NOTE: If you clicked on this page after reading my article “How to Destroy Someone’s Reputation with Google,” do not contact me asking for advice or help on getting back at your ex-girlfriend, ex-husband or whoever has wronged you. I cannot help you and I won’t even reply to your email.

Traditional consultants are crooks. They charge you ridiculous amounts of money for advice that is useless or worse, and will also bill you for hours that they didn’t even use. If you’re in need of advice on making money online, improving your writing skills, choosing a career or any other topic, hire me instead. I offer quality advice at low rates.

The Matt Forney Difference

My consulting business is built on a simple principle: my time is valuable, but so is your money. Countless people email me every day with questions on everything from freelance writing to girls to hitchhiking. I can’t justify spending so much time answering emails when it takes away from time I need to make a living. At the same time, I’m not going to bill you for two hours when your question can be answered in five minutes, nor will I charge you for advice on topics I’m not qualified to talk about.

As a result, not only do I charge less than traditional consultants—only $60 an hour—I give out better advice as well. The vast majority of my consultations cost $15 or less. Additionally, if I don’t have the knowledge to help you out, I won’t charge you anything. I’m not going to give out bad advice just to get money out of someone. I also won’t charge you if I’ve already published the answers you seek in an older blog post or book.

How it Works

You can consult with me via email.

To email me, see the instructions and contact form below.

Email Instructions

  1. Fill out the form at the end of this page or email me at therealmattforney [at] gmail [dot] com describing your question or problem. Provide all the information you think I need to help you out, but be succinct. If your email is too long, I will bill you for the time I have to spend reading it.
  2. I will reply back telling you whether I can help you or not and how much it will cost.
  3. When you receive my invoice, pay it ASAP.
  4. After I receive payment, I will answer your questions.
  5. Depending on how complex your question is, I may bill you for follow-up questions. Follow-ups are billed at a 10 percent discount (i.e. if I have to bill you for ten minutes, I’ll only charge you $9).
  6. Please note that I cannot charge you for official legal, financial or psychological advice. I can give you my opinion, but if you need official advice in these topics, seek out a licensed professional instead.
  7. If you would like me to answer your question in a video, let me know. Video requests are 50 percent extra.

That’s it. If you need advice on freelance writing, dealing with your girlfriend, or any topic where you feel I could help you out, just hire me for a consultation and gain some valuable insight on your life.