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The Guide to Dating Ukrainian Women

When I visited Lviv, Ukraine earlier this month, I didn’t intend on spending a lot of time on women. That changed the morning after I arrived. I was eating lunch, opened up Tinder to see what was on offer, and started swiping right. After exhausting my free swipes in five minutes, I had three matches, the best response rate I’ve had in any city I’ve used Tinder.

Given how good my results were there, I started chatting up girls on the street and ended up going on a few dates. Here’s what I learned and experienced. Keep in mind that this is based solely on my experiences in Lviv; from my understanding, the further east in Ukraine you go, the more “Russian” the culture becomes.

1. Ukrainian women are easy to meet and hard to lay.

In many ways, Ukraine reminds me of the Philippines, and Lviv reminded me of Davao in particular: an extremely conservative city full of approachable, cute girls who make you wait. If you’re expecting one-night stands, prepare to be disappointed, because you likely won’t be getting any action until date number three at the earliest.

The only girls who will sleep with you on the first night are prostitutes.

Yes, this goes for Tinder, too, at least in Lviv. In Hungary and America, you go on Tinder to find a girl who will sleep with you on the first date. In Ukraine, you go on Tinder to find a girl who will kiss you on the first date (more on that later).

Ukrainian girls’ sexual reticence is a product of both their traditionalist culture (in Lviv, church attendance is somewhere between 85 to 90 percent) and their country’s collapsing economy. Due to Ukraine’s increasing poverty, Ukrainian women are unwilling to give themselves over in bed without something substantive in exchange: either a relationship in the case of normal girls, or money in the case of whores.

Additionally, in the specific case of Lviv, despite the city’s relatively large size, virtually all public activity is concentrated in the tiny area of Rynok Square and the Old Town, meaning that the city has a village-like atmosphere and gossip spreads quickly. No Ukrainian girl wants to be known as a slut who drops her panties for any foreign guy who ambles through town, so don’t expect her to give it up fast.

The flip side of this is that Ukrainian women are very easy to approach: on the street, online, everywhere.

Because their brains haven’t been infected by cultural Marxist mind viruses, they not only expect men to approach them, they welcome it. Dress well (I wore a suit every day, even if I was just going to the corner store) and carry yourself with confidence, and you’ll actually get stares from women. In fact, some girls may even try to bait you into approaching them: for example, I ended up chatting up two girls who kept deliberately blocking my frame while I was taking pictures of a church.

ukrainian women

2. Don’t lie to them.

One important area where Ukrainian women differ from Filipinas is that the former are far more guarded and suspicious. They know that they’re beautiful (even if they’re not egotistical about it like American women are) and that men want to sleep with them, and they’re also acutely aware that their country is swirling the toilet bowl.

As a result, they’re going to interrogate you on the first date like Jack Bauer.

“Why are you in Ukraine?” is always one of the first questions they ask. “Why don’t you like your home country?” is another popular one. She’ll ask you what you think about marriage and family, what you think of Ukrainian girls, what you think of Ukraine itself, and a million other questions to determine whether you’re an honest man or a sleazy sex tourist.

Here’s my advice: don’t lie.

Ukrainian women are insanely good at sniffing out bullshit. In fact, if President Trump ever gets around to liquidating the CIA, I recommend he exclusively recruit Ukrainian girls to staff whatever agency he creates to replace them. They’re that good, good enough that I felt a little nervous answering their questions, even though I was giving my honest answers.

While it’s not a good idea to tell them that you came to Ukraine specifically for the girls (if that’s what you’re there for), it’s possible to frame your answers in a way that satisfies her. For example, when the girls I met asked me why I was in Ukraine, I told them “work,” which is technically true: just about everything I do counts as work since I typically write about it.

In addition to not lying about your intentions, you shouldn’t lie in order to flatter her. I owe this tip to Roosh and Kyle Trouble: when a girl asks you what you think of Ukraine—decaying, collapsing, deindustrializing Ukraine—and you tell her you love it, she’ll know you’re full of shit. Instead, I told her that I thought the country was “tragic”: while I liked the architecture and the museums, I thought the decaying sidewalks and crushing poverty was a sad sight. Again, honesty will get you further than dishonesty, because…

ukrainian women

3. Ukrainian women don’t play games.

The basic requirement for succeeding with Ukrainian girls is to be a man. There’s very little thought involved with lines to use, maneuvers or anything like that. While Ukrainian women will try to wear you down with their questioning, it’s because they’re trying to determine your intentions, not test you for their own amusement. They’re looking for boyfriends and husbands, not sexy clowns to entertain them in between bouts of tapping on their iPhones.

Simply be a man and you’re 80 percent of the way to succeeding.

Being a man isn’t just a prerequisite for not getting taken advantage of—Ukrainian women bring the claws out on idiots and suckers—but also to make any progress with her, because…

ukrainian women

4. Your interactions with Ukrainian women will be slow, slow, slow.

I was only half-joking when I said that Tinder is where you go to find Ukrainian girls who will kiss you on the first date. In contrast to more (superficially) open relationships in America and the West, Ukrainian girls will take forever before they become comfortable with you. You’ll be doing the vast majority of the talking on a first date and getting to the first kiss will take what seems like an eternity. Throw in the language barrier (while the girls I dated had decent English, fluency was lower than the Philippines and Hungary) and your struggle to win her over almost seems Sisyphean.

The important thing to remember, no matter how long it takes, is this: if she stays with you on the date, it’s because she wants to be there.

The same cold attitude towards strangers that Ukrainian women will lead them to directly eject from a date if they’re not enjoying themselves. If they stick around, even if they’re not talking or resisting your kisses, it means they’re interested in you, and it’s your duty to power through her skepticism.

ukrainian women

5. Don’t get drunk.

The biggest complaint that Ukrainian women have about their men is that they drink too much, so they respond by drinking very little or not at all. The fastest way to get a Ukrainian girl to ditch you is to have a first date at a bar and start hammering the vodka shots. Instead, have your first date at a coffeeshop, or even better, just go for a walk if the weather is nice.

No, I’m not kidding.

Example date I went on: I met a girl outside Lviv City Hall one night and we went tromping around the city, talking about ourselves (or more accurately, me talking). Along the way, we popped into a restaurant that was decked out like a WWII-era Ukrainian resistance bunker, where we had to guess the secret password in order to enter. No stress, no pressure.

ukrainian women

6. Beware golddiggers.

As mentioned above, the country’s poor economic situation has made Ukrainian women more reticent to sleep with men for nothing. Good girls want you to commit to them in the form of a relationship, while bad ones prostitute themselves either up-front or in the form of golddigging.

While spending a certain amount of money on a Ukrainian girl is unavoidable—they are much poorer than you, after all—dropping excessive amounts of money on a girl is chump behavior. My strategy for dealing with golddiggers is the same one I developed in the Philippines; if a girl barely knows you but starts whining about her various money problems, next her. From what it looks like, golddigging behavior is more common the further east you go in Ukraine, a result of the heavier Russian influence on the culture.

Overall, I enjoyed my experiences with Ukrainian women and I plan on going back to the country as soon as I can. You’re not going to regret dating Ukrainian women provided you know what to expect and you go in with your eyes open.

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