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Civil War Among the Rabbits; or, Chanty Morris, the Men’s Rights Movement and Fighting Fire with Fire


This is what a feminist looks like. Look upon her works, ye mighty, and despair:

A grating voice. A jawline so chiseled you could use it to cut glass. A sneer that could stop a runaway train. Personality-wise, she reminds me of this mean old beagle owned by this woman who babysat me when I was a kid. It was a nasty little pipsqueak that growled and bit at your heels whenever you came in the house, every single day. Rumor had it that its previous owner had been a drug dealer and that he’d given it cocaine, explaining why it was such a bitter little shit.

I particularly enjoy this woman’s entitlement, thinking she has an inalienable right to speak at an event which she arrived at explicitly to disrupt.

Her name is Chanty Morris (or Chanty Norrison). Her Tumblelog is charmingly titled STFU AssholesA Voice for Men dropped her dox a little while ago, after she and her little gang of Waffenbitches stormed a men’s rights seminar at the University of Toronto and harassed the attendees. In true tolerant leftist fashion, they even pulled a fire alarm just to stop the seminar in progress.

When I was in elementary school, causing a fire alarm without cause was grounds for immediate suspension. Way to maturity, guys!

Despite all the morons calling me an “MRA,” I personally can’t stand them. Feminists and MRAs are two sides of the same coin, two groups of crybabies arguing over who gets to be the biggest loser at the Pity Parade. It’s a civil war among the rabbit people; MRAs are r-selected leftists attempting to co-opt the machinery of big government for their own purposes. MRAs exhibit all the same signs of amygdala damage that feminists do: hypersensitivity to offending stimuli, inability to properly judge threats, and conflict-aversion/cowardice. Nonetheless, I’m happy to see that Paul Elam and his crew decided to show some sack and use the feminists’ own tactics of naming and shaming against them.

That’s right: MRAs should continue doxing feminists and opening them up to harassment and death threats, no matter what the flatulent boot-lickers argue.

They should keep doing it because it’s exactly what feminists do to MRAs and other anti-feminists, or even people they simply don’t like. As I wrote already, Portland feminists posted my cell phone number online and tried to root out my address in response to my Return of Kings article about them. Bskillet of The Christian Men’s Defense Network was forced to quit after Jezebel initiated a gang-stalking attack on him. r/CreepShots was shut down when a feminist started doxing men who were posting to it.

Turnabout isn’t just fair play, in many cases it’s the best play.

There’s nothing that infuriates leftists more than when their enemies use their own tactics against them. Feminists, anti-racists and other rabbit people operate on the assumption that their opponents will follow rules that they themselves are free to ignore. It’s why being a “hypocrite” is the worst sin you can commit in their eyes. In liberals’ twisted conception of morality, a man or woman can be as depraved or degenerate as they please so long as they are unrepentant about it:

  • If you’re a homosexual but try to repress your sinful tendencies so you can integrate into normal society and raise a family, you’re worse than a dead-eyed priapistic creep who spreads incurable STDs by barebacking dudes in bathhouses.
  • If you’re overweight but trying to get skinny, you’re worse than fatasses who make no effort to improve themselves but instead cry about how the world needs to “accept” them.
  • If you support traditional marriage but get caught cheating on your wife, you’re worse than an unemployed single mother with five kids from four different daddies.

In that same sense, liberals expect conservatives to adhere to a code of conduct—civility, gentility and respect—that they themselves don’t follow. Any conservative that refuses to play by this handbook is tarred as evil: “racist,” “misogynistic,” “homophobic” or what have you, yet playing by the handbook ensures that you will never be able to make an impact fighting the left. Note the conservatives whom liberals generally praise: Beigeist, non-threatening nonentities like Bill Buckley, George Will and Michael Smerconish. Despite working to destroy traditional America at every turn—and succeeding—leftists expect conservatives to keep treating them like it’s 1953.

It’s like a woman who verbally and physically abuses her husband, but when he finally tires of her attitude and backhands her, she cries, “You can’t do that! I’m a girl!”

Take Andrew Breitbart. I never liked him; he was a bloated, egotistical attention whore and smear artist, and in a sane country, the most he’d ever be able to accomplish in life would be running a Wienerschnitzel cart in Anaheim. But I have to give Breitbart credit because he and his courtiers were experts at using the left’s own tactics against them. Through lies, half-truths, and ridicule, Breitbart’s smear machine destroyed the careers of Anthony Weiner and Shirley Sherrod, ruined ACORN, and otherwise did to leftists what they’ve been doing to conservatives for decades, going back to when Edward Murrow covered for the Soviet agents in the State Department by destroying Joe McCarthy’s career. This is why the left hated them.

Despite the fact that the MRM is left-wing at its core, the mainstream left, Pharisaical as they are, regards them as “right-wing” and thus bound by the arbitrary rules that govern conservatives. Whenever the MRAs step outside that box, the rabbits go berserk: “You’re NOT ALLOWED to do that!” Jezebel is perfectly justified in doxing a group of guys for the “crime” of trying to sleep with as many girls as possible, but when A Voice for Men exposes someone who was actively trying to sabotage a peaceful seminar, they’re the evil ones?

Sorry feminists, but if you’re going to tear down traditional morals, you can’t bitch when people treat you as callously and cruelly as you treat others. Starting a social revolution is like setting a forest fire: you can’t control how big it gets or where it goes. If you’re going to harass anti-feminists for something as innocuous as calling fat girls fat, you’re going to get harassed for attempting to shut down an MRM gathering. If you don’t like it, tough fucking luck.

You created this world when you revolted against the natural order. Now you get to live in it.

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  • John McNeill

    Another interesting article. It makes me wonder: would liberals leave us alone and continue their march to Sodom if we ceased to actively oppose them and their agenda? If we take the role of non-confrontational conservatives (or wolves in rabbits’ clothing), would liberals allow us to form our own traditional communities and look the other way if we choose to live off the radar?

    I guess it depends on whether or not liberals truly desire a utopia of some sort, of if they are solely driven by hatred towards their own people and civilization. At the very least, liberalism will no doubt destroy itself, and we can maybe endure the decline phase with much more ease if we are not constantly fighting with liberals.

  • I’m a Breitbart fan. I haven’t looked into all his stunts, but I’m pretty sure that in the Sherrod case the leftist accusations of misinterpretation are wrong. In particular, Breitbart himself did not cut out the Sherrod’s redemptive arc in telling her story on the video that got her career destroyed – which is the main complaint I hear about him in that context.

    Other than that, I loved your rant.

  • Suz

    I too have a problem with the whining. I accept it as a part of the process of swallowing the “Red Pill;” it’s the part where the pill gets stuck sideways, and almost all of us go through it. (When you “woke up,” Matt, your lifetime-of-having-been-lied-to was much shorter, and therefore likely less traumatic, than most. And considering your intelligence, you probably never gagged on the pill.)

    Unfortunately, as most people are Rabbit People, far too many MRAs fall into the habit of wallowing in their newly discovered victim status, instead of figuring out how to change that status.

    As to our working within the system we despise, I think it’s essential for a couple of reason. First, unless the two sexes ultimately want to live almost totally apart (which ain’t gonna happen) women are going to have to “get it,” one way or another. My power is limited. I can encourage my son and his peers to GTOW, but I personally can’t deprive a single entitled female of a beta-provider. “Within the system” is the only viable place the I and a growing number of women like me, CAN effect any change whatsoever.

    Also, while it may seem futile to work within a system that is likely to collapse in on itself, for many, that system is all we have. For a huge segment of the population (fathers, married men etc.) GTOW isn’t a viable option. However, most of us (except the TradCons, who wish you would just Man the hell Up already, but don’t have the guts to tell teh grrrlz to Woman the hell Up) know that our activism will be useless without support from your activism. And yes, GTOW is activism; it’s the kind of activism that will change YOUNG minds, out of pure necessity.

    YOU, young men who have options, need to starve the system of resources, and we old farts need to help expose the system’s oppression – to people who still believe in its benevolence and see no harm in continuing to feed it.

    I can live with ineffectual whiners. They will always exist and they will always influence others. It’s a good sign though, that more and more of them are “whining” against feminist indoctrination and the Nanny State. You’re a pioneer Matt, a risk taker and by default a leader, whether you want to be or not. I would never ask you to slow down to accommodate the pace of the hand wringers who simply don’t have what it takes to keep up with you, but keep in mind they are essentially on your side. That means you’re winning. There is no finish line, btw, but you’re still winning.

  • Suz

    Thanks for sharing Big Red. Gotta give kudos to DannyBoy and JtO for not punching her lights out.

  • Pat Hannagan

    Started to watch the vid and immediately had a violent reaction as soon as she started talking. Had to turn it off after about 40 seconds.

  • AndrewV

    Are you sure it was AVfM that doxed her? I looked and she was doxed in other places but not at AVfN as far as I can see, not even in Google cache.

  • Suz

    AVfM made every effort NOT to dox, but to only expose her behavior. It is of course still our fault that other eeebil menz dug deeper for more personal information. In this particular case we couldn’t care less if she even HAS a name; she is a caricature of everything that’s wrong with both feminism and modern young women in general.

  • Matt, thanks (not) for posting that. I went over to her website, and any sympathy I had (well, someone did not teach her how to think, dress, or look after herself) disappeared.

    She’s a little self righteous prig, ain’t she. And I have quoted your analysis of “hypocrisy” — it is spot on. We should not accept our weaknesses and the evil we do. We should reform. And when we fail, we should return to reforming ourselves. For none of us are fully righteous, we all have a little of the hypocrite in us.

    And her demands for polite discourse when she has a mouth from the pit (spoken and written) is itself as hypocritical as anything she protests about.

  • Jo

    except, pimp slapping her isn’t necessary or good, not even for self defense unless you got yourself one big battle ax. I’m on your side, but you pretty much feed their argument that men enjoy inflicting violence on women. also, what’s with this obsession guys have, almost a fantasy, about women hitting them and getting an “excuse” to hit her back, even though men make it clear *they* are the big and strong ones?

    without the cussing and that small disturbing part, I would’ve loved this article. I guess asking if you’d consider debating that woman is out of the question, as interesting as it would have been to watch.

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  • Theodore Logan

    She is one of those people I wish great evil to befall upon her brutally and mercilessly. :-)

  • Jack Day

    lol.. yes. Interesting article, but I dare say you missed a few points. What you see is feminism fast becoming unraveled. Call it hook or by crook, if you like, and I don’t really mind of what tactics (or antics) are used. But in a few years from now, the most relevant place you will see again the feminist narrative, is from the underside of rocks.

  • Jack Day

    Besides that.. There is a much better pic of Big Red here… ;-)

  • Brigadon

    Ahh, Now I finally get it… Matt moved into the real world from the MRA community and finally realized that Feminism wasn’t the disease, socialism, unbridled Egalitarianism, and Big brother were.

    I keep trying to let the MRA’s know that sillycunts were pretty much the inevitable results of leftism, and keep getting shouted down. I pretty much gave up on the Canuck whinefest and ‘men as the real victims’ and ‘equal rights for men’ crap and started focusing on the real problems…right about the time that Ferdinand disappeared. I was devastated at the time, because I had caught some hints that perhaps he finally took the ‘deeper red pill’ and understood the problems behind the problems, I just didn’t realize that it would take an entire focal shift and a new website.

    Basically, 90% of everything is shit. That includes people. when you let the 90% that are clueless shitbags decide everything, a predator culture naturally develops to prey on this stupidity.

    but, on the plus side, this always fails. Why? because clueless shitbags don’t know how to keep the world running.

  • d00kn00kum

    “If you’re a homosexual but try to repress your sinful tendencies so you can integrate into normal society and raise a family, you’re worse than a dead-eyed priapistic creep who spreads incurable STDs by barebacking dudes in bathhouses.”

    Wow, way to alienate your demographics. No, I don’t think trying to repress your sexuality is worse than someone who knowingly spread AIDs. I don’t know anyone who actually believes this, point to someone who does. I know plenty of gay people who realized that they were gay halfway into a marriage, but are still going on to raise their children, and I nor other gay-rights supporters think they’re “worse” than anything. But I’m guessing you wouldn’t like these people very much, because they don’t view their homosexual feelings as sinful, nor would they see such an action as being sinful.