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Casual Encounters: A Brief Guide to Hooking Up on Craigslist by Dirt Man

Dirt Man’s second release, it stands in sharp contrast to his philosophical/advice tract End Game, as it’s a practical guide to navigating the wasteland of freaks and weirdos that is Craigslist Casual Encounters. Having done everything from accepting blowjobs from a co-ed looking for beer to role-playing for a cute Brazilian with daddy issues, Dirt Man is well-poised to tell you how to survive amidst the fatties and homos of Craigslist:

One of the most important things to know about the Casual Encounters section of Craigslist is that the w4m section (Casual Encounters Women Seeking Men) is almost 100% fake. Most are spam (people trying to get you to sign up for some site so that they can feel “safe”), or people trying to get you to email them directly off of the site (also spam or some other type of phishing), and increasingly, gay/bi guys posting ads as women trying to find desperate guys who will be happy to close their eyes and get a bj from a dude. Beware and make sure you see the section 4 before replying to any emails you receive or before you reply to any other people’s ads.

Dirt Man covers everything you could want to know, from protecting your anonymity to writing an eye-catching ad to filtering out drag queens and other oddballs. The second half of the book is devoted to stories of his encounters and are excellently written, worth the price of admission even if you have no interest in the practical advice.

Anyway, the sex was incredibly hot. She was loud, and the right combination of submissiveness/aggression to keep me hard. Spanking, hair pulling, pinning her down, check. I’m generally a little aggressive, but some girls bring it out of me in ways that surprise me. They seem to up the ante, pulling me into the experience. This girl was definitely comfortable with her sexuality. She wanted me to choke her. I’d never choked a girl before. She showed me how to do it the right way, and as I choked her, she became more and more wet and came again.

My biggest problem with Casual Encounters is the screwy formatting. The text of the Kindle version at least doesn’t conform to e-book norms, appearing larger than normal when I read it on Kindle and gigantic when I view it on the Kindle Mac app. Additionally, the few images in the book are too small and can’t be blown up. Dirt Man uses a screencap of a Craigslist ad about a third of the way in to illustrate how to write an ad, and it’s simply too small to view on my Kindle Touch and just barely visible on my Mac.

These are small dings, though. If you’re looking for a short guide on how to get laid via Craigslist, Casual Encounters is a great buy.

Click here to buy Casual Encounters: A Brief Guide to Hooking Up on Craigslist.

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