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How to Publish a Book (for Real)

If you’ve never heard of Stefan Pylarinos, he’s yet another snake oil salesman in the grand tradition of Frank Kern, Tim Ferriss and other shysters who make a living selling bogus advice on how to make a living. Pylarinos is selling a $17 online course that purports to tell you how to write an e-book […]

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How Do You Make Money Online?

I really hate it when people ask me what kind of online business they should start. The only way for you to find out how to make money online is to do the work and discover what works for you. In my triumphant return to YouTube, I explain how you can do this. To watch […]

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Escape from the Fiverr Hamster Wheel

Last week, I shut down all my Fiverr gigs indefinitely. You might have noticed that I removed the “Consultations and Services” page from my blog before that; that was an attempt to slow the amount of work I was getting. But I’m done with Fiverr for good. While my account is still open just in case, I’m […]

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The Pointlessness of Fighting E-Book Piracy

A couple years back, when Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released, I pulled out my copies of the first two games in the series to get myself back up to speed on the plot. Deus Ex installed and played just fine, but when I went to boot up Invisible War, the game refused to start, even though it […]

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Securing Your WordPress Blog Against Hackers

As I’ve written in my book Confessions of an Online Hustler, the best way to protect yourself from hackers, stalkers and other freaks online is to not be an idiot. Don’t provoke people needlessly, don’t be excessively belligerent, and don’t do anything to them that you wouldn’t want done to you. Not being a dumbass will save you […]

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The First Principle of Making Money on Fiverr

Most Americans–natch, most people–have no idea how economics works. I blame schools for spending more time showing little Johnny and Janey how to roll condoms onto bananas with their mouths than actually teaching kids useful skills and information. Politicians promising to hand out more taxpayer- funded gimmedats in exchange for votes aren’t helping the situation […]

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The Manosphere vs. the Mainstream: Producers vs. Parasites

I was putting the finishing touches on a lengthy two-part post to go up at the end of the month when I had a minor epiphany. The manosphere is primarily comprised of producers, while feminists and the mainstream media are largely parasites. I don’t mean this in a Randroid sense; I’m talking about the very nature of our […]

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Are Your Plugins Screwing with Your WordPress Installation?

One of the reasons why I’ve stuck with WordPress over the years—aside from the fact that its competitors, such as Drupal, are absolutely pitiful—is the ease of modifying it. WordPress’ Plugin system enables you to add functionality to your blog with nothing more than a couple of mouse clicks; just perform a search for the kind […]

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Does the WP Missed Schedule Plugin Really Work?

A while back, I started noticing a problem with my pre-scheduled blog posts failing to publish. I would finish an article, schedule it to appear on Monday morning at 9am… and nothing would happen, aside from the WordPress dashboard informing me that the post had “missed schedule.” Gee, thanks for the update, dipshits. I’ve had […]

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W3 Total Cache vs. WP Super Cache

Those of you who’ve read Confessions of an Online Hustler know that I recommend W3 Total Cache if you’re looking for a caching plugin for your WordPress-powered blog. That said, a couple months back, I had to switch over to a different plugin—WP Super Cache—because the former was causing massive problems with my site. For some reason, […]

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