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Why Did Dean Esmay Call the Cologne Rape Victims “Liars?”

UPDATE: In response to this post, Dean Esmay has begun falsely accusing Roosh and me of being rapists. Read more here.

Dean Esmay is a leftist MHRA (men’s human rights activist), best known as the former COO of A Voice for Men. Recently, the Internet was shocked by the news that Muslim refugees had gone on a rape spree in Cologne, Germany, targeting white German women for violent gang rapes. To most, this story validated the growing contention that the waves of Middle Eastern refugees entering Europe represent a massive security risk.

Dean Esmay, on the other hand, saw an opportunity to accuse verified rape victims of being “liars.”

Dean Esmay, Rape Apologist

Last Sunday, Dean Esmay logged on to Twitter and accused the Cologne rape victims of being “liars,” also describing everyone who was talking about the story as a “bigot”:


Esmay then doubled down, accusing his detractors of engaging in “rape hysteria”:


Earlier in the day, Esmay also declared that the Cologne rape attacks “didn’t fucking happen”:


Despite being shown countless evidence and eyewitness reports of the Muslim gang-rape attacks, Dean Esmay refused to budge from his assertions. It took him nearly two days before he begrudgingly admitted that some women may have been raped by Muslims in Cologne.

Yesterday on Twitter, I posted a link to my colleague Roosh’s article “Is it Time to Make a Truce with Men’s Rights Activists?” in which I referred to Dean Esmay’s accusations against the Cologne rape victims. Esmay took exception to this and called me a “disgusting liar“:


In response, I quoted Esmay’s own words back at him:


He had no response to this.

It’s one thing to remain skeptical and wait for more evidence, but Dean Esmay didn’t do that: as his own words show, he immediately started claiming the Cologne rape attacks didn’t happen. In doing so, he has become a rape apologist, the very thing that feminists accuse anti-feminists of being. Readers would be well-advised to take anything that Esmay says with a grain of salt.

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