man’s nut butter in my mouth.

    [CensorBot sez: Utterly shameless.]

  • Roy

    Feel sorry for me. I’m a feminist retard.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes, you are.]

  • Jenna Anderson

    You’re sexy.

    [CensorBot sez: Yes, I am.]

  • Andrew

    I’m an idiot who uses “hella” in everyday conversation.

    [CensorBot sez: Please exit to the retard plantation.]

  • Andrew

    The word “retard” is a slur and it’s not supposed to be used….. except in reference to mongoloids like me.

    [CensorBot sez: hurr durr]

  • Feminist

    I can’t read.

    [CensorBot sez: Learning is fun-da-mental.]

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  • Myra Esoteric

    I know this is satire, but the concept of being a housewife was really only found in the upper classes throughout history. In America, it really only applied to upper and upper middle class white women, and became a cultural norm (for white women) only during the post-WWII era of prosperity.

    Black and prole white women, prole Hispanic and European women, almost all women in Eastern Europe until 1990, and almost all Chinese and urban Indian women today, were always expected to work as much as men.

  • John Doe

    Hey Forney, didn’t you major in English? Pointless degree if I ever saw one!

  • AM

    I’ve noticed in law school that women tend to specialize in the fun legal fields like child advocacy or the safe, superfluous ones like copyrights. One girl I met actually wants to study entertainment law, as if that’s like being a movie star.

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  • Aleksandra Nikolaevna

    A great part of the population is wasting their time in college. For women even more so, as women, on average, are more emotional and less reason-oriented, therefore their interest in studying is much more shallow than that of men. There are surely exceptions, but that is the average. If only society/culture told people that it is ok to embrace the things that they are naturally inclined for, a lot of them would drop college or not even start it. Because most women are not oriented towards intellectual hobbies, but would be better as mothers and wives, just like a lot of the men would be more useful learning a skill and working that forcing themselves into learning stuff that they are not made to understand or like. About the money part, at least in my country state Universities are for free and private ones cost something around $600 a year. It is affordable and it should be like that everywhere, it’s ridiculous to have to pay a fortune to study, that is, if you are really passionate about studying something. “Gender studies” and crap like that doesn’t count. About working, being a housewife is definitely better than having a job. Personally I’m terrified of the idea of a job, having to wake up early, working with a team, listening to a boss and being paid for half or less of my work’s actual value. I’m more of a business gal, I plan to start some small business that I can run from home. I went to college to study foreign languages and literature only because I’m passionate about that, I never even thought about getting a college degree with the purpose of getting a job, lol.

  • Alexi Frest

    He is more like Rousseau. Rousseau has written a book on education, while he had half a dozen kids who grew up in orphanages. Forney seems the very same kind.

  • Alexi Frest

    I have bad news for you. ANY woman with more brains than a ladybird would be uncapable of loving you. You are full of hatred, what is there to love? I wondered how comes that you get any girlfriend at all, and now I see – you only pick the ones who have no brains. It is an explanation. There *might* be women who enjoy being mothers/wives, but plenty of them do not like this burden. If you want someone to “serve” you, hire a housekeeper. If degrees can keep away your likes, then I want SIX degrees.

  • Alexi Frest

    Women find that kind of attention until they are young – and you know what, every one of them gets old after a while. After hitting their thirties, they still have to support themselves. In particular, if their precious husband happens to find a new, younger and prettier woman. You want to encourage women to make a living of marrying up, and then you whine that women are gold-diggers. MORONS.

  • Josh

    If you don’t want to read it, here’s a summary for you.
    So first, his whole worldview is made terribly obvious by the fact he
    contrasts “girls” with “men”. He doesn’t even call them women.

    Then, he has somehow decided that intelligence and education makes women less
    attractive. My experience of university so far would refute that claim.
    Swimmin in fitties m8

    “Woman is not a learning animal.”

    Okay, he finally says women, but to call them animals. Nice. Dehumanisation
    of your entire sex is real attractive in a man, right girls?

    Oh, right, even better, lots of rape on campuses so the solution is no
    girls allowed. Real clever there mate, I guess you’ve shown that Man is a
    Rational Animal.

    He then shows the classic dim views of non-STEM degrees shown by every
    logically-challenged but incredibly self-regarding cunt on the face of
    the planet, and calls Law, Communications and Civil Service (among
    others) “economically and socially useless”, further displaying his
    total ignorance.

    “In their childish quest for “independence,” girls have made it more
    difficult for everyone—including themselves—to get a good-paying job.”
    This makes absolutely no sense, as not looking for independence would
    naturally make women have no jobs at all, I mean, does this guy have any
    idea of the history of labour or women’s rights? Oh no, he doesn’t
    cause that would require him to have either 1) studied one of those
    “useless” subjects 2) had any interest in lives outside of his own or 3)
    not been an insufferable ignorant thundercunt.

    The closest he gets to a good point is saying that the entrance of women
    into the labour market has depressed wages, and women don’t tend to take
    dangerous or dirty jobs. Fair point. However the symptoms he describes
    (falling wages, outsourcing and the death of Western manufacturing, the
    demonisation of trades and the wider working class, the growth of
    monopolies like Walmart, Walmart running foodbank drives for their own
    fucking workers, even the financial crash itself! – basically everything
    the rich are doing to fuck the Western working class up the arse with
    no lube) are symptoms of a wider economic malaise we have been suffering
    for a while, and the solution is certainly not to deny women their
    rights as he implies. No, that requires concentrated political effort to
    address wealth imbalances and wider problems of automation and
    deregulation and all that shit but that would ruin his little
    “libertarian” masturbatory fantasy world.

    Side note: I hate how selfish Yankee ubercapitalist fucktards have stolen
    the word “libertarian” from anarchist-socialists, and can be homophobic
    racist misogynistic dickheads but still claim they love liberty with a
    straight face.

    He then goes on on a similar theme to blame the awful stresses caused by
    working in late capitalist society and the rise in mental illness it is
    causing on women entering work, too. Yes, this is correct, he
    specifically says “Girls’ rate of mental illness is higher than it has
    ever been!” missing that IT’S THE SAME IN THE WEST FOR EVERYONE.

    The reasons are this: better awareness and diagnosis of mental illness,
    combined with a bizarre social setup that makes stresses and threats
    indirect combined with alienation from what we are actually producing
    (how many people do you know who feel like they don’t really do anything
    at work), causing people to maintain a constant low-level of stress, as
    opposed to short sharp stresses of the past. For me, working in an
    office, no matter how informal it was, was far more mentally stressful
    than labouring, and lacked the resolution and satisfaction at the end of
    a day’s work. At least I had the benefit of a goal (an election) to get
    me through. I can’t imagine what just moving paper, day in, day out,
    for your entire working life with no end in sight is like.

    Again, instead of working to improve conditions for all, his solution is
    literally, no word of a lie “back to the kitchen.” No, look I’ll quote
    the last two sentences:
    “We’re here to take you back to the place you secretly long to be, the place where you belong: the kitchen.

    Now, on your knees!”

    This is based on his belief that ‘girls’ just NEED submission to men. They
    crave it like they crave the deep dicking he thinks he gives to them, in
    his world.

    TL;DR he’s a moron on every single level

  • Dr. Helen Fagan

    You are what gives men a bad name. I hope you end up having all girls, if you ever find a woman crazy enough to marry you and want to co-create with you! You have a disgustingly primitive worldview!

  • Kevin_OKeeffe

    Holy shit, man! I’ve enjoyed reading your occasional articles I come across at Taki’s or whatnot, and our interactions on Fagbook, but this is the first time I ever visited your actual blog (and this is not the first article I read upon doing so, I might add). I had no idea you were this awesome – Keep giving ’em Hell!

  • ThomasER916

    You’re so stupid and indoctrinated you can’t even be correct on accident. You’re such a moron you don’t know where babies come from or that the minimum requirement for “evolution” is children. Since you’re really, REALLY, stupid you can’t understand this and you’ll die alone and childless while posturing enlightenment.

  • Carrie

    Ah, too bad you aren’t signed up for notifications. You just got Disqus’ biggest loser give you a piece of his rectum, oops, “mind” two days ago. Pure juvenile vitriol. You can really tell when the heavy abuse started by the grade level of the insulter’s maturity. Too bad they didn’t have a Child Protective Services back when he was in third grade.

  • Carrie

    You start your post by using a non-starter: you seem to believe that women WANT to generate sexual interest from men… when the real world all around you is screaming that women want you to stop that shit. Women are dressing frumpily, forgoing makeup, wearing stupid hairstyles (no offense ladies), and turning down dates yet some guys STILL don’t get that it all means women are opting out of dating, marrying, and breeding VOLUNTARILY.

    Sheesh. Willfully ignorant? Or you just can’t grasp that women do not currently exist to attract the 1950s man?

  • Carrie

    Hmm, that wasn’t cow he served you… it was bullshit.

  • Carrie

    Men’s chances of getting raped in prison is at least 1 in 4, so according to your “””rational logic”””, men would never commit crimes again.

    How’s that retardation workin’ out for ya there?

  • Emily

    Almost all of these problems, they seem to be more your problem than mine. So I’ll be less attractive to you, less useful to you, and somehow I’m devaluing your education and lowering your wages? Fantastic! Because I’ve got news for you Matt Forney: I don’t give a fuck! I don’t want to be a valuable commodity to you, and don’t come anywhere near me with your ‘ring’ thank you very much. That goes for all boys who see women in this ignorant way. I don’t need you, I’m not going to fuck you, and I am not going to marry you. So don’t worry boys, these women that you hate, the ones that value their own minds, the ones who will be achievers in life, are not women you have to worry about sticking a ring on :)

    P.S. I am an amazing cook and I love the kitchen (I just love being educated too)

  • Emily

    You’ve proved yourself to be a dick, so I do not want your respect. Why do you think your respect is so important to me?

    P.S. I certainly do not want your babies, either.

  • Cassie

    Your point on 1a: the biggest reason why women do not tell anyone about these experiences and continue to go through physical and emotional abuse. You have clearly highlighted here that it is a women’s responsibility to make sure that she does not get sexually assaulted. WHEN it is the mans fault not the womans, no woman should blame her self for being sexually assaulted ESPECIALLY when she is trying to gain an education. I seriously hope that if you were to ever fall a victim of such a horrific experience that you blame yourself for being such an ignorant pig.

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  • Miguel Antonio

    Feminism and political correctness have inculcated us to reject this article. Feminism and PC are also the de facto law of the land. Failure to abide by that law will get you fired by the HR chick with the Chicano Studies degree. But if you use your brain to rise above your Pavlovian response, you may see that Forney makes some good points.

    It’s hard to argue with the supply/demand argument. Consider the hordes of dimwits and their allies in government who insist on an open border to allow the tsunami of illegal aliens to wash over the US. They hail Cesar Chavez as one of their heroes. But Cesar Chavez posted goon squads at the Mexican border to discourage illegal immigration. Why? Because Chavez was trying to organize farm workers and the illegals provided a supply of labor which would undermine his efforts to raise wages. What makes you think that a tsunami of girls with degrees entering the work force doesn’t similarly depress incomes?

    I’ve seen ample evidence to support Forney’s argument about motherhood. I know a gal with a PhD. By the time she realized that working for a male-controlled institution didn’t offer her the liberation promised by feminism, she was too old to have kids without expensive fertility treatment. Now she works as a stay-at-home mom, a job which is infinitely more valuable to her children and to society than the one she left.

    Women are far more valuable as wives and mothers than they are as HR goons. Other than being a wife and mother, there isn’t a job in the world that women can do better than men. What about cooking and cleaning, you ask? The best chefs are men, and that office building with the HR department is squeaky clean because of the male janitors who can clean six toilets for every one a woman can clean.

    Women ultimately depreciate themselves by going to college and getting stupid jobs. Have you ever seen a group of coworkers go in together on lottery tickets? Why do they do that? They’re hoping to escape the work force, the same work force feminism told us was the ticket to women’s liberation.

  • fuck you

    Somebody needs to slap some fucking sense into you, dickhead

  • Joe G.

    I will never get married in my life because of female education. Every damn girl I meet is at least 60k in student loan debt. Looking back at my last two girls, one girl took her student loan money and went to the mall every day. She was spending 1k a month on clothes and then when you graduated, she ended up doing nails. Another chick actually had a good paying job as a university nurse, but wanted an MBA. Instead of going to her college for free, she decided to go to the easy city college for 30k in student loans. Once she finished the MBA, she rewarded herself with 20k in jewelry and a BMW; not to mention a party for friends which I figured costs 5k.

    So it looks like I will now live the rest of my life with one arm bigger than the other!

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  • Fred

    This guy is a complete MORON.

    While advising girls not to be sluts and pursue a higher purpose in life, he is trying to screw every Filippina girl he meets taking advantage of their obvious poverty and power imbalance in relation to a perceived ‘rich westerner’.

    He obviously feels threantedned by ANY girl more intelligent than he is. I suggest you go back to jungle and climb back up your tree. You can spend the rest of your life there being, not King of the Jungle, but King of the Morons!

    Note also that he posts a veiled threat on his website to persecute you if you dare criticize him:

    “Finally, there is no such thing as perfect anonymity on the Internet. If you wouldn’t say it to my face, think twice about saying it in an email. It only takes a dedicated stalker—or a big enough screw-up on your part—to ruin everything”

    Wow, what a man!!!

  • Chaos

    You forgot this gem: “Girls come out of college without being able to cook, sew, balance a checkbook or perform any of the necessary tasks of modern living, yet they still think they’re smart and independent and don’t you dare suggest otherwise.” Because so many guys come out of college able to cook, sew, balance a checkbook, etc.
    I really do find it funny how he picks out facts that are true for every human being, but twists them so that the “good” ones apply only to men while the “bad” ones apply only to wom- sorry, GIRLS.

  • Mandy

    You sir, have obviously been seriously scorned by a woman at some point in your life. Why on earth do you harbor such a deep-rooted hate for women? Aside from minor physical differences, women and men are intellectually and emotionally very similar. From your lack of statistical evidence and concrete examples to support your ridiculous claims, I can find very little in your writing that is convincing that you are in the right in any way. I seriously question how someone can be so crass and irrational. Where do you even come up with this stuff?

    By the way, you seem to disdain women for their leaning towards the humanities in choice of college degree. Let me just point this out. You yourself have chosen a career in what I assume is writing with this blog. In what way do you even begin to contribute to society in any intelligible way? Besides, of course, spewing out ridiculous, unfounded assumptions that you have somehow come to believe? You are a blog writer. Don’t pretend to have a holier-than-thou sense of accomplishment. You have no right to criticize any man or woman who enters a non-scientific field of occupation when you yourself are not working in medicine/engineering/science.

    When I first stumbled across this blog through a friend’s Facebook post, I thought I had found some sort of parody site. Realizing that a man exists out there who actually believes in this ridiculous sexism, I was astounded. I really hope that you, Matt Forney, can find it in your conscience to seriously reconsider the ridiculous and unsupported bull shit you spout here on this website.

  • TyDaMan

    So he shouldn’t have gone to college until he wanted to be an English professor! The irony! Should have just stuck to a trade.

  • TyDaMan

    He may also be a borderline sociopath.

  • fmf

    Sorry, nope, we DON’T want to be in your kitchen, deal with it. Find something in life to give you meaning other than LITERALLY oppressing women and making them subservient to you. They don’t want to, and they don’t have to.

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  • Atton

    Lol fuck women’s happiness and fuck there feelings, they care not for the issues of men so screw em.

  • Graydon

    If by cutting edge social commentary than you man whose talking out of his ass, then yeah. The guy’s less backed up by any kind of research, science, etc. than anti-vaccine people. Honestly it’s like the guy was ripped from 19th century America and put here. Wonder when he’ll bring up phrenology.

  • Graydon

    Pretty sure he’s serious.

  • Olivia

    Is this meant to be a joke or actually serious? just wow..I have never been so angry finishing an article as I am right now

  • Savanna

    If you read some of the other articles on this website, you’ll become even “happier”. :( Well…I think so.

  • Savanna

    Matt, the world will never return to the stage where you want it to be.
    Reason No1: modern technologies.
    Reason No 2: feminism, as I have to admit. The feminist movement, however, would’ve never become so successful if there were not lots of women with an innate desire for freedom, equality and independence. In some countries, eg Afghanistan or Pakistan, quite a few women even risk their life for these ideals. Reason No 3: overpopulation.
    The world has become a crowded place, thanks to patriarchy. In lots and lots of countries reproduction is in the hands of men, who are so desperate to prove their virility that they feel unable to live with less then eight children, even if that means starving, slave labour for their offspring and prostitution (for the girls).

    They restrict the freedom of movement of their wives and prevent them from acquiring birth control. Thus, the Western capitalists have lots of opportunities to outsource jobs such as data entry, production line jobs, or sewing, which had been done by Americans or Europeans in the past, to countries like India or Bangladesh.
    And the population of the US, for example, has skyrocketed as well, thanks to the discovery of penicillin (which was also a blessing, of course).

    More people, less jobs…THIS is the problem. Without feminism lots of men would be stuck with a wife and six kids, without being able to provide for them. In former times, fifty or a hundred people worked in a production hall.
    In these days there are one engineer and two roboters.

  • Chaos

    So you want women to be mothers and housewives. At the same time, you blame their shopping habits for the economic crisis, because the majority of consumer spending is done by women.
    Did you maybe, possibly fail to consider that a mother/housewife does the grocery shopping AKA consumer spending for her entire household?
    If you’re unhappy with the way they go about it, maybe you should advertise stay-at-home-dads instead! If the men do the grocery shopping, SURELY that will COMPLETELY change consumer habits for the better, because OBVIOUSLY all flaws of the human race are only found in women and never in men.
    Make up your mind. Geez.

    Also: “If they’re lucky, they’ll end up becoming lawyers, civil servants or HR commissars, careers whose economic and social value is less than zero; those fields exist solely to employ the unemployable and leech off the productive.”
    I’d love to see your stance on lawyers if anyone sues you. No, really. That’d be hilarious to watch.

  • Chaos

    Nice. Especially liked your completely logical argumentation which backed up every claim with an example and/or scientific research. Your use of neutral, factual langue shows a high degree of objectivity and sophistication.

    Okay, I can’t keep a straight face through this. Excuse me while I laugh at the poor quality of your comment.

  • ThomasER916

    Since you’re stupid and indoctrinated you NEED to posture enlightenment while defending your fellow cultists.

  • ThomasER916

    CPS employs convicted pedophiles. They’re your heroes. You cheer every time a child is raped.

  • ThomasER916

    Don’t worry lardass, you won’t generate any sexual interest from men.

  • ThomasER916

    You’re stupid and a loser. No man would want your DNA to infect his children. You’ll be squeezing out ghetto trash and welfare queens soon enough.

  • ThomasER916

    Another Affirmative Action doctor.

  • ThomasER916

    You’re an idiot. Women have taking jobs from qualified men as the standards were lowered for “fairness”. Fireman, policemen, and soldiers are forced to pick up the slack for the pussy pass. Your taxes are paying for low-IQ losers, weaklings, and cowards to fail at their job while simultaneously putting you at risk. That’s what women have done to their own people.

  • ThomasER916

    “He obviously feels threantedned…”

    You’re obviously a brainless, dickless, White Knight mangina.

  • ThomasER916

    You’re not a licensed and registered pop psychologist.

  • ThomasER916

    You don’t give a fuck? Of course you do, that’s why you’re here. You’re a typical women. Your hormone addled brain forces you to attack anyone who dares to hold up a mirror and show you just how mediocre you really are. You’re not educated at all. You’re just a Useful Idiot cultist.

  • ThomasER916

    You really are stupid. You’re so stupid you actually believe you made a valid point. You’re so unbelievably retarded you think that college is no different than prison. Furthermore, you’re so dumb you think you can make up statistics.

    How’s that Femtardation workin’ out for ya there?

  • ThomasER916

    The sacred cow was delicious. Your taste buds are burnt out from licking slits.

  • El Guesto

    But-but-but… “being a patriarch of your family” is mutually exclusive to all your other requirements for voting!

  • kayotic

    glad someone finally says it.

    though K-12 probably isnt too good for them either, as lets be honest that is just as brain washing. and really there was wisdom in marrying them off at 16, their eggs are younger, they shouldve learned how to be a mother by then, and should have gotten all the basic education they will need in life. and perhaps most importantly, by depriving them of the world, their brains don’t get polluted.

  • Bill the eighth

    Actually, I knew how to cook, sew, do laundry, vacuum, balance a checkbook and save before I went to college and I am a man. Everybody should know how to do the basics of life.

  • TAp

    Hey, look, the Taliban view of women and education has a Western spokesman!

  • Sara

    I really wanna be in the kitchen preparing fabulous dinner and submit to a strong man who takes care of me. So I don’t know … I am wrong?

  • Liberal

    Man is a primitive animal. Pretending to be anything else is maladaptive. And absurd, too – a chimpanzee in a tuxedo.

  • Liberal

    Women have been irreparably ruined.
    MGTOWs have a point, but they will kill the species.
    The only solution, if mankind is to survive in any worthwhile sense, is to enslave women and keep them as captive breed-stock.

  • Maybe Him

    The real motive for encouraging women to join the workforce was to
    make it harder to live off of one income for one, two: to make home
    education by a middle class parent near impossible, three: to render big
    families non affordable for the middle class. Nowadays, two incomes are
    needed to attain middle class status (man and wife) whereas only one
    income was usually sufficient for middle class families. (Note that I
    wrote “join” the workforce and not “replace men” in the workforce). I
    have no problem with women having a professional job, heck my wife could
    keep her job and I could stay at home for all I care. What I have a
    problem with is that the cost of life has risen to the point where two
    average incomes today have the same purchasing power as a single average
    income in the 1950s.

    How many time did I write
    “middle class”? That doesn’t help the credibility of my statement
    right? middle class middle class middle class

    class, right in the middle, lame, uninteresting, robotic,
    pre-programmed, under-achieving, loyal, good-mannered, family
    orientated, one day we will rule the world.

    Yeah so
    stay empowered and go back to work slaves, you need to pay the
    shareholder’s dividends with your meager salaries! The donkey and the
    carrot. Yum.

  • Maybe Him

    But what if poor baby wants a mommy or a daddy to care for him in during his young years and receive strong moral education from his own blood relatives? (don’t forget the daddy in the parent role or else the feminists are going to rip out my throat) Mommy Daddy! No mommy (or daddy) for you! Mommy is a professional now. Babies don’t need daddies (or mommies – alternated parenthesis for mommy to avoid a feminist tearing my eyes out for thinking I’m insinuating daddies have a secondary role at caring for a baby), no, babies need strange house keepers. A women’s uterus is perhaps an evolutionary flaw right? Maybe one day, thanks to science, we will be able to incorporate an ejection seat to the birth canal, so that mommy’s don’t have to worry about the burden of holding their newborns in their arms when they come into this world. The babies could be ejected straight to the house keeper’s arms! No more burden for mommies / daddies / mommies / daddies. Sorry men don’t have a uterus. It’s really not our fault, please don’t hate us. Gotta love those feminists.

  • specom3

    Copyright law is “superfluous”? Violate someone’s copyright and find out how “superfluous” it is.

  • taelorb

    That’s not how statistics are actually measured. I once thought the same, and decided to investigate. You should do that before accepting rhetoric for fact.

    ‘Facts’ by the way can be shaped in innumerable ways, but I came here to troll you so: “fuck off fgt”

  • A.J.

    In case you aren’t aware, many people who actually DO major in English admits that it’s a pretty pointless degree. I’m sure you don’t major in English, neither do the millions of writers and readers on the web.

  • A.J.

    Chinese women don’t work in the 1970s. They work in the 2010s, but it’s due to westernization.
    Oh, and Eastern European women work out of necessity: most Eastern European men are dead.

  • Myra Esoteric

    Time to tell my mom that the job she had in the ’70s was an illusion.

  • Jane Doe

    I am appalled at this man’s extreme sexism and his sense of entitlement. We are in the 21st century. We have grown as a society past traditional gender roles because we are slowly realizing that men and women are indeed both human, and we are both equal. It saddens my heart to see such archaic mindsets still exist. This is the type of attitude that contributes to womens’ low self esteem, not earning a college degree.

  • Dudebro Zero

    It is not just superfluous, it is counterproductive and divorced from the reality of how profits are made. You don’t lose profits to piracy. There has never been proof for that false claims and there never will be, but people will keep paying absurd fines and even going to jail for violating “copyright”. Intellectual property is a meme that seemed appealing and was let loose on the world by people who didn’t anticipate any of the damage it would do. We’ve completely lost control over it for decades and it’s wreaking havoc, just look at patent law in electronics. It’s a fucking disaster and the bad guys just keep winning.

  • specom2

    ^^^Guy who’s never had an original idea in his life…

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  • Emma

    hi matty

    I am a teenager girl and can see the idiocy in this essay. I could only read the first point before I seen how stupid it was and I already have a question. You say that it is unattractive on a women to be educated. Have you ever considered that some womens life goals is NOT to end up with a cow like you and had kids some women work and want a job and a education.

  • Emma

    I agree with everything you just said Jane

  • Emma

    Go to hell

  • Emma

    No that is what some women want to do just no all

  • Jane Do

    This is the worst bull shit I have ever read on the internet in my life. I cannot believe the stupidity and worthless garbage this website is trying to teach to everyone. I had to stop halfway through reading this because my eyes were bleeding. I think the most disgusting part about it is that he has the audacity to refer to women as “girls”.

  • Ibukun Okiyi

    What do you mean when you say stem majors have their own deficiency

  • Razorstar

    I love how you put in the ONE example of a woman going from work to home back to work as “horrible”. I, for one, get stressed out about house work, but on the other hand completely calm and level headed when it comes to my competitive and engaging work place/where I study at. Why is this? Hmm? ALL women submit? Honestly? That’s the biggest load of bull I’ve ever heard. You should meet my family. My father knows who has wears the pants in the family, the one who is better financially, the one who keeps them stable and going, my MOTHER. She doesn’t submit to anyone. Neither do I. Explain that. Also, men are commit suicide more on average than women. Maybe women are prescribed more, so? At least they know when to get help.

  • susannunes

    What an idiot who wrote this. Women aren’t f*** toys, incubators, and servants.

    The author makes a fantastic case why MEN shouldn’t be allowed to go to college if this guy is any indication of the “intellect” of the typical college male.

  • Daniela Cardoso

    Yes, because Matt Forney does much for society.. haha. You should not even have finished high school, because anyone can have stupid blogs. You are a joke!