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Shouldn’t Have Swallowed That! A Case Study of the Red Pill Feminist Ideology

This is a guest post by J. Ballard Criminal.

“Do you want to see something really funny?” That was my opener at the grocery store last Thursday. She was about to affirm so I acted on instinct, whipped out my phone and typed something really quick.

“Yeah, sure.” Great. I held my phone about six inches from her eyes, unable to hold my laughter. Then it happened. Her face morphed from almost interested to appalled, then horrified and then disgusted in the space of a few seconds. Then a volley of cuss words were thrown my way. She walked away, loudly abusing me. Oh, what a scene it was!

I stood there, still clueless as to what had really transpired, my phone in my hand and the word ‘feminism’ written in capital letters on the Google search engine.

The incident stated above may or may not have taken place. What’s relevant is the essence, the mindset of women nowadays and the urban legend known as feminism.

Nowadays, I see this “Red Pill” thing trending on the blogosphere a lot. Men taking charge, escaping from the proverbial “matrix” of financial insecurity, propagating individual rights and so on. What a revolution in thought, this must be the dawn of a new Renaissance. Is it really ‘new,’ though?

Moreover, is this a moment exclusive to men or has it been practiced for centuries now?

Were women the ones who dared to swallow this “Red Pill” first?

Let us traverse back to the beginnings of this cult and unravel the philosophy, the ideals and the failures leading to this day.

So it Begins

Modern Feminism, in its entirety, has more in common with the Syrian Civil War than womanhood itself. Rather than making comparisons between the FSA and Modern Feminism in terms of structure, far-fetched vision and lack of any infrastructure, I’ll start with the Suffrage movements.

The Suffrage movements or the first wave of feminism was what one could call the ‘Red Pill‘ of womanhood. Beginning in the middle of the 19th century, women who were engaging in pseudo-intellectual, political debates were now dissatisfied and wanted to vote. Sure, it took a long time (as much as 1980 for Iraq), but they eventually got that right.

I, for one, am fine with this. They, unlike the Feminazis of today who screech at people not calling Bradley Manning “Chelsea,” just wanted to vote. All they asked for was equal rights, to vote, to study, own property and some ancillary rights like access to gymnasiums (Russia), banning of foot binding, and so on.

Yes, on the priority list, education comes over gymnasiums. Feel free to refute that, Jezebel.

By the end of this ‘first wave’ of feminism, women were almost equal to men.

“Golly, this Pill works!”

It’s all good now, you might think. Unfortunately, the shit’s not even close to the fan, because the second wave of feminism (‘Tis a pity she’s a misogynist’) came about and saw a radical change in feminist ideology. Now, women who wanted to escape male kyriarchy and establish themselves as equals in society sought to attack the patriarchal nature of society.

Books like The Second Sex (ironically, the author could be described as a self-loathing misogynist, yeah, she was a woman) troll the Vatican, propagate infidelity and ridicule the maternal instincts of women.

Okay, whatever.

So, they were given equal pay, discrimination was banned and feminism became the new fad. “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” became famous. Women started writing more. Feminist magazines and books.

Some feminist wrote a book and called all women “eunuchs,” she managed to piss some women off. Yes, it’s not logical.

Contraceptives became the designer drugs of the feminists during the seventies.

Maggie T. became the British prime minister.

Let’s drop this boring shit and focus on the hysterical stuff. Allow me to take a magnifying glass to the cracks which came into feminism during the second wave and examine the failures and the “sex wars” which plagued the second wave of feminism.

Neo-Freudian psychoanalyst Karen Horney countered Freud’s idea of ‘Penis Envy’ with a theory of her own called ‘Womb Envy.’

According to her theory, some men envy the woman’s womb and her ability to sustain life.

Therefore, men, albeit inadvertently, fancy the menstrual cycle and the pain and hardship women face during child birth.

Can’t say for anyone else out there, but I surely don’t.

Oh, the sex wars. Weren’t they fantastic?

Citing my earlier example of the FSA, the polarity in feminism came to light in the late 1970’s. Two sects, the anti-porno and the pro-sex sects, clashed throughout the next decade proving one thing and one thing only. Well, two things, if we are to consider Freud’s question regarding what women really want.

No, that’s not relevant. What was proved here is that there really is no such thing as feminism. Women, again in the name of this esoteric entity known as feminism, were voicing their opinions. Since they now had a platform, the sluts and the prudes took it to the streets. Here’s the little irony they all missed: feminism was created as a medium for equality. Gender equality, actually. Now, they were against each other, not respecting the opposition’s views and destroying the very doctrine of feminism. In short, the system women tried to escape by the use of Suffrage became the system they wanted to become a part of.

The Case Known As Roe vs. Wade; or, LOL, This is Why You Weren’t Allowed to Vote

You’ve probably all heard this “Roe vs. Wade” term being used excessively in Boston Legal. Let’s dive into it.

Enter Norma McCorvey.

21 years of age, alcoholic, drug addict.

Pregnant with her third child, already given up a couple for adoption.

She is ‘Roe.’

‘Wade’ refers to the last name of an attorney Henry Wade.

Given the name ‘Jane Roe’ while being made the lead plaintiff of a class action lawsuit, it was due to her, it can be said, that abortion was legalized in the United States. The case went to the Supreme Court, big deal and all.

Oh, yeah, by the way, she never had that abortion, it was too late by the time she had won. What did she do? Simple: she put it up for adoption. Hey, if it works then why change it?

Then she converted to Christianity, renounced her views on abortion and became a pro-life activist, which implies she was against the very abortion she got legalized but then never had… the fuck? Not done yet, she settled down with her lesbian partner, I don’t even remember the name.

That’s feminism, unclothed, right in front of you. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.

The Third Wave; or, the End is Night

To paraphrase the authors of a book called Manifesta: there is no concrete philosophy and/or ideology of feminism. It’s purely subjective.

Yep, that’s right.

Some feminists chose to blur the gender binary, arguing that there aren’t men and women, just people. Sure, that’d be fine if homosexuals were not to adopt the butch and femme binaries themselves.

Fine, it’s their lives.

I don’t need to type anymore to prove that feminism is illogical, irrelevant and completely unnecessary. I’ll even go and say that the cult of domesticity should be brought back. Simmer more, Feminazis.

Here are some of the highlights of modern day feminism:

  • Don’t use terms like slut, bitch and cunt if you are a man. It’s fine for one woman to say those words to another.
  • Women are allowed to say anything and do anything in the name of feminism.
  • Jezebel.

Apart from that, the confluence of social media has supplemented the problem.

‘Facebook Feminism’ is on the rise.

What is that all about?

The New Conspiracy; or, Why I Don’t Want to Bang Julie Zeilinger Anymore

Who is Julie Zeilinger? An adolescent feminist with a popular blog called The FBomb. Here are some quotes from the site’s About page:

The is a blog/community created by and for teen and college-aged women and men who care about their rights and want to be heard.

In this case the “FBomb” stands for “feminist.” However, it also pokes fun at the idea that the term “feminist” is so stigmatized—it is our way of proudly reclaiming the word. The fact that the “F Bomb” usually refers to a certain swear word in popular culture is also not coincidental. The is loud, proud, sarcastic and passionate…everything young feminists are today.

Now, for the irony:

The main purpose of the fbomb is to create a community and dialogue amongst young women…

On the top of the about page, she states that the blog has been created for men and women. Read the statement above, which was found after scrolling down a little.

At the bottom of the page, I found the rules regarding the comments policy:

While the Fbomb highly encourages comments, we reserve the right to remove any comments that are hateful, threatening towards others or that are disparaging and/or nonconstructively anti-feminist. There is room for disagreement, certainly, but this blog is meant to be a safe space for young feminists.

There is no talk of men’s rights anywhere.

Julie here has implied that you’re allowed to read my blog if you’re a male conforming to the feminist ideas which are purely subjective and are my own. If you don’t agree with my views, you will be thrown out and oh, you can’t say anything which will upset me. Enjoy!

Silly me, I missed this little quote from her site:

Honestly, I’m not in the business of censorship, just keep it respectful, people.

Truthfully, she sounds quite a bit like the Egyptian censorship policies.

That is the growing trend among the postmodern “cyberfeminists.”

Now, since you’ve read the article, please answer this question which has been haunting me: where did the women go wrong?

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