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Conquering Bad Habits by Remy Sheppard

conquering-bad-habitsRemy Sheppard is a minor legend in this part of the Internet. The man behind the now-defunct The Alpha Persona, he transitioned to blogging under his real name a year and a half ago… or at least he’s tried to, having deleted and restarted his blog something like a million times since then. But it looks like he’s sticking with what he’s got now with the publication of his first e-book, Conquering Bad Habits.

If you’ve got a flurry of bad habits you want to kick, Remy’s book is worth the 99 cents.

Conquering Bad Habits is a short and sweet title explaining how you can knock bad habits out of your life. Remy doesn’t waste time getting to the point, explaining how habits can make or break you and giving you a simple, easy method to overcoming them:

Whatever you choose to be, wherever you choose to go, that is what will ultimately become of your life. If you’re working a crappy low wage job, it’s because you choose to do so. If you aren’t in a relationship and you feel lonely, it’s because you choose to be that way. If you’re in a relationship you hate and feel trapped, it’s because you’ve chosen to be trapped. If you don’t have many friends it’s because you’ve chosen isolation.

Remy’s advice specifically cautions you against quitting habits cold turkey, because this will be too much of a break for your brain to handle. Instead, he advocates a baby step approach in which you openly question why you engage in certain habits, such as watching porn or clicking onto Twitter when you need to do some work. His advice is extremely easy to implement and helped me curb my social media usage following my self-imposed blackout.

While Remy’s prose could use a spelling check in spots (for example, he uses the phrase “brass tax” instead of “brass tacks”), Conquering Bad Habits is full of valuable info that anyone can use. If you’re looking to get your life in order, Remy’s book is worth the buy.

Click here to buy Conquering Bad Habits.

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