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Why Did Dean Esmay Call the Cologne Rape Victims “Liars?”

dean esmay

UPDATE: In response to this post, Dean Esmay has begun falsely accusing Roosh and me of being rapists. Read more here.

Dean Esmay is a leftist MHRA (men’s human rights activist), best known as the former COO of A Voice for Men. Recently, the Internet was shocked by the news that Muslim refugees had gone on a rape spree in Cologne, Germany, targeting white German women for violent gang rapes. To most, this story validated the growing contention that the waves of Middle Eastern refugees entering Europe represent a massive security risk.

Dean Esmay, on the other hand, saw an opportunity to accuse verified rape victims of being “liars.”

Dean Esmay, Rape Apologist

Last Sunday, Dean Esmay logged on to Twitter and accused the Cologne rape victims of being “liars,” also describing everyone who was talking about the story as a “bigot”:


Esmay then doubled down, accusing his detractors of engaging in “rape hysteria”:


Earlier in the day, Esmay also declared that the Cologne rape attacks “didn’t fucking happen”:


Despite being shown countless evidence and eyewitness reports of the Muslim gang-rape attacks, Dean Esmay refused to budge from his assertions. It took him nearly two days before he begrudgingly admitted that some women may have been raped by Muslims in Cologne.

Yesterday on Twitter, I posted a link to my colleague Roosh’s article “Is it Time to Make a Truce with Men’s Rights Activists?” in which I referred to Dean Esmay’s accusations against the Cologne rape victims. Esmay took exception to this and called me a “disgusting liar“:


In response, I quoted Esmay’s own words back at him:


He had no response to this.

It’s one thing to remain skeptical and wait for more evidence, but Dean Esmay didn’t do that: as his own words show, he immediately started claiming the Cologne rape attacks didn’t happen. In doing so, he has become a rape apologist, the very thing that feminists accuse anti-feminists of being. Readers would be well-advised to take anything that Esmay says with a grain of salt.

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  • Daniel Holland

    Yea, I made a whole thread on this on TRS’ forum. As I said, I can understand if they said it was not right to say a ‘rape spree’ since it was mostly a ‘sexual assault spree’… but Dean also denied that so fuck him.

    I’m actually pretty worried about the malcontents in the AltRight over the issue of Roosh and this Cologne thing has made it worse. I can understand finding Roosh sleazy, but to say he has nothing to offer (he’s right about female entryism) is wrong. You can take Roosh’s advice without making him an “honorary Aryan”.

    I can see why people were mad about his comments regarding white knighting but they did miss that he posted an article about Germans beating up migrants. And he pretty clearly liked that sign even if he didn’t outright say it.

    Then there;s the gay issue despite gays being useful to the AltRight and not being raging drama queen up until now.

    At the same time I’m also wondering if it’s a loud minority because none of the ‘leadership’ has gotten their panties in a bunch. Even if they don’t like Roosh themselves, as some don’t.

    And while female entryism is an issue I don’t know many of these 1488 girls that are being given a platform just for being girls. There was maybe the shitlord report which ended badly and lessons were learned. But beyond that I’m at a loss. So if they do exist I would not know them.

    But above everything else… if one doesnt like Cernovich and Roosh then ignore them. I see them as assets and appreciate that. Causing a fucking rift over them is stupid.

    The altright has all the potential in the world and a lot of talent which has done a lot despite its small size. So this pettiness is beneath it. Become who we are and all that.

  • Daniel Holland

    And as I meant to add, this is exactly what happened to the fucking manosphere and why we are talking about Dean Esmay at all.

    See? I brought it back around!

  • evilwhitemalempire

    They have no video evidence?!?!

    Well of course they’d have no video evidence if the attackers had control!

    Is Esmay a Muslim by any chance?

    Would explain a great deal.

    How can MRAs expect to be respected over feminists if all they do is act just like them in reverse!?!?!?

  • Commander_Chico

    I can’t say they were liars, can’t say if any of it or all of it is true. I wasn’t there: neither was Dean or Matt.

    Caution is always warranted. The Breitbart story is full of innuendo and short on facts. Stories like this can be used to promote agendas, including for war and government oppression. Beware.

  • Esmay is no sort of MRA, he’s just claiming to be.

    Men’s rights aren’t advanced by his behavior. He’s using this to attack men on the altright that have been critical of him in the past, in my opinion. He’s also so anti-woman here it’s obnoxious. I’m guessing he’s got low T and has had piss poor relationships with women. If there is a false rape accusation that must be addressed but to callously dismiss thousands of claims because they’re counter to your agenda is not the behavior of someone I’d welcome into my tribe, so to speak. It is also damaging to the cause because it sends the message that we are knee-jerk idiots.

    Esmay is little more than an SJW blowhard pretending to care about men’s rights.

  • Eye witness accounts from multiple unrelated sources are just as reliable as video evidence. This moron cannot seem to get this simple fact in his fat commie head.

    Vox was right: any organization that isn’t explicitly right-wing will become left-wing over time.

  • Commander_Chico

    Where are these multiple unrelated eyewitness accounts and what exactly did they see?

  • Shut up.

  • Commander_Chico

    As I thought, you have nothing.

    This is like Duke Lacrosse or UVA.

  • Futrelle-style out of context quotes. Pretty low, Matt.

  • karen straughan

    No, they’re not. They’re really not.

    I’m not even taking a position here, either. I absolutely believe that something like this could happen and quite possibly did happen, and that such a thing would be facilitated by aspects of Islamic doctrine and culture that are popular at the moment.

    I also absolutely know that women are prone to exaggerating such claims (which they may or may not be doing here), and I ABSOLUTELY know that the press and public are VERY prone to exaggerating them even if the women aren’t doing it.

    You all know that women sometimes lie about rape. But I’m sorry, EVERYONE can lie (and frequently do) about rape. The state, the police, the media, feminists, male feminists, white knights, traditionalists, and even Muslims.

    Dean’s statements on Twitter originated before the reports were confirmed. His biggest sin was asserting it was rape hysteria, rather than raising the possibility that it might be (something difficult to do in 140 characters or less).

    So I will try to explain why someone might have significant reservations regarding accepting unconfirmed reports of mass sexual assault on women.

    I know that accusations of sexual deviance on the part of out-group males are the universal screwdriver in the threat narrative toolkit. The only accusation more egregious than “they’re coming to rape our women,” is, “they’re so despicable, they hurt *their own* women.”

    These are the two biggest messages that have justified the mass killing of men over the course of human history. That they may, at times, be true does not mean that they have not, at times, been false or intentionally exaggerated for the purposes of turning man against man.

    That black men have, at times, raped white women, does not justify the knee-jerk prejudice that led to the lynching of Emmitt Till.

    Moreover, what do you think fundamentalist Imams are telling their followers about you guys (red pill western men, PUAs and the like, and westerners in general)? That you rape and sexually degrade women? You think?

    Oh my goodness! It’s almost like there’s this super easy, super simple, super effective way to cause men to hate other men! “They rape women!”

    How many times has feminism vilified you gentlemen in the mainstream by accusing you of writing “rape manuals”? By accusing you yourselves of raping women, or excusing the rape of women?

    You don’t think it’s fair that people believe you’re rape-promoting, rape-enabling rapists with no real evidence, and yet when Dean made his initial statements (which you yourselves would likely make to defend yourselves or your friends if you felt you were being falsely maligned), there was no hard evidence.

    Just people saying stuff. Suff like what feminists and white knights and manginas and cucks say about you guys all the time.

    There are a whole host of reasons why this incident could have happened as the press is reporting it, and a whole host of reasons why it might have emerged spontaneously, with no planning or premeditation involved.

    Not only that, why the FUCK is no one here talking about the many German men who were reportedly beaten, stomped and hospitalized by these exact same people?

    Is it because mentioning that doesn’t get you adequate “threat narrative traction”?

    You men here are playing into the exact same tropes feminism and the mainstream use to demonize you, and you don’t even see it.

    You were white knighting before there was even probable cause to do so. And you’re not even self-aware enough to see it. So much for “brotherhood among men”.

  • karen straughan

    Also, weren’t you once going by the name of Ferdinand Bardamu? You know, the guy whose “The Necessity of Domestic Violence” article I was asked, years ago, to read and comment on, something for which I am STILL answering for in the mainstream because I didn’t take the obvious, callous and easy opportunity to say, “Bardamu is an obvious misogynist who loves abusing women! OMG, he called women no better than chimpanzees! Clearly he hates women, full stop.”

    No. Instead, I read your article charitably and picked out some relevant parts that were actually reasonable and accurate and commented on them, and now I’m a “domestic abuse apologist” according to every feminist everywhere. For giving you the fucking benefit of the doubt.

    Goddamn it.

  • No, it’s that you’re being an asshole.

  • John Steele

    You are missing the point: these “refugees” are incompatible with Western civilization, and will ultimately lead to its’ demise.

  • Daniel Holland

    Defend the third world!

  • karen straughan

    I’m not “missing the point”. I wasn’t addressing that point at all, other than what I said in my second paragraph.

  • Jeff

    He never denied that only molestation took place. He denied that mass rape AND molestation took place. You yourself admitted that mass rapes didn’t happen. That’s what he was questioning.

  • Jeff

    Actually, that’s complete bullshit. Eyewitness testimonies are not unreliable. All he wanted is a video. If this happened in public, someone obviously recorded it. Well, I want that recording. And it now appears that there is a recording somewhere. Dean has now excepted that evidence. You are just butthurt that he didn’t believe your precious white women without evidence immediately.

  • Aryanblindboy

    another nail in the coffin for AVFM – Dean’s attitude and the other ‘owners’ ‘moderators’ and basic bitches at AVFM kicked me off their precious blog my first day there. So I learned how to make another ID and went back to have my say incognito and with courtesy, sensitivity and a lot of editing. Ironically that’s how I have to talk to binaural minded, deluded, self righteous, Politically Correct assholes – now I consider AVFM “A Vagina For Men” or more commonly known as Mangina.

  • Jeff

    You are really stupid if you think eyewitness testimony is reliable. All Dean wanted to know was about the video. If this happened in public, there was obviously a recording. It seems a recording has now surfaced and Dean has excepted that evidence. You’re just butthurt because we didn’t except the claims of your precious white women without evidence immediately.

  • “we didn’t except the claims of your precious white women”


    Eyewitness testimony is questionable but when you have hundreds of claims across a continent it’s a little much to think they all just made it up because they want attention or hate Muslims. That’s really pushing it, especially when there is a term for the practice in their religion…

    Go ahead and take Dean’s cock out of your mouth, k?

  • Jeff

    LOL. I’m not racist. I treat all women of all races the same. I was simply referring to the reason you guys got butthurt. You wouldn’t get butthurt if I questioned the claims of women from any other race, but I must believe the white women immediately with no questions asked and with no evidence. I was simply questioning the claims because there was no video at the time. I had a hard time believing that this all happened in public and no one recorded it. Well, now a video has surfaced and I’ve accepted it. But just keep being mad that I didn’t listen and believe immediately.

  • “butthurt” “butthurt” “keep being mad”

    You’re taking criticism/shit-talking far too seriously. Low T?

  • Also, somebody calling names like stupid ought to know the difference between except and accept.

  • Wait, it’s Matt’s fault other people are shitty to you?

  • karen straughan

    Nope. It’s my fault for commenting on the valuable things I saw in his piece when I was in too much of a hurry to devote 90% of my comment to what was objectionable.

    Anyway, I chose to not treat Bardamu’s statements the way he’s treating Esmay’s here. That’s what bit me in the ass.

    I still have that comment regularly thrown in my face and am asked to defend it. I think it had to have been back in 2010 or 2011.

    Edit: Granted, people would have been shitty to me anyway. They’d find something, or invent it.

  • Jeff

    Wow, you caught a mistake. Truly the genius of our times.

  • Jeff

    “I caught a typing mistake you made, therefore, your argument is incorrect.”
    Wow, I wish I had your debating skills.

  • Pissed you off enough to reply twice.

  • Find less shitty people.

    Trust me — getting rid of drains on me was the best decision I made.

  • evilwhitemalempire

    We don’t need MRAs to defend belligerent, illegal, 3rd world foreigners invading our lands, taking our jobs, our women, etc.

    There’s a well funded, elite controlled media machine that is more than up to this task.

    And at any rate if the muzzies eventually take over everything then what do we need MRAs for?

  • evilwhitemalempire

    “I must believe the white women immediately with no questions asked and with no evidence”
    Wrong frame.
    It’s not about believing white women.
    It’s about doubting Muslims and getting back at string pullers.

  • karen straughan

    Everyone in my life knows what I do and supports me. My family, friends, kids, former coworkers and bosses, boyfriend’s coworkers and bosses, local business people, the cashier at the grocery store. Even my kids’ teachers. Shit, there are two high schools in my city that have used my material in their social studies classes (and I only even know about that because three of my coworkers were students who let me know about it).

    People sitting next to me in airport lounges or on planes, in waiting rooms, wherever. I haven’t been shy about what I do for years, and I’ve never had a bad response from anyone I run into in daily life.

    I was in a tire place getting new tires today, and when the guy at the counter clocked out, he came up to me and said he was a huge fan. 45 minutes later, a customer approached me to tell me the same thing. I am not kidding.

    I could not be surrounded by better people.

    It’s the media I’m mostly talking about, and everyone who reads about me in the media. “VICE SAID YOU SAID THIS! DEFEND YOURSELF, MISOGYNIST!”

  • karen straughan

    That’s not a confirmation of anything, other than two people’s assertions and opinions of events for which they provided no evidence.

    That said, I largely agree with them. I wouldn’t put it past even a democratic government to delete CCTV footage that went against their desired narrative.

    But none of this, even if I agree with it, negates anything I said in my comment.

  • Pelayo Martel

    Matt, thank you for documenting this and archiving. Esmay is trying to spin things on Twitter at this very moment, and pretending he didn’t say what he did. He’s crying about his safety etc just like a feminist woman, by the way.

    Anti-feminists are right about women, but need to wake up that the problem with the Muslims is real, from their savage culture and religion, not the usual leftist fake rape culture talk.

  • John Steele

    I would be interested in your opinion of why Leftist Feminists like Laurie Penny (see her most recent article on Cologne) are so quick to down-play the recent attacks in Germany.

  • Regardless if the reports had been true or not, it’s still rape hysteria. We know that identity politics on the left leads to hysterics, but apparently right wing identity politics does as well. Look at how you form a blubbering, self-righteous lynch mob the moment its a threat narrative that you wanted.

  • What it suggests is that feminists don’t care about rape. What they care about is using rape as a moral and political bludgeon to shame and coerce their opponents. It’s not about their fear of rape, but about their hatred of straight white men. The assaults in Cologne didn’t serve that narrative, so they were disregarded.

  • It’s about using rape as a moral bludgeon, like an SJW.

  • Jeff

    Those tweets are clearly out of context. It’s obvious he wasn’t calling the Cologne victims liars.

  • Daniel Holland

    He later denies assaults took place at all, deeper into the thread

  • Lain

    No bad tactics, only good targets

  • Yobyaxes

    Actually, he’s not a part of AVFM anymore, so anything Dean says does not reflect the opinion of AVFM.

    MGTOWs did the same thing when Dean said something they didn’t like and used him as a vehicle to attack AVFM, who had nothing to do with Dean’s statements.

  • Jeff

    He was being skeptical because at the time there was scant evidence. That is not saying that “the women were lying”.

  • karen straughan

    I have to agree.

    A great deal of feminist activism and lobbying actually works against their stated purposes or objections.

    For instance, if I go into an ER with a gunshot wound, even if I swear up and down that it was an innocent accident, the staff there are required by law to report it to police as a potential serious felony.

    However, if I go into an ER and declare on no uncertain terms that I have been raped (a serious felony), thanks to feminist lobby efforts, not only are staff not obligated to report it to police, but they are prohibited from reporting it to police.

    And while feminists have done everything in their power to make it so that women need not report their rapes to police, they complain about how few rapes are reported to police. While they’ve done everything to ensure that a certain number of rape kits are sitting in storage in hospitals, inaccessible by law from investigation by law enforcement, they complain that there are untested rape kits gathering dust. They constantly fill women’s heads with the notion that reporting a rape is a “gruelling process” and if you do report it you’ll be revictimized and victim-blamed by police, and lie through their teeth that only 3% of *rapists* ever spend a day in prison, then whine that report rates are so low.

    Well, fuck, if I believed them, and I was raped, I wouldn’t report it! Why would I? I’ll only be put through a gruelling process, and victim-blamed and revictimized by police, on a 3% chance of seeing justice!

    But why are women not reporting their rapes to police!!!????

    I know what we should do to solve this! Let’s promote a bill that would bar universities from informing the police when a student reports to the school they’ve been raped! I mean, who cares that an expelled rapist who hasn’t been reported to police is walking free to victimize other women! It’s worth him raping other women in the future if we can make it so this particular victim won’t be revictimized, put through a “gruelling process” and victim-blamed!

    Sure, the guy walks free. Sure, he won’t spend a single day in prison for his crime. But you know, them’s the breaks.

    Also, did you know that only 3% of rapists ever spend a day in prison? This is a TRAVESTY! Something must be done about it! I know! Let’s reverse the burden of proof in criminal cases of rape, the way we have with “yes means yes” in campus adjudication committees! That oughtta do it!

    I mean, I can understand the idea of unintended consequences. It happens. But sometimes the consequences of an action are so obvious before taking it that one can only conclude that either the consequences are intended, or they are considered subordinate to the real goal.

    I don’t know which is more sinister in this case.

  • Given that Vice just published an article attempting to justify misandry I’d say anyone referencing them is a moron.

  • karen straughan

    So would I. That doesn’t negate the fact that VICE is widely read and informs public opinion, perhaps even majority public opinion.

  • Black Knight Fool

    He simply denied that the evidence at the time was substantial as it was mostly word of mouth, in a population that is hostile to the Muslim refugees. Therefore it makes sense to be prudence on such accusation until more concrete evidence is found. Dean is a good guy, who just has a habit of speaking in hyperbole as a natural habit from fighting with feminist who are always over emphasizing. This is bullshit. We, MRA’s all fought and support Roosh’s right to free speech in Canada, even though we don’t agree with what he says dude. We are already both SLANDER hard by the Media.

  • Waldo Meister

    I must say your plan to mold and sculpt Roosh into the next leader of the mrm (once Elam is gone) is quite clever. Well done.

  • Black Knight Fool

    He’s anti-woman? Dean if anything is just a softy. He is happily married, and has a big heart. Yes, he can be very knee jerky, which can be a problem sometime, but if you reason with him, he will come round. Remember as MRA’s we are used to ALWAYS being lied about, and after time, we become hypersensitive, and suspicious of everything said about us or badly about men.

  • Black Knight Fool

    Who is we? Can’t you see how the restrictions, demonization and laws aimed particularly at heterosexual men, and their sexuality are steady increasing every day..

    Who is going to fight for you right for free speech, when feminist start cracking down on the internet? Who is going to defend your right to even post this shit?

    Who is going to fight for your right to due process in regard to sexual assault allegations?

    Who is going to fight against the continuous push for laws made to have men seen as guilty for rape merely by accusation?

    We are not asking for your support or agreement, but to SIMPLY not go out of your way to attack or slander us unnecessarily, especially when unprovoked. We are both slandered enough by mainstream media. We are not your ENEMY.

    Sure, you don’t need us, like you don’t need two arms to play tennis, but it FUCKING HELPS..

  • Black Knight Fool

    If men are a part of the third world then we will advocate and defend their rights as well.

  • karen straughan

    Fuck, now my kid is wondering why I’m laughing. And of course, NOW he’s looking at your comment and saying, “I don’t get it mom. Mom? I don’t get it!”

    Good grief…

    I have no plans to mold or sculpt Roosh (or anyone, for that matter) into a leader in the MRM, or even recruit him as an MRA.

    He’d be a terrible MRA and there’s no way the broader base of the MRM would suffer him as “their leader” (or even “a leader”), but that doesn’t mean PUAs and MRAs can’t team up on a case by case basis to tackle issues they agree on.

    I mean, seriously. Because I talked to him, people are saying or thinking this? Or is this just you? Or are you joking, in which case, thanks for the laugh. What about when I talked to Gad Saad? Or Steven Crowder? Or Sargon of Akkad? Or Stardusk? Am I molding and sculpting them to replace Elam, too?

  • Aryanblindboy

    my experience with Dean was when he was with A Vagina For Men. Dean is still Dean and still reflects the attitudes of AVFM as far as I can tell…

  • Yobyaxes

    And yet, he is still talking for himself and not got AVFM, so AVFM cannot be blamed for what he says.

  • Daniel Holland

    Not all men are the same

  • Daniel Holland

    Saying it’s “bullshit” is not much different

  • Daniel Holland

    good goy*

  • Aryanblindboy

    It looks to me like the same mechanism at work when male feminists and white knights try to differentiate themselves from the bad guys. You could look at some of the criticism that MGTOW gets by MRAs and just replace “MGTOW” with “misogynist” and the rhetoric would be identical.

    “Yeah, feminism is bullshit, but y’know, we’re not like *those* guys, those fuckin’ school shooting, rapey, creepy misogynists!”

    You know who you are –

  • Aryanblindboy

    Not blaming AVfM – just noting a similarity – Dean and AVFM are both pridefully ignorant… as apparently are you.

  • Cobbett

    Yeah that’s right dear…they made it all up. Just like the thousands of underage girls in England who’ve been sexually and physically abused by Muslim men….who hate Englishmen, same as other Muslim men in Europe hate European men. The only sensible thing to do is hate them back(which i definitely do)

  • Yobyaxes

    Not really. AVFM doesn’t share Dean’s opinions on the matter as they’re politically nonaligned. I wonder how a pridefully ignorant person would know that.

  • Ganesh

    I think, to a significant extent, people are using society’s naturally more protective attitude towards women as an ideological weapon to fight what many perceive as an existential threat to western civilization.

    I have no problem with this.

    Men with radically different value systems from each other can feel brotherhood…from a distance, as long as they don’t share the same geographic space and political entities.

  • Aryanblindboy

    oh ya now I see – your’e right – I am now humbly informed. Dean’s opinion on the matter does not in any way reflect AVFM’s – no commonality between the two, no similarity or shared views. Dean, the former author / contributor / moderator of AVFM – who left for what was described as health problems – not ‘political non alignment’ – his views and words are strictly his and his alone with no influence from or on AVFM – AVFM and Dean are two separate entities with nothing shared on this matter at all, nada, zilch, zero. They are not ‘pridefully ignorant’ they are instead ‘politically nonaligned’… got it.

  • alanbstardmp

    separating women from men via their politics is part of the scam. Red fems aren’t interested in women’s rights, just want to destroy males in any society from their ultimate goal of mass immigration

  • Yobyaxes

    If only you weren’t being sarcastic.

  • kid_you_not

    Because he is a cuck.

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    I have seen videos of sexual harassment and a assault. I have heard official reports of – again – gan sexual assaults. Aparrently gangs of young muslim men surround women, jeer and grope them. For fun.

    But I couldn’t help noticing that none of these things are actually rape.

  • John Smith

    Karen just FUCK OFF already! You’re a pseudo intellectual fraud. Plus, you’re not even straight, go find yourself a bull dyke.

  • Christopher C

    He said it because he understands the female psychopath. : )
    … oh, and all their excuses, manipulations and guilt trips… when they don’t get what they WANT… lol… they’re all hookers, YOU;RE PROBABLY JUST TO DUMB TO REALIZE IT. : )

  • itsthepatriarchy

    p.s. – can we stop calling the refugees Syrian. They are NOT… that is what is being fed to the public, so that policy in the region can be continued, and the assault on Assad can be countenanced.

  • itsthepatriarchy

    “Almost three weeks after the incident a total of 838 people have filed
    criminal complaints, including 497 women alleging sexual assault. Some
    of the victims have jointly filed a single complaint, so that the number
    of alleged crimes stands at 766, of which 381 are sexual offences,
    including three rapes”

  • itsthepatriarchy

    “Almost three weeks after the incident a total of 838 people have filed
    criminal complaints, including 497 women alleging sexual assault. Some
    of the victims have jointly filed a single complaint, so that the number
    of alleged crimes stands at 766, of which 381 are sexual offences,
    including three rapes.”

  • PlainOldTruth

    I discovered that ideologues [obsessed with simplistic theories that will fix the world — because “history works logically”!] who lie in public about political issues also routinely lie in private about private (minor) matters. And they love to call others liars and rage with public insults . . . histrionically.

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