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Chicago Meetup: May 29th


To my Chicago readers: I greatly apologize for having to postpone the planned meetup last Friday. I got incredibly sick on Wednesday and nearly ended up having to go to the hospital. This is a re-posting of the original announcement with the dates updated to ensure that everyone sees it.

A little over four months after my first Chicago meetup, I’m holding another one to celebrate my relocation to this fair metropolis. Unhampered by crappy winter weather, I expect even greater things from all y’all. Once again, I will be MC’ing the event with Chad Elkins, author of Elkins’ Comprehensive Tax Guide. Any and all are welcome to attend.

1. When will the meetup be?

May 29th (this Friday). It will start at 6pm and run until the last man cries uncle.

2. Where will the meetup be?

Like before, I will announce the meetup location on Twitter (and my private Facebook account) at 2pm CST on May 29th. The venue will be located in Wrigleyville, inside the red circle on this map (link to Google Maps):


As you can see, the venue is within walking distance of the Red and Brown Lines. If you have my phone number, you can also text me and I’ll tell you in advance. I’m sorry about the secrecy, but this is to keep lunatics from attempting to shut down the meetup with bomb threats and the like.

3. How will I recognize the folks at the meetup?

Look for me. If you’re blind, listen for my mellifluous voice. If you’re blind and deaf, um… good luck with that.

4. Are girls allowed?

Women under 40 are barred from attending unless they’re cute, thin and willing to take the 13th step (with either me or anyone else at the meetup). Women 40 and over are exempt from the last requirement, though if you want to take the 13th step, no one will stop you.

5. I’m not from Chicago. How the hell do I get to where you are?

Check the logistics in this post; it’s still up to date.

6. Why are you announcing the meetup only a week in advance?

Because during my sabbatical from blogging, traffic to my site flatlined. I wanted to make sure people actually saw the announcement.

7. Can I buy you a drink?

Yes, but if said drink might result in me falling headfirst into a roaring bonfire, you should probably save your money.

If you’re interested in coming to the meetup, drop me a line via email or Twitter. Hope to see you there!

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