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Hungary Kicks George Soros’ Central European University Out of Budapest

While President Trump may be capitulating to the globalists back home, over here in eastern Europe, governments are throwing them out. Case in point: last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán began the process of booting Central European University, a left-wing university founded and funded by George Soros, out of the country. The Hungarian parliament passed a law stating that foreign educational institutions cannot operate in Hungary without an explicit agreement between the Hungarian government and the institution’s home country; CEU, which is based in Budapest but legally incorporated in New York, is the only university that runs afoul of the law.

Orbán’s government hasn’t even attempted to hide the fact that they’re explicitly targeting CEU, with both the man himself and pro-government news sources derisively referring to it as “Soros University.” While CEU could potentially be saved by brokering an agreement between the U.S. and Hungarian governments, Hungary is such a low priority for the Trump administration that CEU’s supporters aren’t even wasting time on petitioning him. Instead, they’re march, march, marching in the streets, hoping that Orbán will see all these angry freaks waving their fists at him and change his mind.

Let’s be clear: Orbán has made the right call here. Central European University is not a legitimate educational institution, but a vector for cultural Marxism. CEU and its supporters are hiding behind the smokescreen of “academic freedom” (a concept the left opposes in the U.S. and West, where it just happens to be running the show) in their whiny pleas to the international fake news media. Here’s a selection of the oh-so-informative classes that CEU offers and Hungarians will soon be deprived of:

Gendered Memories of the Holocaust
Queer Theory
Gender and Migration
Communism and Gender
Introduction to Feminist Literary Studies
Preserving and Interpreting Knowledges of the Past and Promoting Social Justice
Islamic Feminism in Historical Perspective
Transnational Migration
Immigrant Integration Policy and Practice in North America and Europe
Minority Rights, Migrants and the Cosmopolitan Challenge

If you haven’t collapsed a lung from laughter yet, here’s another fun fact: CEU’s rector is Michael Ignatieff, one of the biggest losers in Canadian history. A middlebrow academic who spent several decades teaching Harvard kids about why we need to spread liberal democracy by bombing Middle Easterners, Ignatieff made a triumphant return to Canada a decade ago to take the reins of the ailing Liberal Party and defeat the literally Hitler right-wing Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. The would-be philosopher king ended up giving the Liberals their biggest defeat in history in the 2011 election, losing almost all of their seats (including his own) as well as the Official Opposition spot to the NDP, a party of crunchy granola hippies led by a cancer patient known for bouncing checks at Asian rub-‘n-tug massage parlors in Toronto.

Unlike most right-wing leaders, Orbán and his Fidesz party understand that if they don’t regain control of the minds of their country’s youth, all their efforts to turn back multiculturalism and degeneracy will be for naught. Universities in the West are Marxist indoctrination centers designed to ensure that any possible gains by a right-wing government will be undone by successive generations. You kill trees by yanking them up by the roots, not cutting off their branches, and Central European University is one of the knottiest roots in the Hungarian leftist oak.

The fake news media is out in full force in Budapest right now, falsely claiming that the streets are teeming with protesters. Hungarians just won’t stand for their classes on queer Marxist theory being taken away, they say. Nevermind that Orbán has consistently been one of the most popular leaders in Europe, and Fidesz is predicted to win another landslide victory in next year’s elections. For that matter, Hungary’s leading left-wing party, MSZP, has fallen to third place behind the right-wing, nationalist Jobbik. The average Westerner doesn’t know anything about Hungary aside from the fact that they like goulash and horsies, so some selectively edited footage with misleading camera angles can make them think that Orbán is in big trouble, man.

Unfortunately, reality has a nationalist bias, and as I discovered last night, the pro-CEU protests going on in Budapest right now are almost deserted. Hungarians are fully behind Orbán’s move to shut down CEU, and the only people upset about it are a handful of idiot students and people Soros is paying to be there. Soros University will be shut down, and there isn’t a damn thing the Hungarian or international left can do about it.

I discovered all this by accident. I was walking home from a bar, trying to cross the intersection of Király and Erzsébet, when I noticed the police setting up barricades. I immediately wondered what the hell was going on when I turned my head left and saw a procession of zombies ambling down from Oktogon. I camped out on a street corner and got some video of the anarchy:

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That is not a big protest. I’d say there were 500 people marching in solidarity with CEU, maybe 600 tops. The march was also extremely low-energy, with tired protest slogans and bleary-eyed marchers. I couldn’t resist bursting out into laughter while I was filming (the fact that I was drunk probably had to do with it too). I was disappointed that no one recognized me from the hit piece Magyar Narancs did on me two weeks ago, proving that not even Hungarian leftists read that rag.

In any event, the closure of Central European University shows that the left in Hungary is on the run and growing weaker every day. Orbán has shown no signs of backing down in the face of the CEU protests, and his approval ratings keep climbing higher with every strike he makes against globalism. Regardless of what happens elsewhere, Hungary will remain a sanctuary for shitlords.

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  • theasdgamer

    “Central European University is not a legitimate educational institution, but a vector for cultural Marxism.”

    Lol, the same could be said for many American universities. Communism dies one professor at a time.

  • Paul X

    The protests used to have some legitimacy in my day, mostly against the constant warring for no good reason. Protesting for “Queer Theory” classes just doesn’t seem to have quite the gravitas that an antiwar protest has.

  • Barney Quinn

    Protesting the cancellation of ‘queer theory’ classes is a clear sign of a society gone totally insane.

  • Barney Quinn

    Now THIS is what needs to happen to MOST American and Canadian ‘universities’. They have become our enemies. Propaganda mills. Indoctrination camps. Bastions of totalitarianism and intolerance.

  • Scotcho Rouleau

    I studied English Lit in uni… it may as well have been feminism …

  • positron1

    Are you going to try to learn Hungarian? It’s supposed to be insanely difficult but if you’re going to settle down there seems like you should make the effort.