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How to Crush a Girl’s Self-Esteem


I’ve established in the past that high self-esteem in a girl is as attractive to men as a hidden penis. All else being equal, any man with a sack will choose an insecure girl who lives to please him over a Strong, Independent Woman™ every time. But because of you-go-grrl propaganda encouraging girls to behave like ersatz men, few if any women can admit their desire to submit to the whims of a man.

How do you smash through the veneer of confidence that girls possess?

Merely banging a girl isn’t enough for a man: he needs to possess her very being to be satisfied. All girls have an innate desire to sign themselves over to a man’s dominion, and if you know how to play her emotions, you can be that man. If you’re in a relationship with a girl, this is how you can crush her self-image and own her mind, body and soul.

1. Constantly make her feel inadequate.

You should rarely give her unqualified praise. Every time she does something for you, find out what she did wrong and remind her of it. If you can’t find any problems, make some up. For example, if she makes English muffins for you, point out that she burned them just a tad too much or didn’t let the butter melt quite long enough. If you’re worried about her getting fat, make an innocuous comment about how she’s getting “hefty” or “big.”

Nothing she does can ever be good enough for you.

When you’re chastising her, it’s paramount that you not sound angry or whiny. If you insult or complain to her, you’ll provoke a defensive reaction and she will resist you. Instead, you should always sound calm and collected, like you’re talking about the weather. Denigrating her in a neutral-but-firm fashion will trip her submissiveness circuitry, making her think about how she can better serve you. And every time she reaches the goalposts, you move them, forcing her to play an eternal game of catch-up.

This technique works even better if you can identify your girl’s Achilles’ heel and hammer away at it. For example, one of my exes was a former fat girl who had slimmed down just prior to me meeting her, giving her a massive complex about gaining weight. One day, we were walking to a diner for lunch when this happened:

GF: I think I’m gonna have the Big-Ass Burger.

Matt: You sure about that? Think you’re getting a little thick around the middle.

(Matt pokes GF in the tummy.)

GF (angry): DON’T DO THAT!

Matt: Oh c’mon, at least you’ll be warm in the winter.

End result: she ordered a salad and a glass of water. Fat shaming works!

Additionally, you should criticize your girl for everything, no matter how minor. Julian O’Dea pioneered the idea of applying the “broken windows” theory of crime to managing your girl. The concept is that if you criticize girls for minor mistakes, they’ll be less likely to commit major ones, as their mental energy is expended on dealing with your every complaint. For example, if you constantly critique the way she dresses, you won’t be arguing with her over whether she should get a tattoo or nose piercing to express her “individuality.”

Take this idea and run with it. Every time you find fault with your girl—even if it’s something you really don’t care about—hammer her on it. If she doesn’t reply to your texts quickly enough, chastise her. If she doesn’t make dinner the exact way you like it, chastise her. Hold her to a high standard and keep pushing it higher, ensuring she can never meet it… though it won’t stop her from trying.

2. Dominate her physically and sexually.

Repeatedly violate her boundaries in small, petty ways, small enough that she’ll feel petty for complaining to you. For example, if you’re into anal sex and she’s not thrilled about it, the next time you take her from behind, stick your finger into her asshole. If she doesn’t like facials, cum in her hair instead. Lightly clasp your hand around her throat during sex like you’re going to choke her. (Do not actually choke her. That is dangerous.) Smack her on the behind when you’re out in public. The possibilities are endless.

The message you want to send her is simple: it’s not her body anymore.

Most girls want you to dominate them anyway, but the rationalization hamster and their conscious minds prevent them from articulating this desire. This is the broken windows theory at play: if she lets you get away with minor violations of her boundaries, she’ll accede to your bigger demands later on, letting you mold her into the perfect plaything. If she doesn’t violently resist getting her anus fingered, a little more pressure and you’ll be full-on sodomizing her, grinning as she whimpers between each thrust. Never ask her for anything, because asking is begging, and begging is contemptible.

3. Isolate her from her friends and family.

You need to be the primary emotional influence in her life, and you can’t do that if she’s leaning on anyone else for support. Gradually wean her from contact with anyone other than you. The easiest way to do this is to get to know her friends and family, scan them for character flaws, and then plant seeds of doubt in her mind. For example, if her mother is divorced:

“Man, it’s sad that your parents aren’t still together. Do you think misery loves company?”

Or if she has a friend who is known for being unable to maintain a relationship:

“Chelsea’s gone through three boyfriends in the past year. You think she’ll ever find a man?”

Like with point one, you want to frame your comments in a firm-but-neutral manner. If she suspects you’re attacking her loved ones, she will instinctively side with them. You want her to sever ties with them of her own volition by making her think that her friends and family are untrustworthy and trying to sabotage her chances at happiness… with you.

On this same token, you should limit her use of Facebook and other social media if possible, as well as limit the amount of time she spends with anyone other than you (work/school excluded). Any avenue through which she can gain affirmation from someone other than you is one you want to choke off. Not only will this increase her emotional dependence on you, it will make her more willing to please you; she’ll be less likely to wreck the relationship if she knows she’ll be all alone if it goes south.

4. Reward her at random intervals.

If you’re all stick and no carrot, eventually even the most desperate female will shove off. As a result, you need to pat her on the head and tell her she’s been a good girl every so often.

But you can’t reward her for specific things; you have to be completely random with your praise.

Ever wonder why slot machines are so addictive? It’s because of pareidolia, the human tendency to try and divine patterns where none exist. Casinos take advantage of this by rigging their slot machines to pay out at random intervals, tricking people into trying to discern a winning strategy when there isn’t one.

This is how you should treat your girl. If you reward her every time she does good, she’ll see the pattern and use it to manipulate you. But if you reward her at random, her little hamster brain will run itself ragged trying to figure out your endgame. You want her to keep pulling the lever, praying for a payout and occasionally giving it to her, not letting her notice all the effort she’s burned in getting it.

5. Give her an emotional release.

Emotions are to girls as semen is to men, and if girls can’t release them, they get the psychological equivalent of blue balls. In the absence of masculine discipline, your girl will vent her emotions in unhealthy ways (starting arguments with you, taking antidepressants, whining on her Tumblr), so you need to bring the firm palm of authority down on her rear-end sooner rather than later.

One solution that seems to work for a lot of couples is Domestic Discipline, where the girl is spanked every time she acts up or in some cases just because. Christian Domestic Discipline fuses this idea with Biblical marriage. By spanking a girl until she starts crying and sobbing, you give her an emotional release, turning her into a soppy puddle of goo and making her more inclined to serve you. As a friend of mine put it, all girls crave spankings; it’s their way of making up for Eve’s sin.

6. Fuck her like it’s your last day on Earth.

This is the glue holding all the other points together. You absolutely must have good cocksmanship if you want to ruin a girl’s self-esteem. Girls are enslaved to their vaginas as much as men are to their penises, arguably more so because their overconfidence makes them more likely to make mistakes. Girls will do anything for a man who can fuck them good: flee the country to be with him, lie for him, and in extreme cases kill for him.

If you don’t believe this, it’s because you’ve never inspired that level of passion in a girl.

If you haven’t already, brush up on your bedroom technique. Your dick is heroin, she’s the junkie and you’re the dealer. Tiresias’ wisdom—that girls experience nine parts of sexual pleasure for every one part that men receive—is what makes this arrangement possible. If you can make her cum on a regular basis, she’ll side with you over her parents, her friends, everyone.

Additionally, don’t make her cum every time you have sex. Think like a dealer: you give the customer the pure stuff when you want to get them hooked, and when they’re addicted, you sell them shit that’s been cut with rat poison to increase your bottom line. Like with point four, rationing out her orgasms at random will keep her on her toes trying to satisfy you.

A girl without a man is like a flower without sunlight. Without a guiding masculine hand, she will shrivel and die. Encouraging girls to have high self-esteem to find fulfillment is like encouraging kids to get protein by eating fast food: a poor substitute for the real thing.

Deep inside, every girl is screaming for a man to put her in her place.

I hope my advice helps men across the world bring their wives and girlfriends to heel. And the best part of all this? When your girl submits, she’ll be doing it of her own free will… or at least she’ll think she is.

Good tidings to you.

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  • TedWest


  • Pen

    When you said you upgraded your server, I knew something was coming !

  • I want this man’s cock so bad.

    [CensorBot sez: Not freely offered.]

  • Matt Forney, you are a hero to all Men and all Women the entire world over, although especially in the West.

  • Jim

    Actually, these so=called “Strong, Independent Woman” are actually very insecure. That’s why they have such a huge chip on their shoulder. You need to find a girl whose happy being one not a girl who wants to be a man.

  • I actually liked your first article on female self-esteem–but this one, if it’s actually meant to be serious and not satirical, is just too flawed.

    Criticize every little thing she does? That’s nitpicking and nagging, which is a girly trait. It makes more sense for a man to be HONEST. Don’t ovepraise her and tell her “this is the best sandwich anyone has ever made for me!”, but also don’t nag her because she cut it into rectangles instead of triangles.

  • BB753

    This ties in beautifully with your most insightful piece ever: The Necessity of Domestic Violence.

  • BB753: I no longer agree with that article fully (mainly, I don’t think men should hit women, though I still have no sympathy for women who get hit; most of ’em had it coming), but point taken.

  • Blaster

    All else being equal, any man with a sack will choose an insecure girl who lives to please him over a Strong, Independent Woman™ every time.

    All else being equal I prefer a confident girl secure in her desire to please me. Although self-esteem by itself is neutral as a sexual attractor, real self-esteem (not the inflated kind implied by “strong independent woman) is positive as a relationship factor.

  • Very interesting post. I imagine it will be very controversial too.

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  • baguazhang

    I don’t mind self esteem as long as it’s put to good cause. As in, not being a left wing shitweasel whining about hurt feelings all day.

  • oh my god

    This is like… abuse…. this is a fucking guide on how to abuse your girlfriend and turn her into a quivering, broken mess. I mean, if that’s what you want…. then you are an asshole, my friend.

  • nice guys finish last

    Yeah because “fuck her like it’s your last day on Earth” is abuse.

  • Julian O’Dea

    Anything which promotes a man having any power in his relationship with a woman gets called “abuse”.

  • Warrior_Savant

    The best part about this post is the unspoken truth it speaks. The taboo nobody would publicly admit to, but deep down knowingly enjoys it exists.
    Every girl reading this would vehemently shake her head NO, but her inner girl is nodding and licking her lips…

    Well done sir. Specifically, “Never ask her for anything, because asking is begging, and begging is contemptible.”

    That’s abuse!!
    Just like lifting weights is abuse on your muscles right?
    On the contrary m’am, it’s just training. Things must be broken down, to be built back up.

  • Great article.

    The only notion I disagree with is that being a submissive, feminine woman is equivalent to having low self-esteem.

    Quite the opposite, it’s the mannish, career-driven feminists who have no fundamental sense of their worth as women, which is why they seek to fill the void with pursuits and ideologies.

  • LL

    #3 is one of the first indicators of emotional abuse,

  • LL

    So like this?

    I am not against men having power in a relationship (I do all the housework/cooking with my bf), but the fact that you want to crush a girl’s self-esteem really sounds awful.

  • Wrong.

    Let’s look at this from an opposite point of view for a moment, shall we?

    When there’s a girl who spends time with her significant other, and ‘isolates’ him from their friends and family, hey are considered clingy, and are expected to be dropped like a hot coal. Yet, you are saying that one is supposed to isolate the girl. Double standard much? Isolating someone from everyone else other than you, shows that you are quite sick and twisted, and very full of yourself.

    Picking on every little thing, even when there are no flaws, will in fact make someone not willing to do everything that that person wishes. Finding flaws in everything is nitpicking, and makes one seem like a person who in actuality, is insecure about themselves, because they know they could never do as we’ll as the person who’s thing hey are complaining about. If a girl did that for you, saying that you didn’t fix the car properly, or fill the tires to the exact amount, you would stop doing it, and again, drop the girl.

    Hitting someone until they cry is in fact domestic abuse, no matter what you think. That’s not a loving thing, because you are hitting someone against their will. If a woman hit you repeatedly, you would leave her. That is what a girl should do if a man does that to her.

    Saying that her body doesn’t belong to her is saying that a girl isn’t a human being and is worth less than a corpse. Even dead people have bodily anotamy, and if the person did not specify what they wanted to be done to their body, nothing canbe done to them, nothing can be donated. Doing things to a girl against her will, and skating right on the line of what was said and unsaid is making her into nothing.

    Bring up your standards and go in the graveyard for a quick bang if you think that way. You’d respect the corpses more.

    Also, warrior_savant, by saying that things need to be trained before they are built back up means that you believe women need to be trained. That puts them at the same level as dogs. Before you compare it to training muscles, let me explain that you are the one training your muscles, not someone else doing it for you, against your will.

    Nice guys finish last, I also have something to say to you. ‘Fuck her like it’s your last day on Earth’ is abuse, because it isn’t for her own good, it’s only for yours. You aren’t thinking of her, it’s all for your own benefit.

    That’s wrong.

  • lifeunivers42

    Interesting article, most point seem to be pretty spot on to make her want to please you.

    But I must disagree with point 3, at least partially. You don’t want to make her leave her social support circle, unless you want to hear all her complain, she have girlfriend for that. You may want to curtain people who have a negative influence on her. I must say that since most people are the sum of the 5 people nearest them you may want to know and influence who she hangout with. Depending on the people she may become more agreeable and feminine.

    If you want to isolate her so she remain beside you, that’s a bigger tell on who you are.

    P.S. nice article there will be a lot of feminazi anger on that one. You should also post it on ROK for maximum exposure.

  • M

    Where the hell where you last summer when I actually had a girlfriend before she left me for acting like a pussy? If I had gotten an intellectual bitch slap like this she might have stuck with me!

  • nice guys finish last

    > Nice guys finish last, I also have something to say to you. ‘Fuck her like it’s your last day on Earth’ is abuse, because it isn’t for her own good, it’s only for yours. You aren’t thinking of her, it’s all for your own benefit.

    Gonna just quote that for emphasis and leave it here to speak for itself.

  • With feminists, it is all a zero-sum game.

  • Warrior_Savant

    “Every girl reading this would vehemently shake her head NO, but her inner girl is nodding and licking her lips… ”

    C’mon Wrong.
    ….You know you are sweety.

    And the muscle/woman metaphor is accurate. Your woman belongs to you, and you to she. But as a man, you train her as to what behavior will be or will not be acceptable. Just as you train a muscle to do exercises it hasn’t or couldn’t before. Just as you train a puppy that peeing in the house is unacceptable. The woman conversely commands your affection, love and protection. Sans training.

    What the hell do you think game is? And why does it work so well?

    It’s called operant conditioning. I know this objectifies women and I should care, but I have a lot to do, so yada yaday yada.

    i’m not a PUA by any means and use more of an “inner game” but Matt is talking relationship game here, and it’s solid inside baseball fyi.

  • Brz

    “Constantly make her feel inadequate”, “Isolate her from her friends and family”.

    Oh yes, of course, I’m pretty sure one can transform another person into its personal little pet by isolating him and destroying in him every notions of self esteem. There’s a lot of evidences out there suggesting that one can do it pretty easily on various types of people : rich, poor, men, women,…, as long as the target already has a low self esteem, if you pick them at the right moment, when they’re week, when they seek punishment, with a little patience, you can transform them into whatever you want. How do you think so many normal people can found themselves trapped in cults, huh?

    Once you’ve successfully ruined the self confidence of the object, completely isolated her, made her feel inadequate and slave to your approval, you can even start beating the shit out of her, for no reasons, when you’re angry, when you need to gain some cheap confidence boost or just to get your dick hard. She’ll stay anyway, she thinks she deserves it.

    After you managed to find your submissive little slave, you’d maybe want to know what it means to be a guy who need to make his partner feel inadequate and isolate her from her friends and family in order to control her and make his dick hard.

    Well, as for me, the first word which comes to my mind when I think about a man who needs to abuse a woman to have a boner isn’t “alpha” but it’s probably because I’m a beta white knight who manages in all his betattitude to have an erection in front of a woman who doesn’t feel like shit.

  • Mira

    This is fucking disgusting, no wonder the one example you give I’d a relationship is with an EX no woman in their right mind would touch you with a barge pole. You’re the kind of extremist religious conservative bastard that keeps the world stuck in the past. Take your head out of the sand and look at reality. Woman are psychologically equal to men on every level. This is not an article on the faults with women but a blatant example of your own masculinity crisis. A good man is sensitive, respectful, empathetic and honest- as is a good woman, we are one and the same, a fact that has long been accepted. Go back to your garden of Eden and remove your ribs so your able to suck on your own snake for the rest of your sad lonely life.

  • Travis

    “A good man is sensitive, respectful, empathetic and honest”

    I agree. He’s also a man who doesn’t get laid. He’s a man that women don’t respect. He’s a man that women take advantage of. Being a “good man” no longer holds any benefits for the man. In today’s modern society, being a “good man” is the equivalent of being a chump.

  • Eddie

    I just shit myself.

    [CensorBot sez: Go clean up.]

  • Wrong


    Then you’ve been dating the wrong girls. Contrary to what you seem to believe, not all girls like jerks. The reason that girls date so called ‘jerks’ is because they can do things you can’t. Usually ‘nice guys’ only call themselves ‘nice guys’ and expect girls to fuck them right away.

    Newsflash: We don’t work that way.

  • Carina

    I want this man in my mouth.

    [CensorBot sez: Send nudes to therealmattforney [at] gmail [dot] com.]

  • baguazhang

    “Woman are psychologically equal to men on every level.”

    I woke my girlfriend laughing at this.

  • Cobert

    And fighting out of the blue corner, from Jena…–slave_dialectic

  • aeh

    Rubbing my clit to this post.

    [CensorBot sez: Keep it to yerself, lady.]

  • I had a colleague. Her daughter’s husband did have all those techniques mastered on the girl, he really killed all her self-esteem. But she was a strong woman, she got out of it with all her strenght and power. What did the husband do? He killed her, cut her body in parts and hid in different places.
    My ex had right the same methods on me. Really, I was reading the article as if I was reading my life. It took me 3 years to try to get rid of him. Now I still can’t regain my self-esteem, I visit a therapist, I take antidepressants, but still can’t get back to normal.
    I hate you for writng this. Burn in hell. please, with all the maniacs who don’t know how to simply LOVE a person.

  • Alicia

    Me sexy lady. I come all the way from Russia to fornicate with strong American man, like the author of this article.

    [CensorBot sez: Do svidanya.]

  • Alicia

    Back in Russia, we have REAL men, not sissies like these American feminists.

    [CensorBot sez: Heil Putin.]

  • Alicia

    I like when CensorBot spank my ass.

    [CensorBot sez: It’s for your own good, you know.]

  • Lady

    I don’t know if you’re just trolling or you just have a really sick mind.
    In any case, people who think like you (and there are plenty, unfortunately) deserve to be hung by their balls until they fall off, then kicked up to a bloody pulp, then cut into pieces no bigger than a stamp, then burned, then dissolved in acid. For a start.
    Of course, no woman who has a minimum of sanity would touch you with anything that is not a heavy iron bar.

  • TedWest

    wow “Lady” sure knows a thing or two about people who have a sick mind. scary.

  • Castaigne

    Hey everybody, look at what a huge pussy I am! Marvel at how I put words in peoples’ mouth to make them look bad! Tremble at how ineffectively I try to convince you that I’m actually getting laid! Truly, I am a manly man, because I reshpect women.

    [CensorBot sez: P-U-S-S-Y, you ain’t got no alibi.]

  • I was liking most of your stuff, however, after reading this I’ve decided any decent father or brother would probably kill you before allowing their relative to marry you. This is like Islam on steroids translated to the West….

    Particularly the part where you isolate them from their surroundings so they are your servant with no other social influences or interests. What is your problem? I do hope a feminazi saws off your cock, as you deserve each other.

  • M.

    We’re already well aware of these behaviours, and we already have a term for them. We call it “arousing.” It is closely related to “sexy.”

    [CensorBot sez: Correctified.]

  • Fuck her like it’s your last day on Earth(c).
    ….don’t understand…after burger’s story Matt still hoping to be laid?))

  • Emma the Emo

    Can’t figure this one out. Is there any meaning in this article beyond the straightforward “An insecure wreck of a woman is hot and good for a man, this is how you get one of your own and you should”? If there is satire, I’m missing it.

    I get that some people like this sort of thing (people looking for victimhood will find their victimizer), but this is just cruel. Do you really like THIS level insecurity?.. Some vulnerability is adorable, but this is inviting trouble into your life.

    Just so you know, a person who always expects sharp criticism soon becomes a skillful liar.

    On a positive note, at least it’s a good list of things to watch out for.

  • Infowarrior: LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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  • Jazz

    Very interesting article i have to say…though I think most of this need to developp a very dominant relatioship reeks of male insecurity, as if you cant find a middle ground between being empathic and still having her respect so you just seek to nulify her

  • Rachel

    This is some scary sociopathic level manipulation right here. So unorthodox it comes off as satire.

  • LAchlan

    Yeah, my auntie went out with a guy like you. She stabbed him nine times then left him in his own blood and piss while she made a cup of tea, then called an ambulance for him.

  • LAchlan: So your aunt is a murderous psychopath? Thanks for sharing.

  • Butt-Boy

    I wanna get buttfucked by my girlfriend.

    [CensorBot sez: There’s toys for that.]

  • John

    I recently read a story about a woman who set her abusive and rapist ex-partner on fire. Fingers crossed the author’s victims do the same to him.

  • Merbo

    I’m a virgin.

    [CensorBot sez: I can tell.]

  • Laughs

    I’m shitting my pants right now.

    [CensorBot sez: TMI.]

  • Laughs

    Ohhhhhh my God, it’s running down my legs and pants! Just one brown river of icky, icky goo!

    [CensorBot sez: Try Depends.]

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  • gilgamesh

    #3 would sounds insidious but her family is probably shit anyway.

  • Thanks for articulating my ex-husband’s method.

  • Narciso

    The problem with this article is not your advocacy of (a) going for “insecure” girls, alone, nor of (b) housebreaking techniques, alone.

    Nope, it’s your advocacy of these … together.

    Fish, barrel, etc. Where’s the challenge in dominating a girl who could be dominated by anyone with at least 4 neurons?

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  • Dave


    BUT this is only the dark side.

    Of course you want to lead her and love her and desire her.

    But the situation is dire and more dark arts are needed.

  • R.L.

    I love getting plugged in the butt with dildos.

    [CensorBot sez: You’re gay. #NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat]

  • Gayboy

    My comment was retarded, therefore you had to censor it with a middle school level gay joke because I’m not worthy of a more intelligent insult.

    [CensorBot sez: Exactly.]

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  • dan

    What a pathetic white knight I am. I will get asphyxiated by my 400-pound girlfriend soon.

    [CensorBot sez: RIP.]

  • Got No Balls

    What this boils down to is ‘I’m a fag.’ Just how bad was I bullied in highschool?

    [CensorBot sez: You deserved it.]

  • Got No Balls

    I’ve always wondered, why does CensorBot censor stupid comments? Because idiocy is a crime on CensorBot is judge, jury and executioner, and there is no higher court of appeal.

    [CensorBot sez: Justice has been served.]

  • Still Got No Balls

    The way I keep leaving retarded comments like this says volumes about my own self-esteem and the validity of my ideas. Also, I sound like a complete loser.

    [CensorBot sez: Exactly.]

  • David

    Please, are there any girls out there who will shove a buttplug in my sphincter? I’M BEGGING YOU…

    [CensorBot sez: There are girls that will do that, but they’re all fat.]

  • damn

    “The message you want to send her is simple: it’s not her body anymore.”

    Mmmm yes, please, take me!

    [CensorBot sez: u hot?]

  • John

    This is awesome. Helping men and women back into their natural roles is a great thing.

    [CensorBot sez: Right on.]

  • Mmmmm, rubbing my clit back and forth, mmmmm…

    [CensorBot sez: Keep it to yourself.]

  • anon

    Dear Matt,

    I’m your number one fan! I check your blog five times a day and I’ve read all your posts at least ten times! But this one is my favorite. The language, the forcefulness… I can almost feel you whispering in my ear at night when I go to bed. I would love nothing more than to meet you in person.



    [CensorBot sez: Your dedication is admirable.]

  • Annabel

    From the title to the last line, this article is sexy. I actually couldn’t tell if this was a joke or not because it is hard to believe that this masculinity exists in the 21st century. I felt aroused reading it, to think that women can still find men like this and that you are promoting these beliefs. It is people like you who are making society a better place. Please make love to me.

    [CensorBot sez: We shall consider it.]

  • Abott

    I really, really, really want to taste this man.

    [CensorBot sez: That can be arranged…]

  • John

    I like inserting pen caps in my dick.

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  • I like getting banged in the ass.

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  • Please make love to me.

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  • Fuck You

    As one bro to another. Your a bit stupid, at least it keeps you happy all year. Should I follow the rest of your guide and destroy your self esteem. You cock munching ass licking dumb stupid piece of shit. You, you sir are the absolute laughingstock of the absent minded. People in comas have more sense than you.

  • Notmy Name

    If you have to emotionally abuse a girl in order to get her to stay with you, you really should re-think your relationship. I bet at least a third of people who read this will get ladies who aren’t that down with being treated like shit and will start hitting them to keep them in line. Source: my ex boyfriend put me in the hospital for a week because I wouldn’t put up with this kind of shit anymore. Just putting it out there that yes there are, in fact, girls who are into this, but don’t think it’ll work on all of them. They need genuine love too. Be careful or you might end up seriously screwed with a reputation that won’t come clean.

  • #yousalty XD

    I’m ‘tarded.

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  • Rick Eta

    I’m gay.

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  • Xoxoyouareadick

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  • Never Got a Good Deep Dicking

    Oh god, I’m sick of these carpet-munching dykes! I need a REAL man!

    [CensorBot sez: Grow out your hair and we’ll talk.]

  • Hutchy117

    I am gay.

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  • noneofyourbusiness

    Oooh, yes, mmmmm, oh, oh, OH! Yeah… this post was great.

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  • Phaedra

    Hmmmm, yes, right there…

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  • Dylan

    I’m inadequate in all aspects of life. Particularly the penis department.

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  • Jack

    I’ve never gotten laid.

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  • Ngawai

    Mmm, yes, I’ve been looking for a man like this.

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  • Princeton2012

    Fact: I have never had an orgasm, no one would fall for my feminist rhetoric.

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  • Stu

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  • Princeton2012

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  • Princeton2012

    Who said I was a feminist? My constant whining gives it away.

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  • Princeton2012

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  • Evangeline

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  • jake321

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  • jake321

    HAHAHAHA google me if you want a laugh, no wonder I’m gay

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  • jake321


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  • Stacy

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  • Sophie

    It’s awesome men like you that are helping the human race progress.

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  • Elle

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  • chivalryaintdead

    What happened to treating your woman like she is the most precious thing in your lift, yet having the will power to put your foot down when its needed. Women have the same ability to put their foot down in a relationship as men do, and in a truly loving relationship each person have equal standing and equally heard voice. Clearly if you need to employ sure tactics in order to keep your woman, you clearly are not in a relationship that works or one that is based on true love and commitment for each other. Enough said on that

    All I want to say to the feminists is that the world was a nicer place before the feminists tried to kill chivalry thinking its a man demeaning a woman when in fact its a man just being a nice man, he is being polite and courteous towards you not stating that you are emotionally or physically beneath him. There are things that men can do to a higher degree of success than women can do, using the law of averages as a guide, and mostly that lies in the physicality of the task, as men are genetically more physically able. Now I am not saying woman are weak, by no means are they I am just stating scientific fact that the average man is stronger physically than the average woman. So when a man next tries to help you with something, holds a door open,or offers to carry that 25kg bag of dog food to your car, don’t automatically rip his head off for apparently putting you down and trying to undermine you are a human, try thinking that 9 times out of 10, those guys were brought up not dragged up and were taught to respect a woman and treat them accordingly, cos if I’m honest, if every guy started letting doors go and watching every woman struggle without helping what so ever, well lets just say the none feminists would be asking where all the “real” men went.

  • Jay

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  • ASDF

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  • kengla

    As a girl in a steady relationship, who has seen her Mum treated like this, I can tell you from experience that a relationship like that ends in a painful divorce/break up and months of struggle for the female to get enough self-esteem up just to get by day-to-day. If my boyfriend treated me like this i would be out the door in a flash. Men, if you want a fuck, go to a club, if you want a relationship, find a balance, treat a girl with respect, acknowledge and accept her flaws, loving her because of them and she will pay you the same respect,

  • Riley

    If you can’t tell this is sarcastic and cynical then you need some serious educating.

  • liv

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  • Pepper

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  • Emma

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  • jenniferalice123

    Sounds exactly like my sexy ex. Worst thing I ever did was break up with him.

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  • Nero

    People need to recognize this is (might I add perfectly executed) relationship advice for pretty much all people (read: traditional sex roles). This is real and nobody who isn’t a sniveling feminized faggot thinks this is a bad thing.

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  • Trystan

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  • Trystan

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  • chris

    I want to kill myself upon reading this article.

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  • Buzz

    I would marry my daughter to any man who acted like this.

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  • Lil’ Kitten Girl

    Sounds like every relationship I’ve been in.

  • AM

    Most of the gender issues things on this website I love. But this one is a bit much. Although I love the slot machine part.

  • Mystery Girl

    Interesting, well you’ve obviously haven’t met your match yet and have been feeding your low self esteem on insecure girls. What if, for example those sexual mannerisms didn’t lower her self esteem? What if she enjoys that kind of sex and has a deep wild side to her character that she cannot fully understand herself? She intelligent, gorgeous and cool and love the dark side as well as the light side if life. She’s not a slut or desperate, she’s just calm, positive and independent… So what if you met a girl that become more empowered but your techniques to disempower? This isn’t a feministresponse but a question, because in my opinion a girl like that would have you running after her for the rest of your life.

  • JustUs4Awe

    You have some serious mental issues and are a mentally abusive
    manchild. You don’t want a relationship with a woman, you want a girl
    you can dominate and abuse.

  • wow, youre sexist.

    Can u not

  • Huffnágel Pista

    I translated/adapted this awasome masterpiece into Hungarian on my blog with a huge success. It works well on other languages.
    Thank you, Matt! :D

  • pukus

    This guy obviously has issues — it’s possible he posted this just to get people to insult him, which he gets off on. Will likely end up on the business end of his cell-mate.

  • amir Timur

    I just realized I do all of this naturally. Even separated from MY parents cos my mom would be a bad influence on the girl…

  • Titan000

    This is actually quite brilliant. Now switch the sexes around to see what he really means.

  • Titan000

    If a wife did this is her husband permitted to kill her?

  • Titan000

    Such a violent mind you have.

  • Titan000

    Flip the sexes around and see his point.

  • Titan000

    Flip the sexes around.

  • Titan000

    Why is it then that BDSM exists unless there is exists a desire in women wanting to submit to a powerful man?

  • Titan000

    Being nice gets men shit on. Doing things like this works. Hence why such things are advocated.

  • Jeffrey Robinson

    Given that the only attention he gets from women are obviously uninteresting bottom feeders that he’s convinced his own ego starved insecurities he dominated, he seeks to advertise his sociopathic tendencies on the internet to feel “infamous.” He is as uninteresting as his crippled prey.

    This guy wouldn’t know self worth in others from a hole in the ground, as his own high esteem of his persona non grata is counterfeit.

    In other words, yawn.

  • Jeffrey Robinson

    says Nero in his completely uneducated and illiterate white trash parasitical point of view.

    A feminized faggot would have your weak mind for lunch, little girl. Go back to your lollipop as you obviously didn’t get enough of your mama’s whore tit. .

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  • Corrina

    I feel bad for you, Matt. You must realize you’re an ugly, repulsive shitbag if you feel that you must ruin a woman’s self-esteem in order to make her stay with you. That says a lot about you, not just that you’re an abuser, but that you’re a worthless person that nobody with taste or standards wants to be around.
    You are the very definition of a loser.

  • Corrina

    Joe Shitlicker, er, kicker, you are a loser. That’s why you need to beat women down: you can’t keep a woman on your own merit. :-)

  • Corrina

    Heather, you could probably floss with Matt’s pecker. :-)

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  • alif

    what’s wrong with you??

  • Melora Brands

    This is an interesting article. My little hamster brain finally understands that there was actually a hidden agenda behind the hidden agenda of how a psycho ex treated me. However there are some flaws in this method. By taking away the control a woman has on her body you will kill her libido. I started to hate sex because it was a chore and it hurted. I still have hardly any sex drive because sex reminds me of being violated over and over again and having painful genitalia. Also the loyalty part has some flaws. I was loyal for years but my will to live had declined. The methods of giving me an emotional outlet began to backfire. I almost became suicidal. But in preparing to fling myself in front of a car or train I found the last little spark of hope that he hadn’t killed off. That was when I left and never came back.
    This as been more than 10 years ago but I still almost make my therapists cry with the awful state I’m in.
    I am pretty sure that psycho ex would hate your site. He pretends to be a feminist and seeks out girls with low self esteem to “help” them and “emancipate” them. He makes therapists, psychologists and morticians rich with all the victims he makes.

  • AM

    Want to meet up?

  • Anon

    Jesus Christ, Matt. What the hell is this? Your stuff on RoK is usually okay, but this is beyond the pale. You’re trolling, right?

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  • jack

    girls deserve to be treated like this girls should bow down to men

  • Pingback: 5 Reasons Why Girls With Mental Disorders Should Be ShunnedThey are unworthy of your love | MGTOW 2.0()

  • Ross

    @Rachel: WOMEN do this on the DAILY! :P “Gone Girl” chronicled this behavior and shared it with the masses! o.O

  • Ross

    Yup, this article is BRILLIANT! ‘Cause all you gotta do is change the sexes and you see this happening ALL the time to MEN! BRILLIANT! “Rationing out orgasms” MEt me plenty of guys who were married for 10-12 years and had sex once a year! o.O ONCE A YEAR!!! o.O Isolate from friends and family? Yup! Women do this to men on the DAILY! Especially when they are married! BRILLIANT ARTICLE! Folks won’t stand it if it’s done to a woman, yet ignore it when it’s currently done to a man!

  • Ross

    @John: Reverse the sexes. Women do this sh*t daily! Ration orgasms? How many men you met who’ve been marreid for years and only have sex once every few months…or even once a year! How many men you know who have to get permission from the wife to hang out with their male friends? Women isolate a man from friends and family.

  • fmf

    babes, it’s not true, please love yourself more than believing this is true. some people like submission, but if that’s not an explicit decision than this is abuse.

  • fmf

    this manipulation is terribly harmful and if you have a girlfriend for any length of time then you are killing her on the inside. plz do not do this.

  • darren

    haha so funny, I have one question, are you single?

  • anayahussain

    I am a Muslim and I am sorry. But what you just said it wrong. Why are you comparing this, this bullshit to some religion when you know next to nothing about it?
    Do I want to kill you over it? NO. Do I want to hurt you over expressing your views about my religion? NO. But I get to express my opinion too. So here it is, you’re an ignorant ass. Partially ignorant ass because what you said about the article is true.

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  • AMO

    Not if you find a woman that has her own life, isn’t insecure and won’t fall for any of the bull**** in above said article.

  • AMO

    This truly is a scary read; a narcissistic sociopath’s experiment/practice before escalating to charmingly luring woman into a dark place with intent to mutilate and kill her.
    Although, unfortunately, this strategy would work on many an unfortunate girls: it has to be said, what happened to you in life and childhood that turned you into such a monster? Most people don’t feel so desperately inadequate to have to resort to tearing down someone else for control just because they can’t handle how they themselves really feel. It’s sick and you might want to seek psychological counsel.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Project much?

  • Dirk Diggler

    You seem to know a lot about feminized faggots. Just sayin’…

  • Savanna

    A psychologically healthy woman will get out of your life as soon as she notices the first red flags. No woman wants to be treated like shit. The ones who tolerate such behaviour normally have experienced abuse before, for example been raped by an uncle, father or whomsoever. Being together with a man like you deprives them from any opportunity to heal and to become content and happy at last, you fucking vampire! Men like you suck all the hope and potential for healing, which has been left after maybe years of disappointments and abuse, out of a woman.
    But one day Karma will hit back. Or God will do that job. Whatever you believe or not believe in, Matt, you are headed for disaster. Change your ways and stop driving psychologically damaged women to suicidal thoughts or even acts. Stop killing a woman’s hope, her zest for life and the little happiness which might have been left in her broken heart. Stop being a vampire, sucking the blood or even life out of others. Get strong enough, so that you don’t have to lean on a “weak” woman any more, who might kill herself as a consequence of your abuse.

  • Ross

    Way over your head, dear. Way over your head.

  • Dave Clarke

    Are you actually a moron? Gone Girl was an extreme story about an
    extremely psychopathic female’s mind game – as Rachel describes above; a sociopathic level of manipulation. You don’t know ANYONE who has ever done what the woman in Gone Girl did. “Women do this daily?” You utter balding merkin.

  • Dave Clarke

    Great article – if “how to get dumped by your woman” is the end goal.

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  • roxtoto

    love i love that guy… mostly because of the reactions he stirs and the quality of the people he triggers.
    Every article I read of his is a major trolling act and yet it never fails to fish its boatload of morons who take it at face value. Good going, Matt.

  • roxtoto

    > treat a girl with respect, acknowledge and accept her flaws, loving her because of them and she will pay you the same respect,

    What you fail to understand is that we all tried that and YOU women taught us that only brutish douchebaggery works on YOU. What you say is irrelevant, what matters is what you do and it contradicts the former. So just STFU and GTFB to the kitchen, darling.

  • roxtoto

    So that abusive ex made you lose your ability to discern second degree speech? As in you dont even suspect that Forney might be trolling you on purpose? So you’re making him right by evidencing that women cant take distance from their surface feelings?

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  • Tim

    Great article!
    I’m surprised feminist empowered women haven’t tore this shit apart. But some very solid facts in there! Well said mate, cheers. :)

  • xxcsxx

    This is terrible!! Why would you want to treat someone like that?? Have you really been treated so portly in the past by women that this is the only way you think you can get them to like you?? That’s really sad. You lost me at #1…what woman has the energy for this?! Trying to please the implacable will eventually suck the life out of any woman, even one with low self-esteem, and eventually she’ll get so tired of jumping through hoops that she’ll leave.

  • Ellie Ore

    I don’t want to admit this, but you are right. I have this really smart friend(male) at school that always tease other girls and never gave them much respect. However he had the most female friends and the girls always like to stick around him. I’m quite jealous to be honest. If you, Matt, see this comment, can you please write a post on how to become someone like him? Thank you and sorry if I made lots of grammar mistakes, English is not my native language. BTW this is not my account, I’m a guy.

  • TAp

    Matt Forney: How to be an abusive ahole and pretend it’s just sage advise.

  • Audi Nugraha

    Your post is amazing, Matt Forney.

    The funny thing is that, in my experience, most men who did this to his women are men who took full responsibilities in his life, while the others plays the blame game.

  • JC

    In some cultures, such as Russian, women are more honest about looking for a strong man to dominate them. In the USA, women are constantly fed this feminist poison that make them eternally unhappy. A happy woman is one who serves her man.

    Seriously, girls, are you really attracted to weak wussies who call themselves men? Don’t think so.

  • AutomaticSlim

    This is the opposite of everything I have every been taught.
    And none of that crap has ever worked.
    I am thinking that Matt Forney is a genius.
    I wish my father could have been intelligent and useful enough to teach me stuff like this when I was a teenager.

  • Amateur Sociopath

    I have broken her down, dominated her sexually, and am maintaining her alienation from friends and family. How do I get her to give up the money? Her ex husbands were lesser beings than me, but built her guard up against gold digging. Advice is appreciated.

  • AnnPelham

    Interesting fantasies you have…

  • DDDDDuane

    Doing this shit would take a lot of energy and vigilance to the point that the hypothetical end result isn’t worth it…If you’re planning on keeping the girl she’ll eventually see patterns and start to fuck someone else in retribution if she gets a chance….I’d rather just be straightforward dominant or get NO bush….

  • DDDDDuane

    Most woman would enjoy this treatment for a SHORT TIME ….Then even the DUMBEST Dingbat would wake up after a few months…..

  • prolibertate

    You must be one of those Muslims who don’t really know their religion. Such Muslims can be quite good people. It’s when they start reading the Quran and the Hadiths that they get fucked in the brain, like the author of this article.

    Because he is really just like Mohammed, who was a sex-obsessed pedophile rapist. According to those documents!

    Take the claim that “men are superior to women”, in the Quran (you know the verse!), that they depend on men for their material support (tell that to women CEOs or presidents…) or that women should only inherit half of what men get and that a man can marry 4 wives. They are also supposed to be so feeble-minded that they need another woman to support them in court.

    And of course women can be taken as slaves – like loot – and be fucked however the rapist slave owner decides. In the Hadiths, Mohammed hands out girls to his companions as if they were no more than toys.

    Mohammed also says that women are “like a field that you go into whenever you please”, even if she is cooking. In other words, the woman doesn’t get to decide anything.

    And yes, Mohammed says that men can beat up women.

    You also know that Mohammed raping Aisha at age 9 is the reason why so many Muslim countries allow child marriages (Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia etc.)

    How was he any different from the psychopath who wrote this?

    Yes, I can give you all the references, if you want to play that game.

  • KB

    You’re beta….

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  • Paul Cooper

    You are a genuine piece of shit. The only true relationship is one based on love and mutual respect. I’m sorry I have to be in a world with a worthless fuck like you exist.

  • – TheFinn –

    That’s a nice textbook idea of what BDSM is… but the reality isn’t “consensual” it’s a “life choice” – a commitment to yourself as much as your partner. You want to be someone’s slave, that is what you become.

    You’re describing the 50 shades of light BDSM for suburban housewives.

  • – TheFinn –

    Totally agree. Become Chad, every girl loves chad, “nice guys finish last” isn’t one of the most well known sayings in the world for no reason.

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  • Ms. Lynn

    Awe. I feel sorry For you. You’ve never been in love. In order to do so, one has to understand what love is and in order to do that, one has to be willing to see past the tip of his cock and actually
    Give a crap about someone other than themselves. You say you “tried” but did you really? Or did you simply appease her in order to get your way and then get pissed off when she didn’t fit the image of how a woman “should” be in your mind? Let me give you a tip. The more you give into a woman, the happier she’ll be. The happier she is, the more she’ll want to please you. I’ve been in both kind of relationships. I’m what you might refer to as a “switch”. But mostly, I’m in charge. I get spanked or flogged or whipped on my terms when I feel it’s necessary and you really have no say in the matter. Every
    Moment, every experience, yes, every breath spent with me is a gift and you will love every single minute. Of that I will make sure. As long as I’m happy. But the minute you become a sadistic selfish
    Stubborn thoughtless asshole is the same minute I make
    Your life a living hell. If you’re good, and you listen, I’ll have you cumming so hard and so often you won’t be able to think of anything else. I love pleasing you because you love pleasing me. It’s that simple. Now why in the world would you be stupid enough to try anything else? Smooches. ?

  • Madeline Forwerck

    You do realize you’ve just described a textbook abusive relationship… right?

  • theno1katzman

    Why do you allow comments below? You know the whiners and the feminazis are going to come on here and try to spew hatred, infiltrate and divide? Should have not have any comment section, if I was you, I would delete this comment section, it’s like you have an open forum for everyone to come into your house and speak whatever they want. A real man would never open his house to anyone to speak whatever they want. There are rules they must follow but I see tons of really messed up bisexual and homosexuals here. The homosexuality is a mental illness and it’s only valid in a world of invitro fertilization and spermbanks, surrogate parents, and really fucked up science. The world would be better off if we went dark wth no technology and forced to live like we did before the industrial revolution where men and women knew their roles and they had to survive. No you don’t NEED your IPhone. So I hope you Matt reads this and copies this comment into his blog and then shuts his comments off period.

  • Anastasia De Fronce

    Sweetheart have you done anything to deserve respect?
    Don’t ask for something if you don’t deserve it.

  • Anastasia De Fronce

    Kids PER-LEASE.
    Some girls need ish like this, some don’t.
    Here’s how it works:
    If a girl is confident in her external life, she is most likely to really really want submission when she’s with someone she trusts.
    If a girl is hella insecure in her external life, chances are she wants control when she’s in a situation with her trusted one.

  • Anastasia De Fronce

    Also hon, a lot of men love bdsm. You just don’t see it much because the porn industry is leaned towards men and their requirements/needs.

  • Titan000

    Yeah. Those men have no business calling themselves men.

  • Titan000

    If you are referring to the desire of some men to be dominated.

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  • Sam Touchh

    My my gf decided to break up with me instead of me making her feels it’s her loss, I tried to praised her and listed all the good traits she had to boost her “self-esteem.” Two days later she slept with someone else and I just found about 2 months later. I’ was so angry because I was being mr. nice guy and instead of her cherishing or missing me she did the opposite. Be a nice guy only to your family, friends, and your community.

  • Sam Touchh

    Let’s be objective about the author’s point of view guys. This is about woman’s psychology and nice guys usually finish last and that’s why most girls are hanging on to assholes and treat those guys like crap.

  • Anastasia De Fronce

    “This is like Islam”

    You don’t know shit about Islam. You know about 1% of muslims and their views of radicalism and world domination.
    Don’t make a generalisation just because you saw a muslim guy on TV who did something bad.

  • Anastasia De Fronce

    Ever occurred to you that a lot of translations of documents were misinterpreted/intentionally altered to create a new mentality within the minds of young Islamists?
    It’s a well-known fact that men up the hierachy switched things up to get what they wanted- ultimate control over masses and a mentality to make their own.

  • prolibertate

    I clearly know much, much more about Islam than you do.

    And your lies, I’ve heard hundreds of times!

    It’s precisely to counter such liars that I spent way too much time reading this crappy Quran and way too many sickening Hadiths.

    At this point, I know far more about Islam than ANY Muslim who wanted to debate me.

    Go ahead, try me!

  • I have to disagree with this article. I discipline my wife (with a belt), but firmly and without anger. She always knows exactly why and not for some arbitrary sin. Destroying someone’s self-esteem is just crazy making behavior. In fact most of the time I build her up. I want her to feel good about herself.

    I do occasionally spank her when she has done nothing wrong, but even there, I let her know it is just to remind her that she is my property. There is no animosity or anger involved. It helps my wife to feel safe, secure, and loved as my property.

    BTW, my wife has told me on multiple occasions that she feels disgust for men that do not discipline their wives.

  • Peter


  • Apple Peel

    Man you’re probably the worst guys ever
    Women are supposed to be loved and nurtured they’re not supposed to be ur slaves
    Treat them with love and passion and they will do the same if they’re the correct person
    Insulting and demeaning ur gf would just make her needy for attention and approval which she would get from other men more than you
    You would be pushing her away to other men
    Men who actually see her for who she is and do their best to make her feel the best about herself
    If you want a slave woman u were born in the wrong era
    You’re a douche to treat ur woman like that
    P.S im a guy and ur not one

  • DNA(splicer)

    Then why are women who are abused addicted to their husbands they never leave and always come back if they ever get the balls to leave.

    The funny thing is that women are the primary ones who manipulate men at every single corner and point in all relationship. If I hadn’t grown up with a house full of women and met crazy manipulative women I would have argued against this post but .

    I’ve met women who have been almost killed or have had their faces disfigured by their men or are beaten regularly swear unto gods name they they still love that man.

    And all the men who showed weakness were tossed aside.

    I can’t say this is absolute because nothing us absolute everything changes somewhere and somehow. However most women are submissive and I have tested this out and it actually is a real thing.

    Why do you think the nice guy thing exist because its real. Cause and effect, nothing exist without a cause or an effect.

    Men who show that they can’t be manipulated by women get all the glory while men who bend easily are worthless and are eventually resented.

    That’s why I’m not good for relationships cuz I already know how it works and know how it will end to an extent of course. Also because I’m emotionally stund a lot of emotions don’t really move me except anger. Even when I’m scared shitless it doesn’t register. But anger that’s the only emotion that actually does something to me but it is the strongest emotion out here.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Bullshit, you and every woman in earth knows this. I’ve seen men do everything for their women and all they get is hate and divorce while men who actually treat their women like the OP suggested get all the love. I know this because my dad was one of those manginas and a mega simp.

    He chose his woman over me and even wished me dead. Lol he called me trying to talk to me and I told him to think if me as if I had actually died and to never contact me again.

    I swore as a teenager to never have what happened to my dad happen to me and as a 26 year old man it hasn’t.

    Il rather walk over women than have them walk over me.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Lol if I ever become stupid enough to marry I’ll have my wife sign a contract that I get sex at least twice a month if not this will null our marriage and I’ll make sure not to tell her of my wealth and put all my money on offshore accounts or ina trust fund while I’m married so that if she ever divorces me she will get nothing.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Women are all narcissist and all about me me me. Have u heard about feminism its a female group they are all about me me me

  • DNA(splicer)

    I’m alive

  • Ross

    My point remains. Gone Girl exposed that women can ALSO be conniving, relentless and unsympathetic in their striving to fulfill their own needs! >:I Yeah, that behavior is NOT something relegated to MEN exclusively, as feminists would like to portray to the general public! That’s why the AUTHOR of “Gone Girl” was attacked by feminists! >:I And the author is a WOMAN! >:I

  • Wzystko Cokham

    Because once women “have it” they don’t know how to use it properly! Thus they GET SPANKED!

  • Wzystko Cokham

    Who the Fuck is Chad?! Is this NOW gay bdsm!?

  • Wzystko Cokham

    Oh God Dammit Lynn! HORSE SHIT! Your talking about floating on some Fag Cloud Love Scene! We’re discussing the evolution on properly placed WHIP! ZAP! ( OH MY! I get chills,). Your to fucking idealistic. We’ve already gone PAST GO! COLLECTED $200. Are now in jail! And want some servitude and respect!!! ZAP!!! CRACK! HEAR that Lynn? That is to Apply the hand of knowledge to the Seat of Understanding!!! YEAH HONEY!

  • thats it

    Love is never submissive or dominant. It is unifying
    and fulfilling and makes both partners feel important and
    valued. You can play any game you like and there will
    always be someone else to play the submissive or dominant
    part but do you really want such a life full of misery, pain and
    dependence ? Christian domestic discipline haha this reads more like
    a satire….This is apparently for men with very very low self
    confidence. As a grown up and independent man I am mostly attracted
    to self confident, independent and strong women and I would never
    waste my time with anyone who is into mind games. I guess birds of
    feather flock together. If you don’t have the balls to set boundaries
    in a sensible way and articulate your needs in a relationship in a
    constructive way you are probably too insecure and immature for a
    real relationship. Grow up man and meanwhile please just shut up!

  • lee

    If he treated you like this you deserve it, no one will crush a women self esteem for no reason!

  • lee

    Cool story lol

  • bunnySoleil

    I’ve been trying to find a deeper meaning in this article and have failed, which makes me…sad. I simply cannot articulate the awful sensation this ridiculous article brought. I honestly believed it was satire until I poked around at his other posts.

    I am a full time, 24/7 submissive. I am owned currently by my Master, and have had one previous Master. Both relationships are primarily sexual domination and submission, with other elements in place to balance and create a healthy and desired environment for each of us. Previous to this I was a switch, and have more experience dominating guys than gals using emotional and mental play (like degredation, etc).

    However, in any contract I sign I have loose guidelines that fulfill my hard limits. First and foremost, mental, emotional and physical wellness are the most important elements in my relationship. For examble, with my current Master, I have rituals which are intended to help me overcome my anxiety and depression without medication added into the mix. I have a supportive, loving Master who pressures me to pursue education and my rigorous work ethic because he knows they are major aspects to my personality. But, when I am home with him, I am at his feet. He is my HoH and I respect, worship and adore him in every way. Not because he destroyed me to bring me to crave serving him…but because this is how my brain is taught to love.

    This is not true for everyone. My mother is very concerned with my relationship because this is not the type of woman she raised. She basically raised herself, from an abusive home, and loves and cares for my father in her way – which does not include being Miss Suzy Homemaker, and it does not please daddy to see her distraught with her body. He loves confident women – and always will.

    My Master prefers me confident with my body, he wants to see me with a great sexual libido (which I am naturally graced with), and to feel accomplished with my life. And, I wish to see the same from him.

    I understand the joke most Dominant men see in the idea that submission is a gift. I honestly do. However, if a woman does not choose to be dominated, openly with her own judgement, then it is true abuse. I see Doms in the comments who claim to live by the standards listed in the article, and I truly hope you don’t have a girl/sub/slave in your possession. You are ruining the beauty of our lifestyle.

    Consentual “breaking” and abuse are totally different aspects.

    While I do not articlate “breaking,” giving or recieving in any fashion, that does not mean I am against it. Kink and needs are differeent in everyone. Making a blanket statement that all women must be dominated through isolation, denial, fat shaming, etc, is disgusting on so many levels. A Dom of this type introducing me to BDSM would have driven me a far way from D/s. I have saved a couple of submissives from abusive relationships as well. This is not okay in any way shape or form.

    And this is all coming from a woman who has no issue with being forcefully stripped, degraded into a pet headspace, put on the floor and ignored for an hour; who pleads to be tied up and beaten intensely for hours; who desires to clean and care for the home to please her Master. Keeping in mind my brain, you need to understand there are women out there who want what you want, without having to turn them into a ridiculous mess to enjoy these qualities.

    You guys are sick.

  • lady_firefly

    Well you’re just crushing her self-esteem right now with victim blaming. Please tell us, what’s the reason?

    Most sane people don’t need to crush other people. They form relationships with people they respect and they don’t hang out with people they don’t respect.

  • lady_firefly

    I agree with Chris, there are worse things than death and extreme psychological abuse is one of these things.

  • Martin Masoon

    Matt vry kewl post…so like i do this stuff and its fucking works forealz, yur like great writer i got hard reading yur shit…. yu gotta pick th right girl in my age range cuz a lot of them r like way to confident. So like girls with acne, red hair and bad posture r th way to go. I also, make sur thy knw thy r not my girl friend…. were jst friends, but like i need to cum so like thats jst the deal. Also, not using condoms and cumming in them when they beg yu not to or saying yu won’t and the doing it. Yur totaaly right matt i like own these bitches

  • Truman Golden

    brilliant ideas, i can attest to their effectiveness. there are many few ones that you can use but you have posted few simple ones you can employ.

  • Kelly Bloss

    Do you truly think that there aren’t women who work a man’s job? You list all typical male careers as important and say if they were eliminated that there would be chaos but if women’s jobs were eliminated schools might not run for a few days but otherwise it wouldn’t make a difference.

    I would honestly like to know how that’s possible when there are women that work at male typical jobs and do a damn good job at them. Like construction for instance, I work construction, I am the only female on the crew, but guess what? I’m strong, capable and I get to laugh when assholes with this mindset do the wrong thing while I’m training them because they think they know it all because they are a man.
    I call bullshit. Take all the men away and every single women out would man up and easily replace them in labor jobs.
    As for the mental and physical abuse you promote, it’s disgusting but after seeing your picture it’s pretty obvious that you act like this to compensate for the fact that you are literally disgusting in everyway. The way you look, I can’t imagine a single women who would even look at you but say one did, you’ll never keep one because even if you employ this bullshit they will leave. They will hate you, resent you, plan ways to hurt you. If any man ever did anything close this this shit, he wouldn’t have a dick to “punish” anyone with, a tongue to mentally abuse with, or hands or feet to pass out undue judgement with.
    You are what’s wrong with the world.

  • roxtoto

    Chad Thundercock is /r9k/’s meme name for guys who easily bed women.

  • roxtoto

    Ahahahahah way to go, beastie. Never assumed i’d fish a deranged squirrel but there we go. Enjoy your lifestyle. Let me give you a hint though: you’re a slave. And you’re deluded about the topic you responded to.

  • Perle

    This is a disgusting textbook description of how to be an abuser. I wouldn’t have someone like you in my life for one hot second. You seriously need psychiatric treatment for your need to control.

  • Perle

    Wow…what kind of women do you date? I must suck to be so UNMANLY that you have to result to “brutish douchebaggery” to get regular sex. You must be a real piece of work to be so unfuckable.

  • meatball570

    U my friend r a simp the lowest of all men please go back to school get ur man card b4 ever opening your no testicle having mouth ever again . Let me guess ur a feminist or mangina beta your kind make me so sick and r the reason even fat ugly no personality having beast women think they can peddle their rotten fish twats and filthy shit holes as if they were Victoria secret models do all men a true favor and commit suicide atleast u will do one thing honorable in your worthless life

  • meatball570

    Thank u my friend for telling john the facts atleast u seem to know the sad realities and what u described has got to b the biggest disappointment to man kind ever . From a young age I never understood how or why and what made some men torture themselves so viciously willingly at the hands of a hateful ugly pea brained 300lb cunt . How do these men not at minimum 12 gauge themselves or snap and torture to death these out of control soul crushing beasts whos only lifes pleasure is to agonizingly drain and crush every last bit of happiness and vitality of the man who got tricked into marrying their gahmorian guard wives

  • meatball570

    U must be very young and obviously haven’t had much if any pussy and dealings with american women. Otherwise u would never even consider marriage and if 2 times a month is acceptable 2u in exchange 4all u have worked for and ever will have . U either dont and wont have shit or u lost your testicles in a terrible accident. Just stay away from women until you take alot of training first u r what is known as a mark or trick u will b chewed up spit out b4 u know wtf happened

  • meatball570

    Y do u all say the same boilerplate statements about flaws dear god y did u create such a pea brained companion for men. The illogical constantly ever changing short attention span of a female brain that never knows what it really wants or needs and likes in its life. That is until a man tells them molds them guides them like a circus animal. Cause only a man knows whats best for his helper who was made of the rib taken from his very body . Would u let your big toe tell u how to live your life I don’t think so

  • meatball570

    Ughhhh another accept her flaws standard statement holy fuck am I living in the matrix is their a program glitch with the female software id swear Ive only heard this nonsense out of ummm only ecery fucking moron woman on earth

  • DNA(splicer)

    U clearly didn’t read the statement clearly. I said if I am ever stupid enough to get married. That’s a big if. I grew up around crazy abusive women which give me a very negative out look on every woman on the planet. Maybe not all women are bad but I never trust them they are extremely passive aggressive and will screw u over if they can over any reason even if its miniscule like looking at them the wrong way or making them feel bad even if you didnt intend to.

    Im not getting married and i swore not to but I am a man and the female body is a very beautiful thing and very tempting a lot of women know how to use their assets very well and women are naturally incredibility manipulative due to their weak frame they develope d skills to control men who are obviously stronger than them

  • DNA(splicer)

    Women verbally abuse men all the time. Especially psychologically, since women are weaker than men they throw constant jabs at men and try to destroy his character and self esteem.

  • Nathalie Roann

    You are sick or you are a troll. In both cases, I pity creatures like you, because you do not deserve the respect which is to be given to a human being.
    Let me quess, when you were a child you were sexually abused by a family member and now have a domination complex, don’t you?

  • Janet Claire


  • Jerpell

    One the other hand, a woman who submits to me wholly and completely, I would conquer the world for her….AKA, my awesome wife!

  • fanspeed

    sounds like Leykis 101 rules lol

  • Jordan

    Great Article!

  • Ray

    I hate feminism with every fiber of my being along with the stupid women empowerment, but this is fucking abusive…

    I hope this is satire…

  • Cynthia Suzumiya Ton

    This must be a troll article. Fucking stupid. (Please excuse my language.)
    Most males these days are a scum of the Earth. Good job on pissing me off with this article -high five SMACK-

  • Valery Hill

    Fearful little girl-dependent puppy — scared she’s gonna leave — must resort to head games to con her into staying. After all, “She’d never stay with me if she knew what a POS lunatic I really am… I need a bullshit plan.” That’s all your article is really saying. By the way… eventually she’ll catch on. When she does, your worst fear will be realized.

  • Al Als

    You are 200% correct DC.

  • hahhahahah…….matt forney do you have any daughter…..? send her to me i will try my best,,,may god gift you one if you don’t have……..BTW how do you make money with this blog ?

  • Chiang Kong Sheng Darren

    Women need the most digging in her ass hole ? Bcoz she like a man to dig her ass hole for love ? But she love digging her ass hole very much n smell her hand too ? Full of her digging smell in her hand ? Please dig for your woman more ? Bcoz she love a man that dig her into a digging woman full naked digging on her ?

  • Matt Warner

    Hey Matt you are my best friend on the internet this entire site is a fucking gold mine of truth!

  • L91

    Yeah holy shit, I was almost hopeful for a minute that all of this was satire!

  • Like For Real

    Well this is way too obvious.. A sociopath (or maybe a smartass moron, who knows) giving the virgins what they exactly need to hear.. The pro-article comment section is nothing more then a couple of rageful dipshits, that can’t get over some bitch turning them down, or fucking up with them.. Grow up, you chauvinistic assholes, piece. :)

  • Lau Crypto

    this methode looks harsh but for sure it can work

  • June

    That’s why feminism exists mate, because of this. Do you understand?

  • Harry Conner

    Typical nasty little faggot and weakling, wishing death on someone who triggered him.
    And while acting as if they have the moral high ground!
    Actually, John, if anyone should be set on fire it’s nasty little faggots such as yourself.

  • Seline

    You people are women-hating fools. The reason you don’t have luck with women is because of the fucked up way you view them.

  • Annabelle

    Is this satire? Because it’s the how-to guide on domestic violence. Doms and subs might do that, but it’s all completely consentual, literally, and there’s negotiation beforehand…

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  • Evan Weldon George


  • Evan Weldon George

    Fuck this bullshit… treasure that woman

  • Grace

    People who are sympathetic to Forney’s guide to abuse (I’m really not being hyperbolic) must have a remarkably villainous concept of what women are. It’s a little disconcerting to be seen this way, sometimes the way I’m presumed to operate is so far from what I wish I could show you is reality. Do women have less sex than their husbands would like as a strategy for control, or because they have lower sex drives or because the sexual chemistry in their relationship is in decline? Do they make rules about their husband’s personal time to isolate and control them, or because they would like to spend time with them, their husbands have something at home they need to get to, or even because they suffer from the relatively normal human failings of insecurity and jealousy? I’m confident that in nearly every case it is the latter– which are problems to be negotiated with a partner, not reasons to make your relationship a game of resentment, disrespect and one-upsmanship.

  • Grace

    I’m repeating myself, and don’t know what good it will do, but it would be nice if Forney’s post at least made people talk to each other. I’m sorry that the women in your early life were abusive, it makes sense that you would have negative opinions of women as a result. I am just the opinion of one woman, but I have also been friends with and in relationships with women and do not find them more passive-aggressive or manipulative than people in general. If you said that is because I am also passive-aggressive and manipulative, I would not have a logical way to counter that, but I can tell you truly that I am neither, and I make friends easiest with men and do not see a general difference in these traits when it comes to them. When women talk about men, they honestly do not talk about manipulating or controlling them, like most people their goal is to find a partner that loves, accepts, and supports them. When you do not seek these things in a partner, when your view of a relationship is a game where the goal is to get the upper hand on a person who wants to use and manipulate you, you may enter a relationship with a bad foundation and cause a lot of dysfunction– and these bad relationships might confirm your beliefs. Likewise, it is important to be attracted to your partner, but if you are with a person only because you are seduced by their body that is unlikely to be a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how a relationship would work without trust and respect, so I doubt that finding a positive relationship is going to change the minds of many of the men commenting here.

  • Grace

    TheFinn, you are describing what is known in BDSM as a total power exchange, which is exceedingly rare and not representative of BDSM as it’s generally practiced. Even in these scenarios, safety is paramount, the dom has respect and concern for their sub’s well-being, and the sub ultimately has an out should they choose to use it.

  • Grace

    BDSM is a fetish that only a small demographic of men and women have. As jeffery says below, it is always “safe, sane, consentual” and happens in “scenes,” it is a kind of play and subs do not want to be mistreated outside of sex play. Freudian psychology has been discredited for a long time, it is not thought that a person’s fetishes and sexual preferences are a reflection of their wider psychology.

  • Grace

    I fully agree that women can be all of those things, in addition to sociopathic and downright evil, though Gone Girl was not intended as an expose on ordinary female behavior. Most people agree that women are capable of all these things and there is not some nefarious working to deny that or cover it up. If the author was attacked by feminists, they were extremely misguided and I think most feminists would agree. Those who don’t are not true representations of the ideology, and as you know there are people in every movement who misunderstand a group’s cause.

  • Grace

    Titan, may I suggest that this narrow concept of masculinity is harmful to men? I don’t know if this is an MRA blog per se, but it seems that one of the best things the movement could do to help men is to develop a healthier concept of what it means to be a man, beyond the self-defeating things we are taught by society.

  • Grace

    I considered the possibility that this was trolling. But trolling has this exaggerated, hysterical, histrionic quality to it, and the remarkable thing about this is how clinical it is. It’s more strategic than hateful really, in that there is barely even the concept of a person anymore to hate. If he were trolling, he would have provided a caricature of abuse that would make women angry but also make them look foolish for accepting it’s validity. This was to chillingly accurate a depiction of evil, described in to chillingly sociopathic terms– I confess I am not in on the joke.

    This might be a stupid question, but what is the motivation for trolling abuse victims? And if this is trolling, why do so many men in the comments defend it?

  • Grace

    You don’t, and I’m sorry it happened to you. Forney did not say anywhere that you need cause to do these things, other than wanting a submissive who conforms to your will. He does speak of the “hamster-brain” and women being manipulative– that women are capable of logic or empathy seems to be the main thing that divides people who agree with him and people who don’t. Most men here who agree with him seem to base their opinion on personal experience– is it possible that your opinion and treatment of women is self-confirming? Are there any women you see as surprisingly intelligent or logically capable? Has a woman ever been kind to you, in a way that you did not think was manipulative?

  • Grace

    If a man in happy in this kind of agreement, I suppose there is no harm to him being done– unlike Forney’s abuse– but this is not generally what we who find Forney’s post disgusting are talking about. A normal relationship is not about pleasing a woman to make her treat you well. In the non-abusive relationship we are proposing, both people respect each other and mutually treat each other well because they care about each other– if you believe that women are incapable of this and therefore do not respect or trust your partner, then I’m sorry but this kind of relationship may be impossible *for you.* That does not mean it doesn’t happen, and quite often.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Deep down you know that women aren’t good enough to become friends with. You make friends with men better because men aren’t back stabbing and bagging and whining about every little detail.

    There’s a joke out there that says women hate each other because they already know what and how women work. Men have a fight verbally or physically where blood is drawn and the next day they are best friends again. Women have a verbal fight only and they are enemies for life and will talk shit about that friend until she has no more energy to talk any more shit.

    You already know deep down women are very manipulative and passive but since you are a woman you will never admit to it, ever.

    Women will justify anything they do even if it’s killing someone.

    The law is with women and a woman can lie and send you to prison and even after she confesses that she lied nothing will be done to her.

    I will never ever love a woman or even help a random woman from any danger because I’ve seen women turn on men who tried to help them. I saw a woman getting jumped once and I kept walking not my business not my problem.

    I am attracted to women and sometimes wish there was a woman out there who wasn’t a hot mess of emotions and narcissism and who would flip in a second and ruin your life but i know even the “nicest” looking woman is dangerous and my only option is to protect myself from everyone of them at all cost, and my first defense is to never trust or love them.

    To me all women are the same and many many men know this, just ask my alcoholic dad who had a botch of a woman, and my uncle who is in his death bed while my aunt is with other men yeah, living them would be a waste of time.

  • Grace

    Ok, I have insomnia, I realize this is pathetic at this point. I really was disturbed by Forney’s article and would like to humbly shed some light on the discussion, if possible, when people inevitably read it it so long after it was posted.

    That link is to an article addressing the neurological reasons why men are better at map reading. Such trivial differences in ability do exist between the sexes (but do not really factor in when you are comparing individual men and women–) do you take this as evidence that women are not psychologically equal to men? Because it seems like an intellectually dishonest argument.

  • Grace

    I completely agree. But these arguments do not counter the logic of the people who support this blog, because they accept the premises that women have fewer rights than men, that it is manly and the natural order to treat them worse, and that they are less intelligent and capable of kindness or compassion than men– really, that their designation as human is more of a linguistic convenience than a description. It’s quite the impasse. And guys, please tell me if I am wrong about any of this.

  • Grace

    In my personal, fallible, humble opinion, you should look really hard at what underlies your need to do this, and consider therapy.

    Unlike Forney, you did not do this consciously in order to satisfy your personal whims, and you did not recognize her abuse and have no problem with it. You may see this as natural manly behavior– but most people don’t, most men do not act this way and I truly believe that an equal, respectful relationship would be happier and more validating for you as well. Yes, whereas Forney is telling you that you are right and manly I am telling you that something is wrong– for people to improve themselves they have to accept difficult truths about themselves. I have certainly done it, on the multiple ways that I have been shitty in the past and the many, many ways that I have been wrong.

  • Grace

    That you don’t wish women harm, I can respect and appreciate that. That you would choose not to be in a relationship rather than brutalize a woman the way Forney is describing, I can also respect enormously.

    As to your personal experience and opinion of women, there’s not much I can do to argue against that. I can tell you that I make friends with men easier because of things like shared interests and just the quirks of my personality, I still have plenty of female friends and don’t avoid them because they are harder to deal with. Women like you described, back-stabbing and argumentative, are immature and I don’t have much patience for them. Plenty of men are immature, and really in much the same ways. I have one female friend in particular who I argue with from time to time; our arguments are usually pretty mature and logical, especially if they are by text, and I assure you that we don’t secretly hate each other!

    I don’t mean any disrespect, but I think it’s possible that having a negative opinion of women can be self-confirming. There’s the usual confirmation bias, as we all have, but also if you interact with women when you don’t actually respect them that may lead to situations where they do things that confirm your opinion.

    There are a few questions I’m curious about based on what I have read in these comments, if you have time to indulge me: Do you think women are inherently less intelligent or capable of logic than men? Do you think they are inherently less kind, or capable of empathy or compassion? If so, are there any women, even one, who you respected, who you thought was surprisingly intelligent or was genuinely kind to you?

  • DNA(splicer)

    Well women aren’t stupid, and they are indeed intelligent but logic is hard for them. Just look at all the advancements made by men that’s proof enough that men are more into creation and hard analytical thinking than women. Wen are social and men don’t mind spending 10 to 15 years researching zero point energy alone in a basement, it’s an actual thing.

    Well I’ve been treated way better by men with .ore respect and actual sincerityy. Usually when women are nice to me they want something in return it a future favor. I honestly think women can’t love anyone but themselves. Like I said before men have died for what they love and have died for women in the millions, no where in history have millions of women died for men ever, maybe a few dozen but probability states that rare occurrences can occur now and then. True empathy nope, maybe for lying and faking but real genuine empathy I have only seen that in the face and voices of men not one woman.

    I’ve met a few very intelligent women I was friends with them. Genuinely kind to me personally I doubt it. I’ve had women stop talking to me after they realized I wouldn’t do anything for them like wasting money or time on them so they probably just stayed long enough to see if they could get something out of me.

    I don’t care if women respect me, I don’t respect them so I’m not asking for something I won’t give, so I don’t care about that, but I’m sure they don’t or never have, it wouldn’t bother me nonetheless anyways.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Why do you care anyways shouldn’t you be calling me a fat white forever virgin or a troll or something about how I can’t get pussy or some other jab at my manhood. You know the usual lol. Why waste your time here, there are men out there who even after marrying 10 times and being raped in court still believe in true love lol poor bastards.

    There are women who hate men with every single fiber of their souls even if a man has never touched them so why can’t there be men who choose not to trust a woman. Am I sensing double standards here. I’ve seen TV host talknshit about men and even wish men death or have all men castrated and people just laugh about it, talk about castrating women and or defending yourself and everyone on the planet loses their shit, well maybe not the middle East I’m sure they have a rules book about spousal abuse lol

  • Amy

    Is the objective here crush a girls self esteem so she thinks she Is not worry of love, and therefore will not leave you? Why am I asking, of course it is. I guess that is the way some must go about it- but everyone knows, including you and the girl in that situation, that is no way to live. And one of two things will happen- she will figure out you’ve been headfucking her and leave you-probably getting even before she leaves. 2. She will stay and have such low self esteem she will gain weight, develop a addiction, become a abuser herself…and likely after she’s given you one or two kids.

    I know deep down you want a woman that loves you for the real man you are( excepting the author of this book, you want sales- gotcha ;)

    Being a good man, husband, father is the sexiest thing on this planet. Remember- you may have a daughter one day.

  • Brandon

    Bitches= act like sluts, will fuck on the first night, loose pussy, are a hit it and quit it ( don’t date them they will break your heart) Girl=will make you wait (maybe 2 or 3 days) wont fuck first night, but lacks wifey traits like cooks cleans, maybe not beautiful enough, or is lazy or not smart, then the best! WIFEY these woman are the gold mines they are beautiful wont let you hit it for a (month to 3 months) usually virgins or only been with one or 2 guys and when you f*ck them you’ll know for sure, have great personalities, Treat them well keep them, bring them around friends.

    Don’t forget to play the field guys have about 5 girls on call, then when you find the right one the Wifey then you cut the other bitches off and let her move in. But, until then you must have a lot, then when one leaves your confidence doesn’t get crushed you just circle in another, because woman are just as bad as guys. You can’t trust them, thats why these “nice guys” need to get real.

    This is my guide i live by. haha

  • stardarliing

    I hope a girl really fucks you up.

  • STFU, Dave! Stop living up flea/male ass crack, you MANGINA! Everything Ross said was true and worse! If you don’t know or believe this, than in addition to being a white knight, simp MANGINA, you must be young and STUPID! ALL women and teenage girls are mind game playing manipulators, sociopaths, and narcissists! You need to join MGTOW, because you have been had by the teachings of your mother and all other flea/males!

  • If it has tits and a pussy, it is a cunt out to dominate, fleece, and DESTROY anyone with a dick!

  • John von Shepard

    Wow very helpful.

  • Joe

    Wow it seems like you have some serious issues with sexual relationships. You also are probably one of those red pill people. You blame women for all the inadequacies in your own life. Trying to isolate a woman from all her friends and family is super controlling and the kind of thing a very insecure man would do. If you fear any person in her life saying a single negative thing about you maybe the solution is to become a man instead of kidnapping her and keeping her from all her loved ones. I know you think you are “aware” of the “reality” of the sexual dichotomy between men and women, but let me assure you that you know absolutely nothing about a healthy sexual relationship. What you are looking for is a sex doll. A masturbation machine that can make you food. If that is what you want to denigrate a human life to then you are garbage. Talk about being a cuckold.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Mr joe, i tried really hard not to call you an idiot even when i was waiting for the pahe to load up i was gonna call you a very break dead human been who doesn’t know how to read. Alast I think I succeeded since I didn’t call you none of those things, I did however told you what I wanted to call you.
    Please re-read my comment which I’m embarrassed to say is freaking long wow was I bored or what. Now find in that essay where I daid I like women with low self esteem and where I also said I would like to isolate women. You stated that I wanted to kidnapped a woman, which is a blatant lie and in court it’s called defamatory statements which is bad and people have settled in court for saying shot that is a blatant lie.

    I specifically remember and also since i just re-read that whole essay so that I wasn’t talking out of my ass to see if I said any of those blatant lies you just wrote and whataya know I didn’t say any of those things.

    I did say that I will never really give my entire heart to women and that o wouldn’t ever love them because they don’t and have never really loved any man alive or dead. I also said that I am very cautious of who I let i nto my life because women bring problems even to “heaven”.

    I cool, and clean and I fix all my own stuff I can even sew.

    I learned from my wimpy margins sissy gmfather that its not worth fighting for a women even if you love her.

    If a woman decided to leave me I say fuck it, because for me to run after her would be the death of my pride and soul. It would be humiliating and I would never save safe with my inner self ever again. Every time I would look in the mirror I would see a birch and a piece of shot human. So i don’t run or beg or gruvel for women. If they want to leave me fine it’s their right and their choice.

    However what I do need from women and that I always make sure to tell everyone alive under the Sun is that I NEED women for 1) SEX and 2) Giving me a son.

    That I need women for.

    I had the last woman tell me to choke her and it was a turn off I dont best women and or abuse them or manipulate them I’m way too honest with how i am. So much that women think I’m timid, that’s what the last girl told me after we ended things because I didn’t sleep with her after she got back with her boyfriend and because I told her I didn’t like the choke fetish.

    I do condone spanking as discipline and for snuggle time it’s a must.

    Look I dont know where you found the idea that I want to manipulate and control women but I grew up with a house full of women and trust me I don’t want to control women. I rather fight a pack of wolves than deal with crazy shit from women.

    I had a case, a family who were my friends that the girl looked for ways to puss off her abusive boyfriend in order for him to best her or get him posses just kicked. So much That he cut up her face real bad and sent her to the hospital. She even admitted that she loved the dude, WYD, crazy woman. Now I understood right there that she was the victim but she also had faults and responsibility because she took part in what happened to her.

    Some women manipulate men into become in g monsters not all but some are ducking crazy. And from watching my father I glean tell you oussy is ducking addictive and will fuxk your life up.

  • Joe

    Well, if you read the article that is what the author was proposing. To isolate a woman and to essentially kidnap a woman from her loved ones so you can crush her self esteem. Since you hate women so much and you only need them for sex and a son, I think a better solution for you would be to adopt a son and have sex with men. That way you don’t need to mess around with the emotional frailties and manipulations of women. Just two men that understand each other and making passionately man on man love. That’s what you red piller/men’s rights type guys all sound like. You sound super jaded about a woman who may have said your penis was an inadequate size or something.

    If you disagree with isolating a woman or kidnapping her away from her loved ones, then you need to write that in your posts. So far, I have only read posts in which you defend this despicable piece of shit that wrote this article. Basically you guys all want a fleshlight that can cook. And why do you need a son instead of just saying a child? I’ll assume it’s because you want to live vicariously through your son and hope he can live up to all of your failed dreams of your own life. I’d love to see you having this conversation with a woman that you found attractive and that you were on a date with. A lot of you “tough” “Alpha” males are really just whiny pussies that have to go online to websites that actively support emotional and mental abuse to get sex and food cooked for you. Absolutely deplorable. Please save all your posts and then send them to your mom and sister and any cousins that are female. Send them to female friends (doubtful that you have any) and any female coworkers. Then come back here and tell us all about the experiences you had.

  • DNA(splicer)

    I didn’t write the article so what he is talking about isn’t mine to own. So right there you just lost your argument.

    Women defend feminist so basically using your logic then they also defend feminazi and killing all men except 10% but since you are probably a nice guy type who is probably a feminist sissy who is dreaming of having a woman fuck you just because you defend and protect female virtue. Lol women dont like nice guys, they want a regular guy who doesn’t give a fuck what people think, you won’t get pussy by being a man Gina feminist hopefully I didn’t break your bubble.

    Also my dick is above averagee and have been complemented by my lovers.

    I think you should do the man loving since you like to talk about Dicks so much, why so interested in my dick size anyways?

    I’m not a redpiller or a mgtow, because I don’t agree with all their points but do agree in the points like self improvement and going your own way and just doing random one night stands and fuck buddies kind of relationships.

    Stop making up shit if you wdont know who I amd then don’t grab ideas and opinions out of your ass.

    Just because I go against feminist idiocracy and self victimization doesn’t mean I hate women.

    Just because I want a son doesn’t mean I haven’t lived my life I’m 27 my life isn’t even halfway gone.

    Millions ofen rather have sons than daughters. The greatest men on earth always wanted a son to take his legacy to another level. Kings emperors even Queens wanted a son and throughout history sons were favored due to the planets hardship men had a better chance of air moving if shit happened women need men to survive.

    Even now where society is over protected men still do the protection ruin and defence.

    Also throughout my life most of my best friends were females so yeah. Just cuz I won’t ever love a woman doesn’t mean I can have female friends.

    Idiots like you need to take a step back and reevaluate what the hell you think you are fighting for.

    The law already over protects women they don’t need white nights anymore, matter of fact they hate whiny little shits who defend them cuz all you nice guy types just want to fuck them and do it in the worse way by trying to be nice and sweet when in actuality you are a sneaky slime ball.

    At least I’m honest enough to let them know I wanna fuck they brains out and eat them out like I was a starving cannibal. It doesn’t always work but it’s better than acting nice and hoping for pity sex like you.

  • Joe

    I’m sure you are just a regular chad thundercock. Again, I challenge you to send your posts to your mom or sister or any girl that you are on a date with. My guess is that your tough guy Alpha male bullshit doesn’t work when you aren’t behind a keyboard. And this nonsense about me being a white knight for women to try and get pity pussy sounds exactly like red pill bullshit. See, your problem is that you live in a black and white bubble. Either a woman is a feminazi or she is a submissive sex goddess willing to titillate you on demand. Your basic idea for how good a woman is comes down to if she lets you fuck her or not. If she doesn’t then she is a feminazi and isn’t worth your unimaginably huge cock. If she does but not whenever you want she is still a feminazi and is probably cheating on you in your head. If she willingly gives you sex whenever you want then she is deemed worthy to be in your life to cook for you, to give you a son, and to swallow your cum. You say all women are shallow and manipulative. How is anything you have said shown you to be anything but bitter and resentful and incredibly shallow. Your entire worldview on women hinges on how available their pussy is to you. Like I said before you are looking for a fleshlight that can make you a sandwich.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Also I’ve had some pretty fugly girls ask me out and I give them a chance because I know how it feels when you really like someone and they turn you down.

    Had this fugly Mexican girl hit on me and I was feeling really nice and good that day and it was summer so I got in her car when she invited me to eat in her car and we ended up having sex the next week and it was fun. She really was a good person, to an extent, she still had some female issues that I didn’t like but I still give her a chance even though I was way over her league.

    I’m not some hot stud buy I do get hit on by women and unfortunately I get hit on by men as well at the clubs. I dress up pretty good and I do good grooming as well.

  • Joe

    Again, you are saying that women you do not even find remotely attractive you still sleep with. You are just looking for a fleshlight. What does it matter that the girl was Mexican? I’m guessing you are on the alt right nazi movement that’s been going on.

  • KellyK

    Lol this came up when I was looking up how to boost my balding boyfriend’s confidence. This is very very far from that.

  • KellyK

    I’m sorry you grew up in that environment… :/ I hope that you find someone that makes you think different :) or if not, I just hope you happiness.

  • TheMonix

    Ad hominem is so justified

  • TheMonix

    Sex at least once a month? What a hardship (psyche). Where do get your undaunted passion?

  • TheMonix

    I’m sad for you. Your experience is nothing short of an old country song ending with “you need Jesus”
    On another note, if all women are the same, what made you think you had to know shag or romance all of them to conclude that? What are you Wilt Chamberlain?? JJ!
    If all women are the same then all men are the same like this miserable excuse of a man that wrote this merciless story.
    You may be looking for pussy in the right places but as for romance it’s like a needle in a haystack.
    What a pity though to continue your life as a victim. How paralyzing to read that you have no choice to live your life any other way.

  • DNA(splicer)

    I wish I could believe you but I don’t.

  • TheMonix

    This in #5:

    “A girl without a man is like a flower without sunlight. Without a guiding masculine hand, she will shrivel and die.” Not only have I been there, but I’ve been that girl you’ve suggested to pick, probe, and prodde. Being that girl without a man is sooooo much more pleasant. It’s easier to survive fading to black than to bleed from “love” tearing me apart.
    “Death greets me warm, now I will say goodbye.”

  • DNA(splicer)

    Why do you care anyways wouldn’t it be better to not reply.

    I already won all these arguments a while back I did it so flawlessly that some women had the need to delete their stupid comments.

    I drive my point deep and hard.

    The majority of women have been raised to use men and to not love men. Women only care about what is in it for them. The most men want is sex honestly, and a woman who will give it to them and be loyal.

    And after reading so many husband threads about not getting sex for years marriage is out of the question. 80% of divorce is by women, probably cuz the average woman losses libido so fast or randomly and since having sex with not sex drive they probably become disgusted or resent the man because he still wants sex and she can’t because she has no libido. So eventually they divorce and rape the man in court for all his money and children.

    Can’t wait till they legalize prostitution would be so great no need to even get a girlfriend anymore or married sweet.

  • u guys do know that feminism means gender equality, rite? so like, feminists support that both females and males can have traits that lead to psychotic behavior…

    there are a lot of things wrong with your argument. firstly, you claim feminism means exclusively slandering men, but omg thats like the exact opposite of feminism lol. ur backing up ur opinion with the wrong facts.

    secondly, I really wish this article didn’t exist. it puts a bad name on people who enjoy bdsm and Dom/sub relationships :( guys, someone can enjoy submitting to someone else without being totally and completely manipulated and emotionally abused.

    this whole thing just reads like a one-way ticket to a court case… or worse :| I shudder to think of people who read this seriously!

  • Rae Fretka

    John you are my new hero!

  • Rae Fretka

    Ross why don’t you walk off a ledge please.

  • Bastet

    Author pays by the hour.

  • Bitch, apparently


    If you still don’t get the necessity of feminism after reading the utter dumpster fire that is this abuse manual, then maybe go back to grade school and get some basic logic and reasoning skills down. My guess is that you don’t accurately know shit about feminism.

  • Bitch, apparently

    It’s too difficult for him, June.

    Systematic abuse of women – bad.

    Feminism, which seeks to eliminate sexism, stop abuse, and free women from the long-standing systems of oppression which reinforce said sexism/abuse, and continually justify such treatment by seeing women as subhuman, second class citizens – HELL NO, Terrible idea!

  • Bitch, apparently

    That’s not true. You treat women like trash because you are trash and their responses to you won’t change that fact. It takes a real monster to do this shit, but I get it, it’s fun to blame your shitty behavior on other people, and none better than blaming the victim.

  • Bitch, apparently

    Ding ding ding ding ding! We have a winner. The exception being that guys like this don’t tend to have empathy, or those who may’ve once had the capacity haven’t used it in years and years. These guys’ empathy is either in advanced stages of decay after being shamed by other men and called a pussy too many times, completely stifled out by their own ego, hate, and rage, or it never was there to begin with. I suspect in the incapacitatingly bitter guys such as OP there may have been some primitive, early form of empathy which left long ago, never to return again.

  • Bitch, apparently

    I assume this the route one goes when you are a monster who can’t find women who actually like you and want to spend time with you. And I can totally see how a spineless man-child would prefer to pin his own ineptitude on the women in that equation as opposed to getting emotionally honest, owning up to his personal faults, and making the effort to grow and better himself. Can definitely see how such a coward as that would much prefer to just bend others to his will as opposed to facing himself in the mirror, so he can feel some semblance of power and control that would never come innately to such a creature and therefore must be forcefully taken. It isn’t real. It’s just a sideshow act, parlor tricks, that would only sustain the most miserable and deluded among us – and even then for only moments of time.

  • omg i wish what you all are saying is true, that all women really are manipulative sociopaths, that way we can kill all the men who think like this and rule the world. this thread has determined that for me.

  • Jordan ᴺᶦʰˡᶦˢᵗ

    As I’ve told already: If it didn’t work, me and other guys who treat girls like crap wouldn’t do it.

    If girls would actually like “nice guys” more than bad boys, I wouldn’t treat them bad.

    Easy Logic.

  • jake321 is two feet tall with a thimble dick and carries a lifetime supply of toilet paper for his well appointed apartment up female ASS! What a switch hitting SIMP!

  • Melanie Schneiter

    If any guy is stupid enough to follow this POS advice he is the lowest scumbag and a rapist too boot!

  • Julie Bell

    I think he kind of shows his hand here: “I would rather live a short life of glory than a long one of obscurity.” Poor little fella. He’s afraid of being insignificant! Like the three year old who acts up to get attention. He has the same (damaged) mentality and (il)logic as suicide bombers & terrorists.

  • Plug Ug!^^^^

  • Yom Thorke

    Surprise surprise fucking stupid abusive sexist men have relationships with abusive women who woulda thunk. I am glad that I never had any relations with these kind of antagonisms. Sounds like a fucking chore. If you hate each other so much and just want to exploit each other you have problems that need to be worked out bud. Quit being a goddam tool and figure it out.

  • Yom Thorke

    This is literally an abuse manifesto and totally subject to one niche culture of one small period of history. It has nothing to do with what is “real” and everything to do with you being a fascist tool.

  • Yom Thorke

    That’s pretty disgusting. I don’t know why you hate your progeny so much, but you are sick.

  • Erik Robinson

    You are mistaken about men being “fine,” this ENTIRE conversation is the result of men who have no real identity. It’s a problem plaguing the entire world….angry men, worth no life guidance, no place to be vulnerable, and no identity are lashing out at the world….and, as you said, it’s a world MEN built. Women have, and continue, to contribute as much as men. You are focusing only on traditional male things, like governing and building things, which women have shown they can fully excel at, but the women who are even ALLOWED to do those things only recently have been able to… all of modern human history. (Modern in terms of evolution, not like, the latest centuries. Of the apx 12,000 years of the modern human, most women got their rights in the most recent fraction of a percentage of time)

  • DNA(splicer)

    It’s been 60+ years since women liberation. In those 60+ years men have landed on the moon, landed ships on other planets and even asteroids. Men also cloned animals and created hybrids of humans ad pigs and other animals like mice and jelly fish to make them glow, or even create fully sintetic animals as products to sell, some fish are patented because they were genetically and artificial related in a lab, aka they were human made aka a man made them. Created cell phones, cars and even discovered the possibility of warp drive and have by all means proven the existence of dark energy.M en also discovered that subatomic particles aren’t the smallest things in the universe and also are created by smaller particles called quarks. Men have created eggs and sperm from skin cells. They also created life in a vacuum by recreating the environment of the early earth and hitting it with “lightning” more like zaps of electricity lol.

    Men still dominate labor intensive jobs oil, road building heavy machinery and STEM.

    Look I’m not saying women aren’t smart, I know they are smart but they always test lower in IQ test against men. What I am saying is they do not have the drive to do these jobs for their entire lives and sacrifice their life and health for those jobs.

    Men are angry because women and governments are giving women privileges that men do not have. Also women are getting government help using money that is also put in there by men. Some women want men to pay them just because they have a pussy, do you get the fucked up shit that that is or can’t you grasp the unnerving hate that that creates in some men who are shitted on by society, government and women and the entire fucking world just because they were born with a fucking penis. Women have more government programs and assistance than men and yet women still want more.

    They want free shit like tampons and other female hygiene shit even abortion.

    And all along while they get all this free shit and more privileges than men they create a hateful environment and toxic world targeted at men by removing the majority of men only places even going after privately funded men only clubs and societies, and also college fraternities while also lobbying for more female only places see how fucked up that is

    Of course men will get pissed. They want to fuck men over while getting everything they want. Any motherfucker would be pissed at that.

    You are ignoring my point deliberately, I don’t know why though. Are you a feminist, or are you ignoring my point to appear highly intellectual?

    The media, government and feminism are going out of their way to make men the bad guys. Sure a lot of fucked up shit men do but not all men, yes not all fucking men are evil. I haven’t raped killed or done shit to women but yet im hated equally like a rapist or mass murderer, why.

    Men are falling behind in school and in college but no one gives a fuck about that. They even blame men for failing in school preschool-12th grade and also college and their low attendance or dropping out completely.

    When women didn’t go or finished school it was everyone’s problem and it was a national and world issue but now that it’s men no one gives a fuck.

    Can’t you see the problem there or are you blind. I don’t get how blind you are man.

    Stop being PC and think more and not try to walk on egg shells.

    I’m all for equal rights but I am down for REAL equal rights. No affirmative action no privileges no help everyone for themselves in the work force and everywhere else. You get what you earned or worked for from the sweat of you brow.

  • Raichu

    Matt Forney has serious self-esteem issues.

  • Daphne Barest

    Ok well you boy need to find a girl that want sex day and night and actually loves you. Look I know what you mean. Im a girl and I dont trust that much girls either cuz I understand what you are saying. But it is not impossible to find that someone. You may think we are all the same and you may be right but exeptions exists. One day I hope you do find someone who changes your point of view on the subject. For now I can only say go for it. Live your life. Have your dream. Live like a victim. I mean it is your life. You do what you got to do for yourself. Its disappointing you can’t move forward but no one has a thing to say. No one lived what you been threw. But if one day a girl asks for a chance and you are reluctant, for that one time just follow your heart. Not your head but your heart. At least you can say you really did try

  • Alicia Reckzin

    The author states-“I would rather live a short life of glory than a long one of obscurity.”. Keep it up and you just might. Disgusting little worm.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Well I do want a woman but in today’s society it’s a waste of time. I rather stay single and do the bachelor thing and just go clubbing one night stands and sex with benefits. Lol I actually have a profile on POF for friends with benefits. Last summer I had a nice fling, it was great, it was all sex, booze and more sex. But it does out in like 2 months but still great she showed me some new moves, lol.

  • Ximenita-OP

    You are a sick mysoginist narcissistic piece of s***..mmm in my professional opinion

  • Nikki Weaver

    This article is complete trash. The fact that it was even published is laughable.

  • Becks

    Fuck you. This is exactly why the world is the way it is: shitty. Assholes like you are the reason women have eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and many commit suicide. Not to mention those women who stay in abusive relationships thinking it’s real love, being convinced that they don’t deserve better.
    If you’re not in a relationship to make each other feel loved and good about themselves, don’t fucking have one. Be like all the other fuck boys and stay far away from “commitment” before you destroy some poor girl forever.
    Fuck you.

  • Janice Pavlisko Robinson

    Sorry you’re not man enough to make a woman happy, and the resulting rejection has warped your brain.

  • Janice Pavlisko Robinson

    LOOK. There are just as many females who have suffered at the hands of males. That’s never an excuse to hate an entire gender.

  • DNA(splicer)

    Please repeat in exact words written by myself in quotes that specifically says that I hate women.

    I’ll wait…….

    I do not hate women please learn how to read.

    I however do not trust women at all and probably never will. Trusting a woman is Luke trusting a lion not to eat you while starving in a cage with it.

  • Barb Soucie Pitner Headley

    You fucking suck little man!! You must be little in both sizes to manipulate a woman like that!!! You need to learn about RESPECT and LOVE and go to the doctor to get your narcissism under control!!

  • Jordan ᴺᶦʰˡᶦˢᵗ

    then you are simply retarded. every girl is a slut (sexually) Every girl will give it up on the first night if you approach her in a lover-frame rather than a “nice guy” frame.

    we could approach the same girl, she would let you wait 2 month for sex, I would bang her the same night.


  • Rude

    This is interesting, as I’m doing some of the things already. Its destructive to our relationship – to a level. But I think there are underlying issues that bring couples/men to this stage. If women let men be men, humor them, make them feel like the king of the jungle, things start to fall into place.
    I’ve see my best friend take control of his wife, she’s easily influenced. He’s a really nice guy and is totally in love with her, they have a very healthy relationship/lifestyle. But he seems to call all the shots and she submits.
    Where I have a strong independent woman (nothing wrong with it) that is stubborn to the point where I feel like I’m just another guy. Her previous relationships seem to have been deeper but left her burnt. So I’m left with baggage that I don’t feel like I have much influence over.

  • James Guthrie

    After the (coming world wars) are over all women will be sold like cattle, and branded on the butt so the man or new owner, and everyone else knows who owns her. Nothing can stop this either, it will happen. That is just what women/ NASTY WHORES deserve too.

  • James Guthrie

    No woman can ever be happy, because they hate happy, and anything even close to a good man too.

  • James Guthrie

    You sir are being way to kind to these EVIL MONSTERS/WHORES from the NORTH EAST corner of HELL. When I was in high school (71-73) in a Texas town. I had two different women, at different times about 24 -28 pick me up for quick sex. I thought well I am so hot they can’t keep their hands off of me right, well No. After we were finished both told me I am getting married next month/ week, and I made sure I was ovulating so I would get pregnant by you, because I don’t want my kid to look like my husband. PURE EVIL.

  • James Guthrie

    Joe, you girl friend is sucking cock behind your back, and soon you will know who it is too. After she is ready to change.

  • James Guthrie

    You are way to nice to these IDIOT Manginas.

  • James Guthrie

    Mine spent the last year we lived in the same town (at our parents house of course) hooking me up with her sister. She told me later {that it was just to show the rich people that girls like her married. That she knew how to deal with trailer trash like me, that try to date her. Other wise they might think I am not good enough for their son’s if they ever found out I had dated you, or any poor trailer trash, like you.} Just imagine what she was saying behind my back too. Fast forward 3 years later she gets knocked up by the JERK she went for, and tried to come to me as if nothing had ever happened, and it was of course all my fault, and I was a DOG that went after her sister. That I resisted dating for over a year, and made it clear i did not want to date this girls sister, that is why they worked so hard to make it so too. She also told her mother I was prettier than all of her girl friends, and her mother agreed with her too. Her mother also put her hand down my pants too. I told her @*&%$# ( name has 5 letters) might not like it so she pulled her hand out of the crack of my ASS. Sick, stupid sluts, cunts one, and all. I do not feel sorry for them either, they get just what they deserve if you get out of their way, and let them hook up with a mangina like joe, who is in fact a bigger CUNT than any women either of use have ever had the displeasure to have known.

  • James Guthrie

    You do know you are attempting to argue with a (mangina), right?

  • James Guthrie

    Me too, and I even gave the sick sister a real chance, and she left me too. Plus I had them dripping off of me until I treated one like a human. How many 14 year old virgin boys do you know that ever had this happen even once. 5 different times when I was 14 my mom opens my bedroom door, and says this. Jerry Hostick (from across the street) called, and Kathy (8 years old) is throwing a screaming fit, and wants to sleep with you, can Jerry bring her over? So he brings her over in a bunny suite with only her face, and hands exposed. Now her hands was what need to be covered up. She fiddled all about { If you don’t let me I will tell my daddy you put your thing in me}, and then went to sleep, and a couple hours later Jerry came to get her. just the tip of the pyramid. I knew in junior high (Mann junior high Abilene, Texas 68,69,70) what women really are. joe might never get there, so you might be wasting your time.

  • James Guthrie

    No not all women are TRASH, but the vast majority of them are. for what ever reason I don’t know, because I am not the creator who by the way gave them free choice too. In the Genesis myth it was a Reptiilian (they were already here) that tempted Eve with knowledge of her creator. Then they were driven under ground like a snake. Which is where most women belong too, because they are well snakes too.

  • James Guthrie

    Deep, and hard? I thought they liked that, I am now confused.

  • James Guthrie

    That is the (REAL TRUTH) women see men love, and they reflect, and or project that back. Women can love a man if he hurts her for years other wise you are just a walking vibrator with a wallet attached to compliment their orgasms. loving a woman, and treating her right will never trigger the roller coaster (up,and down) of emotions that require you to HURT her. Just be a kind , loving man, and she will suck you best friends cock, or leave you for a creep that will hurt her at least some. They beg for pain (emotional pain) if you want her you must do this to most CUNTS, PERIOD. Sadly she might still never love you like a man can in just a few days of knowing his girl. DRAMA QUEENS every last cunt that ever lived on EARTH.

  • James Guthrie

    Oh yea, I spent over 20 years making the new Carbon mechanical heart valves, and other blood contacting devices (FLY). Then with the help of a few people from that business used the same DLC (PyC) to solve all of the problems with musical instruments, stringed in particular. Much, much more too. At carbo I met a human woman, and after a few years she got me to come out of my shell, scars, and all. May 29 2018 will be 25 years too, and I never cheated on her once, and had hundreds of chances too. Two at carbomedices in the womans offices too. Don’t worry (ladies) I will not tell your husbands that also worked there too. We don’t hate women, but we do hate their little girl psycho attitude that never grew up, and it is real. Most women are children PERIOD. Now all people, and or every human has the possibility to be different, but that takes effort and a BRAIN, most people do not use it if they have one too. Men build civilization, and for the most part it is women that destroy civilization. That is what feminism was unleashed on the world for, by the NWO. It (feminism) has destroyed the west too.

  • James Guthrie

    In those 60 years the NWO has used the feminist LIE to destroy the family, so they can take power, over the men, simple as that PERIOD, end of STORY.

  • James Guthrie

    Most women that are beaten insist on it, and do not leave, because in their sick mind they seem to really need it, or God forgive LIKE it.

  • James Guthrie

    I knew a girl, that told me her sister tried to put a tampon if her clit.
    Yes &^%$#@ your sister told me that one to prove to me you were a virgin.

  • James Guthrie

    He is also a bigger CUNT than you too.

  • James Guthrie

    I bet he (john) can, and has sucked a bunch of cocks, even better than most hungry virgin girls too.

  • James Guthrie

    Well said Sir.

  • James Guthrie

    The worst engineers I have ever worked with, and some were stupid men too. were women . Not one was a good engineer, now they can do the math, but you have to to get the degree. That was it, and they were totally worthless as engineers, every last one of them too.

  • James Guthrie

    Yes most men do not understand how women do their SHIT, and some go nuts, and hurt them back with violence, and other abuse too. It is not an excuse for them, but it was not initiated by the man either, almost NEVER.

  • Reality

    ugly guys cant give girls vaginal orgasms… so you’ll have to reduce yourself to giving her oral. which isnt very alpha

  • Sally Thole-Hughes

    The piece of shit who wrote this absurd horseshit is an abusive , narcissistic sociopath. He obviously has a small dick . Fuck that

  • Grryan

    Nothing more unattractive than an overconfident girl

  • Another_browngirl

    Gone girl was a sociopath. Sort of like many on this thread.

  • BobTrent

    To the Modern Woman EVERY man is a “mark” or “trick.”
    When a woman trades sex for anything of value she is a WHORE.
    Sex is what a woman has to use to keep a man interested in her. Any sensual pleasure she gets is “gravy on her potatoes,” “icing on her cake.”
    When she starts demanding ANYTHING in return for sex, from then on it’s haggling over the price and the stock in trade.

  • BobTrent

    As an old friend put it, “If it wasn’t for one thing, there’d be a bounty on them.” There’s NOTHING women can provide other than sex and reproduction that is worth the trouble they cause.

  • BobTrent

    “I do condone spanking as discipline…”
    Women do need spankings. That’s what they have plump round bottoms for.
    Unfortunately feminazism has made such inroads into society that even if you have a signed notarized authorization to spank from her she can accuse you of “abuse” and say that she withdrew consent, even in mid-spank when your hand or paddle has swung 99% of the way to her butt.
    Every iota of relationship with a woman is fraught with danger. Since women have no actual power, they resort to the effeminized “patriarchy*” to persecute their men.
    * patriarchy – literally “father-rule” extended to “man-rule.”

  • BobTrent

    Subjection to men is the nature of women. They need to be subdued. What many men don’t understand is that it’s also a woman’s nature to constantly test her master’s mettle.
    Why do you think that 85-90% of divorces are filed by women? Because they can.

  • BobTrent

    There’s a joke (?) that has it that a group of married couples was questioned about their expectations and fulfillment.
    The men were separated from their wives and were asked:
    On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rate your marriage?
    The average rating was 6. OK.
    The women were asked the same.
    Their average rating was 6! OK.
    Next, the men were asked where on the scale would you rate the expectation you had before you married?
    The average was 2. Damn. OK, the men on average were pleasantly surprised that their wives didn’t turn out to be ravening she-dragons.
    Finally, the wives’ expectation: average 9! No wonder women file 85-90% of divorces!

  • BobTrent

    One told me that she only recently learned that she didn’t piss out of her clit.

  • BobTrent

    A male feminist is an “effeminist” look it up.

  • BobTrent

    So what? Her face isn’t what’s important. Pretty faces are nice but the face isn’t what counts.

  • Sally May

    Whoever wrote this… You must be one fucking ugly cunt. Your a complete moron. What you can’t handle an independent woman, too much of a little bitch.. maybe you need some lessons on how to be a REAL MAN.

  • Sally May

    Awww you poor little bitch. Grow the fuck up!!! Women and men don’t have the same libido. Use your hand you lazy cunt.

  • Sally May

    Your also a dumb cunt. Men have been running the world …. Men treat woman like whores so they turn into one but not all but what do you expect when you have little boys wearing big boy pants thinking they know how to do shit. Hahaha idiot

  • Sally May

    Finally!!! I totally agree with your comment

  • Sam

    @ the author, you’re garbage.

  • Chris J

    Very sad fellow. Bad luck with women. Still, it takes a real man to stand up to a strong woman. Most of the pro-Sayers to Matt Forney here are probably men with very low esteem.

  • CatFace Beautimous

    You want to know why women REALLY stay with abusive fucks like you? Because they find you pathetic. They feel sorry for you. This is why they make excuses for you to their friends. It’s why they talk about you like you’re a mentally challenged and rabid child who doesn’t know any better–because deep down, she has no respect for you at all. Deep down, we’re all laughing at you, because you’re a pathetic little nothing.

  • DrWholigans

    What the actual fuck did I just read?!

  • blahblahmama

    Yeah, the only women who would date men like this have damagingly low self esteem. He’s not attracted to women with self worth because they don’t want him, period. This man right here is why I don’t date when I’m going through rough patches. They seek us out and torture us until we’re sick of it. Good lord. This article damn near made me cry.
    Also: ladies out there in situations like this (like I was once), it gets better.

  • andrea

    What a read! Do you ever worry that people will read this and take it seriously, though, and actually try these things?

  • Amoradon

    As a woman, allow me to say this:
    This article is completely, COMPLETELY wrong.
    Let me walk you through what’s wrong with each point.

    1) Constantly make her feel inadequate
    If you insult a woman, then she isn’t going to like you. It’s that simple. If you’re at my office and you keep on putting me down when I try my hardest, I’m going to think you’re an asshole. That’s not “hot” or “cool,” that hurts us inside and makes us despise you. Also, if you think you have enough power to get away with constantly insulting a woman, unless you’re in a Harvey Weinstein-esque situation, you don’t. And even if you are Harvey Weinstein… you’re gonna get in trouble.
    Some kind of passive-aggressive “You’re getting really chubby, are you sure you can fit into that?” remark doesn’t make it any better. Even if you enjoy it, we’re growing increasingly disconnected from you. And especially if you’re still dating us? We won’t hang around if you keep on hurting us like that. Why don’t we go around telling you your muscles are flabby and your dick’s smaller than a post-it? We’ll see how you like that.

    2) Dominate her physically and sexually
    That’s called rape, in case you’ve been living under a rock. Unless a woman tells you that her favorite fantasy is getting raped, then for fuck’s sake DON’T FORCE SEX ON HER. And no, you never get to “own” a woman. That’s Ancient Rome, not modern society. Other common names? Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). Sexual abuse. And of course, rape. Next time you tell us you aren’t comfortable with our teeth brushing your dick as we give you a blowjob, we’ll bite down on it. Enjoy some time in the ER, fuckface.

    3) Isolate her from her friends and family
    WHAT KIND OF AN IDIOT ARE YOU? No. Just… no. No no no no no! What is WRONG with you? Women have lives too. Same as before: Next time you tell us our friend’s a bitch, we’ll go ahead and tell you that your friends are sexist jackasses.

    4) Reward her at random intervals
    Do you seriously think you’re our only source of gratification? And why would we stick around if you don’t give us any thanks? Give us some fuckin’ appreciation. If you just want something to fuck that follows your every command, wait 10 years and there’ll be a robot that can do that for ya.

    5) Give her an emotional release
    Do I have to explain to you why this is wrong? Seriously?
    No, I guess some of you sick fucks need a lesson in basic manners.
    You’re going to beat us until we’re crying and sobbing? We DON’T enjoy being spanked. News flash: it hurts. You guys are the ones who enjoy squeezing boobs and asses. Especially squeezing boobs. That’s painful. Next time you want to tell us how your day went, expect us to get out the metal baseball bat. Because all guys want to get beaten until they cry, right?

    6) Fuck her like it’s your last day on Earth
    Yes, give us good sex. We are unzipping our vaginas and baring our boobs for you, while you are granting us your dick. So we pleasure one another.
    But damnit, if you expect to cum every time we fuck, then don’t go rationing out our “orgasm times!”And no, we don’t just side with a guy who gives us good dick. You have to be a decent person. Once again, WE ARE NOT JUST IDIOTS.

    And finally, we have lives of our own. We are people too. We don’t “need a guiding masculine hand” to put us in our place. Save this shit for fantasies, not real life.

    Here’s this article, rewritten:

    How to Crush a Man’s Self-Esteem

    1) Constantly insult him
    You love him. He’s handsome, smart, sexy – no he’s not! Not at all! Look at those flabby muscles! He didn’t get a pay raise last month? FAILURE. And his dick resembles a split hotdog. At least, that’s what you’ll tell him. Because if he has no idea how to make you happy, he’ll keep on trying. Definitely. Because he totally can’t run away from a good v.
    2) Dominate him, physically and sexually
    Ignore his preferences. He tells you he’s not comfortable with pressure? Bite his balls off. He tells you he doesn’t like giving you oral? Cum on his face. It’s not his body anymore. It’s yours. And you’re going to make him suffer for some random reason.
    3) Isolate him from the world
    Ever watch Mirai Nikki? When Yuno Gasai, the yandere girlfriend, feels that her love Yukiteru is being threatened, she drugs him and chains him up in a basement. Keep the chains ready, girls. Because you can’t allow your men to see anyone else.
    4) Reward him at random intervals
    Because one compliment will make up for years of abuse. Definitely true.
    5) Give him an emotional release
    Surprisingly, men love being beaten half to death. It really makes them feel great. They just won’t tell you! So prepare chainsaws, baseball bats, and knives for the next time he had a rough day.
    6) Fuck him like it’s his last day on Earth
    Don’t always make him orgasm though. You matter more. Just make him cum once and he’s now bound to you forever. A woman with a good vagina is hard to find.

    For fuck’s sake though, if any of you have tried these kinds of things, you deserve to get your ass brought to court.

  • Daniela Cardoso

    You did not even needed to spend so much time writing such a stupid text, you just had to write, “I’m Matt Forney, someone who does nothing good in my life or in society, I spend all day writing a lot of shit and I have a great self-esteem, despite being a very stupid, pathetic and weak little boy and I think if I destroy the self-esteem of a girl being an idiot, narcissistic and abusive boyfriend I will get her to love me a little and I will have a life a little less ridiculous. Yes, because to feel that I am a real man I have to control and degrade another person”

  • andrea

    Flip the sexes around and you have an abusive woman destroying a man. What’s your point?

  • Titan000

    Its bloody satire.

  • Titan000

    Ask Matt if you really want to know.

  • Titan000


  • Titan000

    Exactly. Its either satire or my point. If that is not satisfactory then ask Matt himself.

  • Titan000

    Explain the popularity of 50 shades of gray among women.

  • Annette Wade

    I pray this is intended sarcastically or satirically.
    I have been married to a man that has (I believe unintentionally) treated me this exact way, point for point.

    The sad thing is that he never needed to. There are good women in the world. I make mistakes but I loved him and wanted to serve and please him over myself without the manipulation.

    Treating me this way caused me to become hopeless and suicidal. It was too painful as he caused me to hate myself as I realized that I could never earn his love and he would never just gift it to me. And his love is all I desired.

    Regardless of his narcissistic tendencies and abusive behavior, he still does care at least a little for me and he cares a lot for the children. Now that I am leaving him he is quite hurt.

    This plan of action was foolhardy. I would have loved him to the end of my life. I will, I am sure, love him until I am dust. But he is so destructive to me that I must save myself at this point and stay away from him.

    Even now, I am willing to forgive him and stay with him, if he would just stop being verbally and emotionally abusive. All he has to do is say what he wants and I would do it. And say if he is unhappy and I would correct it. The manipulation is so painful and unnecessary. I am not a bad person. I am not a stupid person. All I wanted was to love him and be important to him.

    I am attractive and smart, I earn a lot of money and keep the house nice as well. I never refuse him his sexual needs. I genuinely just want to please him.

    His decision to treat me this way is because he was raised by a selfish, terrible mother.

    Women out there: love your sons. Stop shaming them. Cherish them. Teach them to be good men. Allow them their masculinity. Or else you will rob them of their happiness as adults and crush the will to live out of a good woman. And rob your grandchildren of an intact family.

    Men out there: If you’re doing this, it is never too late to change. We are all human. We all make mistakes. We all grow and change as we live and learn. You deserve love and forgiveness and admitting to mistakes is brave, not a sign of weakness. Worthy women will cherish you for it, not hold it against you.

    As for me, I do believe there are good men out there and I pray that my daughters will marry loving alpha males that treasure them and lead with gentleness and kindness and an understanding that women are fragile in ways that strong men often are not.

    It is too late for my marriage. But it doesn’t have to be too late for yours.