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Conspiracy Theory vs. Conspiracy Fact


In this video, I give my opinions on conspiracy theories, vaccines, the Holocaust, #IStandWithAhmed, the refugee crisis in Europe, the knifing of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and much more.

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  • James

    I was sad to see Abbott go. I voted for him in the last election because I knew he would be a staunch conservative who would preserve Australia from left wing nonsense and help lead our country back on the path following America. I can only hope Turnbull will change his stance on gay marriage and refugees before it’s too late.

  • America is not a country you want to follow!

  • James

    I’d rather we follow America than follow Sweeden or any other European country letting in excessive illegal immigrants. America has some great values that Australia can learn from, and personally I’d love to see more American/Australian crossover in the coming years.

  • You’re certainly right about Sweden but I’m afraid you’re badly misinformed about America. Besides the literally millions of illegal immigrants that have been flooding over the US/Mexico border that past few years now we have this:

    100,000 is 100,000 too many!

  • Don’t I feel stupid. You did cover this. Watched half the video, got distracted, left the comment before I watched the end.

    I hope there isn’t a new affirmative action program for every muslim retard that can disassemble a Walmart product now!

  • TheRedPillEskimo

    We are told how hysteria influences populations on mass, such as Orson Welle’s 1938 radio program the War of the Worlds. We are told that gas attacks defined the mood of the inter-war years. Mass hysteria, the book claims, explains how the gas chamber ‘myth’ developed. But all of this presumes that the central premise is true. Where’s the evidence that the central premise – that there were no gas chambers – is true?

    Unfortunately, it is difficult to prove that something does not exist. In the case of the gas chamber claim there is so much evidence for the existence of gas chambers that it would be impossible to refute it all. In the months after finishing this book I hunted around for material on this issue. I read the confessions of both perpetrator and survivors. I sat through the nine hours of Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah. Were all of these witnesses lying or coerced, as the book claims? If so, where’s the evidence for such claims? Yes, we know that Rudolf Hoess, Auschwitz commandant, was beaten when captured. But by the time Leon Goldensohn interviewed him at Nuremberg he said he was feeling quite Good. Was he marching to the tune of his captors in order to get better treatment? If so, why did he say that he expected to be hanged?

    Why did Oskar Groening, finance clerk at Auschwitz, come out of the woodwork in the 80’s to claim:

    “I would like you to believe me. I saw the gas chambers. I saw the crematoria. I saw the open fires. I was on the ramp when the selections took place. I would like you to believe that these atrocities happened because I was there.”

    Was he just an old fart trying to get attention; denial of the holocaust being illegal in Germany, the only way to get attention was to tow the official line? Sounds a bit contrived. Occam’s razor would suggest that Groening is telling the truth.

    But even if he – and all the other witnesses – were not telling the truth. Even if the claim of this book were true, that there were no gas chambers, the basic assumption of the claim – that there was no policy of mass extermination – would fail. The modus operandi of the camp system itself indicated a policy of mass extermination. In the words of Michael Hirsh, “Liberators”,

    “They were marched to death, worked to death, starved to death, dehydrated to death, frozen to death, sickened to death, gassed to death and sometimes shot to death.” If we take out ‘gassed to death’ that doesn’t much change the equation.

  • Phero

    Malcom Turnbull is a CFR man.
    As was John Hewson who appeared out of nowhere as party leader a few elections ago and lost the ” unloseable election”.

  • finndistan

    “This is just a conspiracy theory!” “You’re a …ist moron” etc…

    Let’s see…
    Merkel said open borders, with total disregards to her citizens wishes.
    Protected borders people are vilified
    Protected borders people are attacked by anti-racist (how does a counter protest to “close the borders” become anti-racist, when it actually is an “open the borders” protest? The counter of dry is not warm, the counter of cold is not an orange…)
    Flyers are found on the beaches, guiding immigrants around european security institution/personnel/guidelines
    Flyers are distributed by NGO
    NGO supported by Soros, for example
    Saudi Arabia closes its borders, bombs Yemen, (allegedly) aids ISIS, and pledges Germany 200 Mosques, German people questioning this are attacked by the anti-racists, even if they are protesting the flood of the religion of peace, and the shouts of “death to the west”
    Russia bombs ISIS, over 600 desert, European NGO’s shout for “no background checks”
    Anywhere around 60 to 80% of migrants are not refugees, this is proven, so why still the media is using “refugee”

    And people still talk about a theory?

    That is why I would not be too surprised if the guy I call cospiracy theorist, Icke, turns out to be right.

    Fluoride, vaccines, the migrant flood, food, medicine, alternative (real) medicine suppression (12 natural doctors committed suicide??), envirofascists, climate change fascists, and all that, I already am a conspiritard for duno, 20, 50? conspiracies that have proof.

    Where does the rabbit hole end?