Day Bang: How to Casually Pick Up Girls During the Day by Roosh V

Picking up women is a hobby usually practiced after the sun sets. Don’t pretend that nightclubs, lounges and most bars aren’t catered towards lonely losers looking to lay some ladies. When you dress up in your Friday night best and hit the nightlife circuit, you’re competing with countless other guys looking to scale the castle walls and take the princess slut home. A lone shark in a tiny pool desperately racing for chum, inflating the egos of the women you all hit on, increasing the chances that the only woman you’ll be going home with is Rosie Palmer.

What if there was a way to avoid all that? A way to meet attractive women without having to deal with cockblockers, ridiculous cover charges and the other assorted bullshit of nightlife?

Roosh, author of Bang, has got you covered with his companion book Day Bang. It’s exactly what it sounds like; a method designed to help you meet women during the day, while they’re shopping, at work or killing time at the fair trade coffeeshop. This isn’t a repackaged version of Bang, though; because the atmosphere of a supermarket or mall is different than a bar or nightclub, you’ll need a more subtle method of luring in the fishies:

What direct game does is give a girl a shot of heroin, putting her on cloud nine that a confident man thinks highly of her, but like all drugs, it wears off. A couple of minutes (or hours) later, she realizes that as cool as you seemed to be in the brief interaction that stroked her ego, there’s nothing of substance that motivates her enough to schedule one night in the week to hang out with you. She would have to be close to desperate to say yes. While direct gamesmen get numbers, they get pitifully few dates from pretty girls as a result. You can’t skip the connection-building process, because a connection is what it takes to get girls out on dates.

Day Bang’s method is so toned-down and unlike what you’d expect that you can’t even really call it “game”; it’s more about being an engaging conversationalist. Since women don’t leave the house in the morning looking to get swept off their feet, day game consists of hooking them by emphasizing your talents, qualities and experiences as a man, with only enough sexual aggressiveness to get her interested in a formal date.

And that’s the key to Day Bang: like Bang, it’s not magic. If you aren’t already in shape, have interesting hobbies and aren’t already a relatively solid guy, Roosh’s “elderly opener” and “ramble” aren’t going to help you much, if at all:

If you’re an old dude, understand that while day game puts you into position to talk to younger girls, it doesn’t necessarily make it easier to lay them unless you come close to what they’re looking for. To receive good initial responses from your approaches, you have to dress the part, which means a more modern and fit wardrobe on an athletic body. If you have a huge beer belly and you go to the mall wearing a ten-year-old Hawaiian shirt, I’d be surprised if you get anywhere regardless of how well you know the content of this book. Girls will simply peg you as a creepy old guy.

Fortunately, if you are a smart and cool guy, Day Bang is the extra bit of lubricant you need to grease your way through the cogs. Even if you’re not interested in nightlife, you’ll still want to read Bang first; Day Bang’s material builds on that book and is basically the sophomore level course to Bang’s Seduction 101.

Ultimately, the only way to get the woman you desire is to become a better you; the problem is that the accepted ways to do this are varying degrees of wrong. Day Bang is an invaluable tool for refining the diamond of masculinity that is you.

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