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Fake News CNN Lies About Matt Forney: Full Unedited Interview with W. Kamau Bell

Several months back, I attended the National Policy Institute’s autumn conference in Washington, D.C. and gave some interviews to the mainstream media reporters there, lending my massive popularity to help prop up their dying organizations. While most of the outlets who quoted me did so (reasonably) fairly, CNN interviewed me for eight minutes, then chose to heavily edit the footage and take my statements out of context when they aired it on W. Kamau Bell’s United Shades of America tonight.

Unknown to CNN, I made my own secret audio recording of the interview using my cell phone, and I’ve uploaded it to YouTube now. You can listen to it below.

I apologize for the poor audio quality of the recording. CNN interviewed me in an alcove of the same room where the conference was taking place, and I also had to keep my phone concealed in my jacket so Bell and the camera crew wouldn’t get suspicious.

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