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Three Reasons Why You Must Use Nootropics

NOTE: This is a sponsored guest post by Biology Boost. If you’re interested in advertising on my site, click here. If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t trying. Of course, this phrase has mostly rung true in the sporting world for many years. In the business world though, it’s always been an underlying assumption: you expect people to screw […]

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How Six Months of CrossFit Changed My Life in Six Ways

This is a guest post by Kid Strangelove. Kid originally published this article at his own blog on March 4, 2014, but he deleted the site a while ago so he could focus on other projects. He asked me if I’d be willing to re-post some of his articles on my blog and I said yes. This […]

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Three Reasons Why You Should Increase Your Testosterone

NOTE: This is a sponsored post by Andro-Plus. If you’re interested in advertising on my site, click here. Testosterone is the most fundamental building block of masculinity. It’s the hormone that defines everything about men, from our bodies and musculature to our minds and mood. Healthy testosterone levels are necessary for everything from maintaining your physical […]

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Why I Use Kratom

In this video, I explain why I use kratom, how it benefits millions of Americans, and how you can help fight the FDA’s kratom ban. To sign the White House petition against the kratom ban, click here. To join the Kratom March on D.C., click here. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more […]

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How GABA Can Lower Your Anxiety

GABA is a truly weird supplement in that all the literature I’ve been able to find on it is split down the middle. Half the articles on it claim that it’s useless, the other half claim it’s a great way to lower your anxiety levels. The former argument focuses on the fact that GABA doesn’t […]

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Is Peruvian Naturals’ Maca Root Worth the Money?

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I recommend maca root as an inexpensive supplement for enhancing your sexual health. Taking 1,575 mg of it a day not only made my testicles larger, it also increased the frequency and strength of my erections. But does the brand you use make a difference? […]

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Why Herb Pharm’s Ashwagandha is the Best

A while back, I recommended taking ashwagandha as an all-purpose sleep aid and anxiety reducer. While not as powerful as phenibut or kratom, a capsule of ashwagandha every day had a noticeably calming effect on my demeanor. But like with other supplements, not all brands of ashwagandha are equal. A month ago, I switched from […]

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Why You Need to Take Vitamin D and Vitamin K2

While most people recognize that they need Vitamin D, they typically stick to the cheap brands available from their local supermarkets. It’s yet another type of supplement where relying on store brands can do more harm than good. Like with fish oil, you need to spend money if you want results. The problem with taking […]

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Can Chanca Piedra Reduce Your Chances of Getting Kidney Stones?

Chanca piedra is a plant from South America used by Amazonian natives and other South Americans to treat kidney stones. The herb’s name literally translates to “crushes rocks,” and it purportedly works to lower and normalize calcium levels in urine, since excessively high calcium is the cause of those oh-so-painful kidney stones. But does it […]

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Can L-Tyrosine Make You Wittier and More Sociable?

L-tyrosine is one of the strangest supplements I’ve ever taken. It’s not an anxiety-killing, pleasure-inducing substance like phenibut, but actually works to increase verbal intelligence. Unlike nootropics, l-tyrosine is an amino acid that has more in common with l-citrulline and other, similar products. The label advertises it as supporting “healthy glandular function” and “mental alertness,” […]

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