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will i ever be good enough

Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers by Dr. Karyl McBride

Roosh V Forum member AnonymousBosch has often argued that men can better understand modern women by boning up on personality disorders as opposed to evolutionary psychology. Because Millennials are so damaged as a generation—their hypersensitivity to criticism, lack of social graces, and conditioned narcissism being prime examples—traditional precepts about courtship (as well as a lot […]

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How Rachel Haywire Scammed Trigger Warning’s Donors and Almost Killed Me

This is a guest post by Ann Sterzinger. Ann attempted to post this on Trigger Warning’s own front page, but Rachel Haywire deleted it. At Ann’s request, I’ve re-posted the article here. This is where the rabbit teaches the eagle a lesson. With his Smith and Wesson. Jarvis Cocker This is Ann Sterzinger, and I […]

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Mommie’s Duress: How Narcissistic Mothers Break Their Children

This is a guest post by Eve Penman. Some time ago, I saw one of Matt Forney’s articles in my Twitter feed entitled “5 Reasons Why Girls with Tattoos and Piercings are Broken.” My initial knee-jerk reaction was to think, “Hey, I resemble that remark!,” but since I do resemble it, getting upset over it […]

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Narcissism, “Rape Culture” and Why Millennial Girls Are Monsters

“Don’t teach women to do x, teach men not to do y.” That’s one of the refrains of the modern woman. Whenever something bad happens to a girl and anyone suggests how a change in her behavior might have helped her avoid misfortune, the victim lobby starts up their unison chant. Girl gets raped? “Don’t teach women […]

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How to Deal with Narcissists by Michael Trust

Reading How to Deal with Narcissists was a bizarre full circle experience for me. I first discovered Michael Trust (aka Anonymous Conservative) two years ago, using his scientifically-backed writings on r/K selection, narcissism, and the amygdala to shape my writing style. By transitioning from my previously aggressive, profanity-laced prose style to a more calm and unaffected […]

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Girls and the Narcissist Misery Engine

Years ago, at one of my past jobs, I had a middle-aged co-worker who was… passionate about politics. Every time she got a minute of free time, she was either beating herself off to what Obama and the Democrats were doing or complaining about how “racist” and evil Republicans were, usually the latter. It was her go-to […]

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“You’re Just a Troll”: The Manosphere vs. the Narcissistic Left

Didja hear? Everyone in the manosphere is a troll, including me. We don’t actually believe in any of the stuff we say, we just do it to get attention and make money. Hell, I published a book called Trolling for a Living; there’s all the evidence you need. We’re just a bunch of performance artists making shit up […]

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Narcissist Bum Fights: Anita Sarkeesian vs. the Basement Dwellers

I brought this up on a recent podcast, but given that ABC News was dumb enough to rely on her as a source, the time is ripe for a takedown of everyone’s favorite hirsute faux-gamer, Anita Sarkeesian. And yes, she’s a born liar, through and through. Sarkeesian launched her Tropes vs. Women in Video Games video […]

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How I Became the Most Hated Man on the Internet

A few weeks back, I posted an article titled “The Case Against Female Self-Esteem” that made the argument that girls these days are too full of themselves and that combating female self-esteem will help restore balance to the Force. It went viral on Tumblr Tuesday, garnering me 80,000 views in a single day and forcing my […]

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