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wrigley field

Join Me at Chicago Trump Flash Mobs at Wrigley Field All Weekend

wrigley field

This weekend, I will be joining Donald Trump flash mobs at Wrigley Field here in Chicago today, Saturday and Sunday at 4pm. All Trump supporters are welcome to join.

The flash mobs are being organized by Zachary M.; you can follow him on Twitter here. Up-to-date details about the mob can be found here, here and here. The current plan is to meet each day at 4pm at the Addison Red Line stop. Look for him or me; I’me pretty recognizable. (Note: I may not be at all of the flash mobs.)

While it’s unlikely that we will run into any opposition—our previous flash mobs only had a couple of hecklers—please take common sense precautions for your safety and anonymity.

For those who want to follow my coverage of the flash mob, you can follow me on Twitter here. Please note that because my phone is broken (and my new one won’t arrive until Monday), I may not be able to live stream on Periscope; nonetheless, if I can figure out a workaround, you can watch my videos live here. If you have a smartphone and are willing to help out, get in contact with me. My coverage will begin around 4PM CST (5PM EST/2PM PST) each day.

Hope to see you all there!

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