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How to Date Beautiful Women: An Indian Man’s Guide by Bojangles

indian-man-guideWhat the hell is wrong with Indians?

There’s something about the subcontinent that screws up men and girls. I’ve written about the horrors of Indian girls before: their ugliness, psychosis and feminism makes them as desirable as a blow-up doll. But the men are a bundle of weirdness unto themselves. Roosh V Forum members are well aware of “Indian Race Trolls,” Indian men with inferiority complexes and an unhealthy fixation with blonde white girls, but the sheer freakishness of the Indian man goes way deeper.

How can Indian men overcome their native loserdom? By listening to one man who did.

How to Date Beautiful Women: An Indian Man’s Guide is one of the best game guides I’ve ever read, and not simply because of how useful it is. It’s an insider’s look at the problems Indian men face and how to overcome them. Bojangles, a blogger over at The 3 Bromigos, undid years of cultural programming and became a successful player, and How to Date Beautiful Women is the sum total of his wisdom.

If you’re an Indian man looking to avoid the hell of celibacy, How to Date Beautiful Women is a must-buy.

Bojangles’ book is fantastic precisely because he doesn’t simply regurgitate standard game principles. From start to finish, How to Date Beautiful Women is specifically geared towards solving the problems Indian men face:

Now back to these men. The reason they are being rejected is to do with who they are not what they look like. Their whining and pining is down to an inadequacy which they blame on their skin colour. In the world of pickup, this is called an “inner game” issue. Inner game is the internalised mechanics that help to make up the way you think and the way you act. It’s what you think of yourself, it consists of your self esteem and confidence. It dictates how you’ll react to all types of situations and in these men they have no self esteem, and issues that go beyond the colour of their skin.

Bojangles’ prose style is absolutely hilarious throughout: imagine if Aaron Clarey was both British and pounded a fifth of gin before doing his Asshole Consulting videos, and you have the tone of How to Date Beautiful Women in a nutshell. Bojangles sketches out every aspect of mindset and style that Indian men need to work on, right down to hygiene. I shit you not:

I’m not telling you to wax your entire body and spend a day at a spa to get rid of all the toxic smells within your armpits. However start using a deodorant or as Roosh recommends use baking soda to eliminate the smell within your armpit. Keeping your bush in check is also important; the last thing you want is a girl choking to death on one of your pubes whilst she’s giving you a blowjob.

How to Date Beautiful Women is divided into four chapters in a fashion similar to Roosh’s Bang or The Mystery Method. The first focuses on the fundamentals (style, mindset, looks etc.), while the following chapters focus on meeting girls, taking them out on dates, and ultimately banging them. It’s not mindblowing material, but Bojangles’ attention to detail and unique spin on game helps the book hang together as a complete work:

My own personal trick here is to show some dominance by combining me fingering her with sticking my cock in her mouth (not it’s impossible). You have to position yourself to the side of her body, keep fingering her, take your cock out and push it into her mouth. If you’re feeling crazy you can start fucking her mouth rather than letting her work your cock.

My biggest problems with How to Date Beautiful Women are with its editing and design. While not bad by any means, Bojangles would have benefited from having better proofreading, as the book is full of run-on sentences and has fewer commas than it should.

Layout-wise is where the book takes a considerable ding. Instead of just creating a standard PDF or Kindle format e-book, How to Date Beautiful Women is full of unnecessary stock images and multicolored background colors. While it looks fairly colorful on a computer screen, it’s an absolute pain in the ass to read on a Kindle; in fact, I had to actually go over several pages on my laptop because the color choices made reading them on my Kindle impossible.

But these are minor issues. If you’re an Indian man looking to supercharge your dating life, you absolutely need to read How to Date Beautiful Women. If you’re not Indian but curious about the particular issues Indian men face, Bojangles’ book is also worth a look. There’s literally no other game guide out there like it.

Click here to buy How to Date Beautiful Women: An Indian Man’s Guide.

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