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fat acceptance

Fat Acceptance is the Future

Forgive me o Lady, for I have sinned. I have mocked fat women for being unattractive, unsightly and unpleasant. I have reinforced the dogma of the heteronormative patriarchy because I thought it was the truth. But now, I have seen the light. Fat acceptance is the future. Nigel truly is a pioneer, the new Mystery for […]

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A Letter to My Future Wif—, Er, Girlfrie—, Er, Fuckbuddy

Last week, Danger & Play Tweeted a link to “A Letter to My Future Husband,” in which a dating blogmistress displays her various mental pathologies so her online girlfriends can high-five her. In response to a few comments which rightly called her creepy, our heroine left this: Totally love the double standard. Boys write about the […]

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You’ve Got Bigger Problems Than the Game

Like any online community of a sufficient size, the manosphere has its BSers. Keyboard players. Fakers. Frauds. They gather together on blogs and forums to dissect various types of openers, debate whether certain mundane, everyday actions are “alpha” or “beta,” and condemn any woman less attractive than Monica Bellucci as ugly. For example, take this […]

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“Looks Don’t Matter”: How to Tell Keyboard Players from the Real Thing

Do any of the frauds who claim that “looks don’t matter” for guys really believe the BS they’re spewing? Unlike most of these dregs, I’m not anonymous. You can see what I look like by clicking on my About page. Without so much as pressing the Play button on my vlog, you can guess the […]

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Young White Female Needed for Companionship and Sexytime

Attention relationship-seekers! Are you a single young woman between the ages of 18 and 22? Do you have a BMI between 18.9 and 24.9? Are you a mild-mannered introvert who prefers to be seen and not heard? Are you a caring, feminine individual who doesn’t want to wear the pants in the relationship? If your answer […]

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socially retarded

Women Are Just as Socially Retarded as Men

By now I’m sure you’ve read the CNN article “‘The Demise of Guys’: How Videogames and Porn Are Ruining a Generation,” the latest “man up” shaming piece the MSM has belched out. I’ve written an essay for In Mala Fide addressing its main thesis that will be up later this week; I was going to include […]

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Women Are Not the Enemy

A great post from Simon Grey on why the “woman strike” is going to fail: The second reason is more telling. Aside from a few precious anonymous internet commenters who will undoubtedly descend to the comments section of this post to disprove the assertions of this sentence’s second clause, I doubt that there are any […]

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