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I’m Now Offering Audio and Video Consultations Via Praxey

For the longest time, I’ve offered consultations on web design and other topics via email. While a number of clients have requested Skype consultations, I’m reluctant to do them due to the extra time and expense in setting up Skype and talking to someone. However, I was recently introduced to Praxey, a smartphone app similar to Skype or FaceTime that allows customers to call up experts and pay them for their time automatically.

As a result, I’m now doing audio and video consultations via Praxey.

While Praxey founder Stephen Rose is advertising on my site, I only advertise products that I believe in and use myself, and Praxey is a product that I wholeheartedly recommend. It makes the process of doing audio/video consultations a cinch by having customers pay ahead of time and call when it’s convenient for them. I’ve demoed Praxey already and it works like a charm, with good-quality audio, video and efficient payment.

Because of this, if you want to call me for any reason—a consultation, a suggestion, or just a friendly chat—you can now do so via Praxey. My rate is $1 per minute ($60 per hour), the same as my email consultations, a reasonable rate considering that most of my consultations are $15 or less.

To use Praxey, you can download it from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. To call me, you can access my profile here or search for “Matt Forney” and “mattforney” within the app itself.

I hope to see you on Praxey soon!

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