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Charlottesville and the End of the Alt-Right

Eight months ago, Richard Spencer blocked me from joining his new site—over the expressed wishes of his partner, Daniel Friberg, as well as everyone else involved with the site—for reasons so insanely petty and small I won’t repeat them here. He did this despite the fact that I was by far the most popular writer for Right On, one of’s predecessor sites, and despite the fact that I stood by him during the Heilgate fiasco when Mike Cernovich was accusing him of being a fed, even though I’ve always been closer to Cernovich than to Spencer.

Thanks, Dick. You didn’t know it then, but you did me a favor. Now I don’t need to wash your retarded stink off of me.

Charlottesville was the death rattle of the alt-right. From Heilgate to the doxing of Fat Mike Enoch to Richard Spencer getting his clock cleaned in public by a shit-eating cuck: it was all leading up to this moment. The untold carnage that has resulted from Unite the Right—from the Nazi LARPer twerp who killed a woman, to the participants who’ve been doxed and lost their jobs, to Baked Alaska being permanently blinded, to Christopher Cantwell losing everything, to the unprecedented censorship unleashed by Silicon Valley—is a direct result of Spencer and Enoch’s (and Jason Kessler’s) poor leadership skills.

Yes, you were set up by the Charlottesville and Virginia governments. Yes, you should be angry and seek restitution. But what did you think was going to happen? Why was there no Plan B in the event that things went south?

It’s like Kessler, Spencer, and everyone else was asleep for the past two years, when the Democrats were paying professional agitators to “bird-dog” Donald Trump’s rallies and instigate riots. Over a year ago in Chicago, I watched as several thousand agitators, armed with Mexican and communist flags and Bernie Sanders campaign signs, invaded the UIC Pavilion and start a full-scale riot with the full cooperation of the city governmentFor that matter, they somehow missed the attacks leftists have launched against events by Milo Yiannopoulos, Roosh V, and other dissident right figures over the past two years.

Like Chicago, Charlottesville is a Democratic-run city in a Democratic-run state. Did you think that the left was suddenly going to start playing fair?

Now the alt-right is being physically removed from the Internet itself, and all Spencer and his clique can do is point fingers. American Renaissance and VDARE, despite not participating in Unite the Right, have been banned from PayPal, cutting them off from their primary source of funding. The Alternative Right site run by Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki was banned from Blogger. The Daily Stormer has gotten it worst of all: they’ve been run off the Internet and onto the deep web, thanks to every domain registrar and whatnot trying their damndest to unperson Andrew Anglin.

And for what? So a few hundred dorks in Kmart golf shirts could wander around a college campus whinnying about how “you will not replace us,” a slogan that sounds exactly like Shia LaBeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” (and had roughly the same effect on the general public). It’s a slogan so bad that the left was able to cuck the alt-right out of it almost immediately.


I’m pretty sure the only reason they didn’t call themselves the “resistance” is because the left beat them to it.

You can argue that leftist-controlled Big Tech was going to purge the right anyway and all Charlottesville did was give them an excuse, but by that logic, you might as well OD on heroin, because you’re gonna die “anyway.” Unite the Right’s biggest accomplishment so far has been riling up the left and simultaneously stripping the right of much of their ability to fight back.

Forget Spencer dipping into his trust fund to pay for Baked Alaska’s medical bills or Christopher Cantwell’s legal fees: has he, Kessler, or anyone else even tendered an apology or a note of sympathy to the countless lives that were ruined by Unite the Right? “But it’s not my fault the antifas attacked us or the police helped them!” No, but as a leader, you’re responsible for whatever happens to your followers. The buck stops with you.

They trusted you, and you betrayed that trust.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for Richard Spencer to man up, because none of this will ever affect him in any substantive fashion. While it’s true that NPI and Radix have been shut down by the purge and Spencer banned from PayPal, so long as he has access to Daddy’s credit line, he’ll be sitting pretty. He could quit the movement tomorrow and go back to skiing in Montana and his life would be completely unaffected. He’s like Tucker Max, the narcissistic ex-player who was able to crash cars into storefronts, get arrested for attacking cops, and screw up over and over again because his daddy would bail him out whenever he got in over his head.

And like Spencer, whenever Max’s decisions blew up in his face, he blamed everyone but himself.

I warned you that all of this would happen.

I warned you over a year ago, when the alt-right decided to team up with antifas and feminists to stalk and harass Roosh V during the International Meetup Day fiasco, smearing him as a “rapist,” solely out of envy that he was sleeping with the white women they wished they could sleep with. I got dogpiled for that, because the idea that I would defend a personal friend against false accusations was apparently puzzling to some people.

I warned you that turning a blind eye to homosexuals such as Grindr Greg Johnson would be a disaster, because homosexuality is an abomination and sodomites are mental defectives inherently drawn to death and self-destruction. The homo infiltration has only gotten worse since then: for example, TheBigKK, one of Richard Spencer’s most trusted lieutenants and the admin of the Discord server, is a Satanist furry dating a female-to-male transsexual.

I warned you that thanks to sites like The Right Stuff, the alt-right was increasingly being dominated by socially retarded millennials, their brains fried by social media use during their formative years, making them incapable of thinking in anything other than memes and thought-terminating cliches. For crying out loud, they unironically worship a cartoon frogJames Alex Fields, Jr., the Nazi LARPer weirdo who killed a woman at Charlottesville, is a perfect example of their breed.

Not only was the alt-right’s leadership failing to provide these young men with masculine guidance, as the “Third Jimpact” showed, they were actively taking advantage of their naivete and feeding their worst traits.

I warned you that putting morons like the fat, bumbling coward Mike Enoch in leadership positions would end badly for you. Remember when Enoch was exposed as having a Jewish wife and his immediate response was to not only straight-up lie about it, but to enlist fake news media site Salon’s help in throwing his audience under the bus by smearing them as “neo-Nazis?”

Never underestimate the masochism of a cultist, even when his self-appointed swami tries to betray him to save his own skin.

I warned you, and you didn’t listen.

You responded by calling me a “cuck” or claiming that I was “blackpilled”: how dare I interrupt the cult’s groupthink!

You accused me of “punching right,” even though I’ve never criticized anyone for being more right-wing than me: I’ve criticized them for their conduct, behavior, and lack of honor.

You tried to claim I wasn’t “really” alt-right, even though I’ve been writing in this part of the Internet since 2009, before most of you got your first pubes.

You tried to push aside my arguments by calling me “fat” or bringing up the fact that I’ve slept with Asian women, as if my weight or my past actions have any bearing on the truth of my words.

You tried to attack me for withdrawing from an altercation with antifas in Cleveland during the RNC to avoid getting gang-stomped, yet none of you keyboard warriors would dare make fun of your dear leader Richard Spencer for getting his shit pushed in at the inauguration, then running away to fix his hair and cry.


The rest of the Internet didn’t have a problem making fun of Spencer. Memes of him getting his ass kicked are still being made by normies to this day.

Well, you were wrong and I was right.

And as you sit among the smoking ruins of the alt-right, shitting your pants over coming FBI investigations and trying to rationalize that no, you haven’t screwed yourselves beyond all hope of recovery, I’m laughing at you.

Oh, you think President Trump is on your side because he condemned the “alt-left” at one of his pressers? Listen closely to what he said, idiots. He equivocated both the alt-left and the alt-right, because he’s priming the population to reject both groups so he can purge them.

You think you “won” because public support has increased for preserving Confederate monuments? The people are supporting Trump, not you. They think you’re a bunch of freaks.

The alt-right was never important or significant. The only reason it seemed like a big deal was because they targeted left-wingers in the media and cuckservatives, and because both groups a) hold the media microphone and b) are easily triggered, they gave the alt-right more attention than they deserved. Hillary Clinton’s speech attacking the alt-right was likely almost entirely motivated by the fact that her easily butthurt millennial staffers were sick of getting trolled by Pepe the Frog avatars on Twitter.

The majority of the working-class whites who voted Trump into power and Brexit into law have never heard of the alt-right, and the more they learn about them, the more repulsive they find them.

The people I grew up with—working-class, Trump-supporting, church-going nationalists from the Rust Belt, i.e. the kind of whites who should be attracted to the alt-right—think Richard Spencer is a homosexual, assuming they even know who he is. They will never follow him or anyone from his cohort, because they see the alt-right as a weird subculture of degenerate urbanites and suburbanites obsessed with gay whoosh haircuts, gay dance music, and nattering on about nonsense terms like “fashy” or “white sharia” all day long without realizing how nuts they look to everyone outside of their social circles.

Nationalism will win: that I am assured of. The alt-right has become a hindrance to nationalism, and that’s why it’s getting flushed down the toilet.

The reason why President Trump hasn’t lifted a finger to support the alt-right, despite your support for him and all the physical and online attacks you’ve suffered since he took office, is because he wants you gone just as much as the left does. You were only useful to him during the election, because you were attacking his enemies; now that he’s in control, he’ll gladly ignore you as you get steadily no-platformed and unpersoned. And if you’re dumb enough to think Trump is /yourguy/ after his condemnation of the “alt-left,” he’ll curb-stomp you the next time you try something like Charlottesville.

You were never part of his vision for the U.S., and now you’re finding that out the hard way.

I disassociated from the alt-right two months ago, and I’m glad I did. I’m walking away from the political battlefield because none of the combatants deserve to win. If my choices are groups like the alt-right, the alt-lite, and the left, then I choose None of the Above. Maybe after they’re done with their little slapfights, they’ll be something worth finding in the ruins.

I’m not the only one who sees this. In the wake of Charlottesville, smart, sober commentators like my friend Ryan Landry and Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like are diving for the exits. As people like them vacate the premises and the retards hijack the short bus, the alt-right will speed faster and faster towards oblivion.

Oh well. It’s not my problem anymore.

Good night, alt-right, and good luck.

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  • Charles Martel

    No, this wasn’t the end to the “alt-right”.

    All that happened was the establishment played their hand and came out to everyone as exactly who the Alt-right said they were

    Sure, they were able to create a narrative and take out some websites, but now it’s no longer a conspiracy their complete control over the system

    The Alt-Right is never going away because it is about identity and truth.

  • theasdgamer

    Unite the Right was a convenient target for left-wing provocateurs who were attempting to use it to weaken Trump. The plan was to:

    1. Alienate Trump from his Jewish supporters, (temporary success)

    2. Brand Trump with “Nazi” (total failure)

    3. Separate Trump from his base (partial success)

    Alt-right should be organizing, not attempting to display strength (which is a stupid idea other than for morale building because it galvanizes the left and creates fear in sheep).

    Trump ought to have used the UtR event to bash the socialist provocateurs as well as their supporters in the media. Do you read The Nation? It’s where media and other socialists get their marching orders.

  • theasdgamer

    There is no “establishment”. Did you mean the city govt. of Charlottesville?

  • temmy9 .

    The labels will change, but things will continue. The american communists never accomplished much on their own. they were full of crazies and schisms. It was the legion of progressives who were influenced by thier ideals who did everything.

    I’m hoping we can at last compartmentalize the nazis and get on with the real work of building a proper movement. One that isn’t dominated by people who think that committing genocide against half the continent is a workable policy position.

  • Ryan Faulk

    Always funny to see Matt call anyone Dorks. And he goes a little bit crazy talking about faggotry and Mike’s Jewish wife. Those things seem to have had zero negative effect.

    However, when he talks about Richard Spencer’s criminal incompetence – where’s the lie? Frankly Matt has a few decent points here.

  • theasdgamer

    “Progressive” is the new name of American socialists. “The Nation” has been the rag for the socialsts/progressives/whatever-the-hell-new-name-the-leftists-have-invented-for-themselves. Why would you want to get intel on the left and understand its plans? They print it every week or so.

  • theasdgamer

    How does this advance the cause for the Alt-right? Is the title gonna demoralize people of the Alt-right?

  • Ryan Faulk

    Read the words written, and respond to that. You’re not smart enough to infer beyond the literal meaning of the words.

  • King Robert

    Well put. Thanks for writing this. Those of us who are sane still need a banner to organize under however. What that is remains to be seen.

  • theasdgamer

    Ok, Genius, tell me what this means, “I disassociated from the alt-right two months ago, and I’m glad I did.”

  • smartacus

    One of their favorite passages:
    Leviticus 25:44, “Thou shalt MAKE SLAVES of the people of the nations around you, and of those who (are not like you and) live among you.”

    And they won too. The only thing we exist for now is entertaining them like a cat toying with a mouse.

  • Nergal

    Sure there is. The Establishment would be the Unholy Triumvirate that is The Federal Government Deep State, the Corporate Interests, and The Entertainment Industry. They include such things as the permanent bureaucracy in the State Dept. and the NSA, the shills in Hollywood and the mainstream press, and of course, the wealthy folks at places like Google, who can shut down websites. This is not an easy combination of opponents to defeat. I’m not sure that they ever will be brought down to Earth, really. The City Govt. of Charlottesville acted illegally, and did so knowingly. But watch and be amazed as this fact is barely reported on, and no one is ever brought up on criminal charges. That’s how it works; they shelter their own, or those who serve their interests, and they hinder those who oppose them. Nationalism is going to need a stronger vehicle than some LARPers if it expects to rise.

  • Charles Martel

    The national media, narrative and government control of Charlettesville, yes.

  • One Man’s Chorus

    Totally agree on Spencer. No matter what happens, he seems to be having a grand old time. In fact, he probably wanted the rally to turn into a shitstorm so he’d be front-page news again. That’s why he and Cernovich hate each other. They’re both fame whores.

    The impression I get from Cantwell by contrast is of a guy who cares about whites. I don’t think Spencer cares about anyone. His tweet to Baked Alaska “Get well, brother” seemed totally insincere.

  • McSwag

    The Alt Right(like it’s superior European New Right counterpart) is about ideas….the problem with fringe movements is that it attracts whackos, egomaniacs, would-be Fuhrers et…it tends to be driven by internal rivalries, splits, purges, denunciations, accusations….when the 11th Hour has well and truly gone, can we afford to put up with such nonsense? Alt-Right ideas will continue to have validity whatever happens though.

  • i586

    It is one thing to criticise the alt-right or clarify one’s position. But to attack Richard Spencer to the point of glee at a physical attack on him is a low blow.

  • flighter

    This is why you don’t join groups, all it takes is one freak doing something bad in public to make a fool of you.

  • Owen Gilmore

    It’s worse than that Matt. Probably half of his followers are agents provocateurs. The alt right is dead as a brand. I think you need to focus less on homosexuals and more on what the country needs. Yes, he did you a HUGE favor.

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  • Owen Gilmore

    Maybe. But it won’t be called the alt right anymore any time soon. According to the media alt right ~ nazi. I know it’s BS but it is what it is.