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Cracking OKCupid by Kyle from This is Trouble

Cracking OKCupid is part of a trend in ‘sphere writing that I wholeheartedly welcome: books that focus on a singular aspect or site as opposed to an entire topic.

I’ve reviewed tons of self-help books on my blog, mainly because people send them to me for free and because I’m dedicated to reviewing every book that people send me, even if I really don’t have much to say about it. But reading dozens of books on the same subject gets old really quickly, particularly when they’re written as generally as possible. I can’t really pan them because the books do have useful info that I’ve tried out for myself, but how passionate can I be expected to be over this stuff?

Cracking OKCupid, on the other hand, is the kind of title that actually piques my interest.

Akin to The Tinder Template, Cracking OKCupid’s greatest strength is that it focuses exclusively on just one site, fully exploring its features and peccadilloes. As a result, I wholeheartedly recommend it for any man interested in using OKCupid to get laid. Indeed, Cracking OKCupid actually convinced me it was still possible to get laid via the site; I figured that Tinder had taken a big bite out of that market.

Cracking OKCupid is a helpful book primarily because it’s insanely detailed. While only a shade over a hundred pages, Kyle’s guide is stuffed with factoids about every aspect of OKCupid, from creating your profile to going on actual dates:

Therefore, if you clearly state on your profile that you are seeking a non-­monogamous or open relationship, it will make potential girls look bad in the eyes of others. Don’t underestimate how often her friends will have scanned every inch of your profile prior to her meeting you. After implementing the lessons learned in this book, you will be able to set up a date for every single day of the week if you wish, but most women are going to be more selective. They will want their friend’s feedback on the matter, and this section could be a potential blemish on your resume. All it takes is one friend calling you a “non-­monogamous pig” and your chances of a date are gone.

Kyle explores virtually every part of OKCupid, offering up advice such as fibbing a little when it comes to height or income (please, it’s not like girls don’t do it too) and trying to get girls off the site (and on dates) as soon as possible. While some of his tips are standard stuff (such as the latter bit, which I used to great effect in the Philippines), there’s enough original content—and advice tailored specifically to using OKCupid—to make Cracking OKCupid worthwhile:

Another message I like to drop in the middle is one of the openers I’ve already mentioned. You’ll notice that many of my openers can also be utilized as standalone conversation pieces. You can use one as an opener and then a different opener for a filler message. The best thing you can do is to document all of these in your template and copy/paste them into your conversations, mixing them together as you exchange messages with cuties.

Overall, I highly recommend Cracking OKCupid if you’re looking for good, actionable advice on using the site.

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