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A Challenge to Feminists Accusing Me of Rape


Most of you are probably aware of the global nervous breakdown people have been having over the now-scuttled Return of Kings tribal meetups that were going to happen today. For the past week, Roosh, myself and our fans have been accused of being “rape supporters” who were organizing “pro-rape rallies,” and feminists are accusing me of being an actual rapist who sexually assaulted a Chicago woman.

Not only that, numerous Chicago-area feminists—including Enterprise Earth guitarist Cliff Wagle—have threatened to physically attack me for being a “rapist”:


another violent threat





In the U.S., rape is not only illegal, it’s a felony. If you think someone is a rapist, you owe it to their victim(s) to contact law enforcement. Therefore, I have a challenge for feminists…

If you think that I’m a rapist, call the police.

I live in Chicago, as does my purported victim, so all you have to do is call the Chicago Police Department’s non-emergency hotline at 312-746-6000. In fact, if you live in Chicago, you don’t even have to go that far: just dial 311. Tell them that you believe that Rogers Park resident Matt Forney has raped a woman and you want the police to investigate and arrest him.

That’s it. If you’re convinced that I’m a rapist and you want to do something about it, all you have to do is call the cops. If you don’t call the police and report me, it means one of two things…

1. You want more women to be raped.

If I am a rapist, allowing me to walk free ensures that I’ll be able to assault more women. Not only that, if I’m not arrested, the woman I’ve already raped will never see justice done. If you don’t want to see more women suffer at my hands, you need to report me to the police as soon as possible.

If you don’t call the police, it could also mean…

2. You don’t actually think I’m a rapist, and you’re just libeling me because you don’t like my political beliefs.

But I really doubt this. As we all know, feminists would never falsely accuse a man of rape just because they didn’t like him. None of you would be calling me a rapist if you weren’t a hundred percent sure that I’ve sexually assaulted a woman.

That’s all, feminists. Time to put up or shut up. If you purport to oppose rape and you think I’m a rapist, you’ll report me to the Chicago police so they can get me off the streets.

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  • skillet

    Interesting. Hope your site takes off. Good articles over at rOOSH.

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  • mary

    Do these feminists even know what rape really is? They fkn insult women who have been attacked and raped by strangers or those known to her. They try to use the word rape as umbrella verb for other things. Those women should take up a new issue as women taking responsibility for their own actions instead of crying fkn wolf. If you want to join the gun put up to my head walking home at night rape club be my guest. until then shut it down.

  • evilwhitemalempire

    “If you don’t call the police and report me, it means one of two things…
    1. You want more women to be raped.
    2. You don’t actually think I’m a rapist, and you’re just libeling me because you don’t like my political beliefs.”
    Outstanding logic, Matt.

    Of course they’ll just say “Well, rapists usually go free cuz the law and police are so fucked!”

    THEN you say to them “Well, if that’s what you have a problem with then why aren’t you complaining the police didn’t do enough last New Years Eve?”

  • Chance Boudreaux

    Wish these tough guys were as hard on the rapists coming here from Mexico and Central America.

  • Ghetto Tarzan

    They totally ignore mass rape in Europe and the disproportionate black on white rape in the States. Feminists are totally devoid of principles. They chose Roosh because he was an easy target. They are cowards and political opportunists.

  • jonmardock

    Matt, can’t you report these people? I mean, that’s serious stuff and they are also physically threatening you.

  • sgreen516

    “I don’t need to protect myself because that’s what police are for”
    “The law and police are such fucked up racist mysoginistic homophobes that they can’t be trusted”

    ~ Liberal “logic”

  • Arminds’ copy of Swank

    This is also why rape shouldn’t be tried in civil courts but only criminal courts. If you take someone to civil court your saying “this person is a rapist who raped me and is a danger to others but it’s totally okay that once they’ve financially compensated me that they go free to rape again”

    Also note how they’re anti-rape but pro-prison rape. So they only care about rape of public women and don’t give two shits but actually are in support of prisoners being raped. This is why false accusers must go to jail because it’s not just that they’re lying about being victimised but they’re perfectly fine sending an innocent man to certain rape