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Cutting Your Bee Pollen Dosage

I’ve been using bee pollen to boost my energy levels for a few years now. While I’ve tried using it in lieu of caffeine, I’ve realized that having the energy boost from both it and the bee pollen makes me a more productive person. Unlike the quick, jittery rush I get from caffeine, bee pollen provides a more natural increase in energy throughout the day, parceled out over hours instead of minutes.

But how much bee pollen do you take?

The brand of bee pollen capsules I use claims the recommended dosage is three capsules three times daily. While I followed this dosing schedule when I first started using the stuff, not only is it ludicrously uneconomical (a bottle of 180 capsules will only last 20 days), I didn’t notice any appreciable differences when I switched to a lower dosage.

The Right Bee Pollen Dosage Depends on Who You Are

After blowing through $20 worth of bee pollen in about a month, I switched to just taking one capsule three times daily. Then I switched to just twice daily. And guess what? All else being equal, my energy levels are about the same.

Recommended daily supplement dosages are tailored to the average American, who is a fat, sickly retard who needs point-by-point instructions to avoid burning his house down every time he microwaves Hot Pockets. Depending on your personal health or goals, you can modify or outright disregard dosing instructions to get the most out of your supplements.

For example, I’ve started taking phenibut in order to relieve my anxiety. According to the directions on the back of the bottle, I’m supposed to take one to two phenibut capsules two to four times per day. However, I tried out Good Looking Loser’s dosage schedule, which entails taking four capsules (one gram) on an empty stomach in the morning, then taking an additional two capsules (500 milligrams) two and five hours later.

I’ve gotten way better results from Good Looking Loser’s suggestions then the recommended dosage.

Overall, I’d recommend playing with the dosages of your supplements to get the best results. By cutting my bee pollen intake from nine capsules a day to just two, I save about $20 per month while still getting the same level of energy. If you follow dosage recommendations to the letter, you’re wasting your money and your time.

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