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There is No “You,” There is Only “Me”

“Your life is just a story you tell other people.” Chuck Palahniuk I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks getting ready to leave. I’ve ended my lease, sold most of the possessions I don’t need anymore and put the rest into storage. The number of belongings I need—not merely own, but need to survive—now fit […]

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Fear of Trying

Years ago, back in high school, I had an elderly oddball for a math teacher during my senior year. He was a half-senile Italian guy who wore old shirts with armpit sweat stains and whose breath perpetually smelled like rotting bologna. Listening to him was a complete bore, as he was enormously pedantic and couldn’t […]

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Out Through the In Door

My first job was as a parking attendant for the New York State Fair. A more honest job description would be “human stop sign.” For nine hours a day, noon to nine, I dragged my ass over to the Fairgrounds and waved my arms around like a spastic monkey directing traffic. During those two weeks, […]

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What Do I Want?

This is a guest post by Vincent Vinturi. Today’s man is struggling to find any meaning in his existence. I don’t mean some “purpose” (save the turtles) or “passion” (travel the world) or set of career goals. And I don’t mean a pie-in-the-sky meaning of life. What I’m talking about is a deep, visceral knowing […]

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You’re Only as Good as Your Final Act

When I was a senior in high school, my religion teacher had us watch the movie The Five People You Meet in Heaven, based off of a book by Mitch Albom, whom you might remember for his tear-jerker porn classic Tuesdays with Morrie. The plot revolved around Eddie (Jon Voight), a lonely, misanthropic old amusement park mechanic […]

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In Praise of Self-Loathing

NOTE: This article was originally published at In Mala Fide on January 17, 2012. Accusing someone of being a self-loathing [fill-in-the-blank] is one of the most popular insults on the Internet, almost up there with Godwin’s Law in its predictability. The minute someone inveighs against a particular social class that we all know to be annoying and stupid, […]

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Inner Game: A Primer

This is a guest post by Zampano. Inner game is a frustrating topic to write about because it is a frustrating topic to talk about and a frustrating topic to learn about. Inner game, that mystical beast that we have all heard about, but most people don’t really understand. Inner game, the unicorn of game […]

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Calling on Great Men

This is a guest post by William Rome. Great men of the past daring and bold, Great men made from a superior mold: Warriors fighting on harsh field of war, Thinkers changing all that was thought before, Lovers making ladies come back for me; Inspire and strengthen me in this Age Filling me with a […]

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What I Would Tell My Fifteen-Year Old Self

Recently, I received the best belated birthday present a guy with minor Internet fame could get. Ten plus years of writing in some form or another and it’s paying off in the most spectacular fashion imaginable. Half the men in this country would commit mass murder to be me right now. But as I was […]

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What’s Your Plan of Action?

This is a guest post by Remy Sheppard. Have you ever stopped, looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, “Man, I’m kind of a piece of crap?” Well I have some good news and some bad news for you! The bad news first, so we can rip off the Band Aid: you probably are […]

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