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Soros-Funded Central European University Protesters in Budapest Continue to Fail

The protests against Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s planned closure of George Soros’ Central European University continue to have as much impact on Hungarian life as a mouse fart in an elephant pen. Last night, I attended the Global Action for Academic Freedom event in Budapest, a worldwide demonstration in support of CEU, and once again saw that it was poorly attended and all but ignored.

The event took place at Gólya, a café in Budapest’s District IX, a run-down part of town where the streetlights don’t even work. While the café was packed, it was also tiny: maybe a hundred people tops were inside, watching the speakers. I didn’t even bother sticking around because the atmosphere was so depressing, though I did get some video of the event.

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While I haven’t been able to find more information, I’m willing to bet that the protests in New York, Portland and other Western cities were far larger than the one in Budapest, further showing that Central European University is a subversive organization that most Hungarians oppose.

I’ll continue providing more updates on the situation in Hungary as time permits.

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