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Why is Dean Esmay Falsely Accusing Roosh and Me of Rape?


Dean Esmay, left-wing men’s rights’ activist and former COO of A Voice for Men, has been falsely accusing my colleague Roosh and me of being rapists for the past day. These false accusations came about because Esmay was upset at me posting about his comments on the Muslim gang-rape attacks in Cologne, Germany during New Years’ Eve, specifically his contention that they “didn’t fucking happen” and that the accusers were “liars.”

Standing against false rape accusations is one of the pillars of the men’s rights’ movement. In falsely accusing me of rape, Esmay has revealed that he is an enemy of men.

Dean Esmay, False Accuser

Dean Esmay began his attack by claiming he was going to stop being “civil” to Roosh and me and that we write “poor rape fantasy“:


He then upped the ante by referring to us as “confirmed rapists“:


To back up his claim, he dug up a blog post I wrote a while ago and deleted, both because it was poorly-written and in poor taste (even for me), a post that has nothing to do with rape:


Finally, Esmay started repeating Rachel Haywire’s false claim that I raped my friend, colleague and podcast sidekick Ann Sterzinger:


Haywire has been falsely accusing me of raping Ann because she’s angry at Ann exposing how she scammed Trigger Warning’s backers. She’s also fixated on me because of my role in helping Ann recover from Haywire’s narcissistic abuse. You can learn more about Rachel Haywire here.

One of the driving issues of the men’s rights’ movement is the prevalence of false rape accusations and how destructive they are to the men who are victimized by them. As an MRA, Dean Esmay knows full well how dangerous false rape accusations can be to a man, yet he chose to accuse me anyway out of anger. The irony is that he leveled a false rape accusation against me in response to me pointing out how he was claiming the Muslim rape attacks in Cologne “didn’t fucking happen.”

In falsely accusing Roosh and me of being rapists” Dean Esmay has revealed his true colors. A man who levels false accusations against men has no right to call himself a men’s rights’ activist. Esmay has shown that he is no different then the feminists and social justice warriors he purports to oppose. MRAs and anti-feminists would be well-advised to give him a wide berth.

UPDATE (1/13/2016): Mere minutes after I posted this article, Esmay began doubling down, repeating his false accusations:



And this man calls himself a mens’ rights activist?

UPDATE (1/14/2016): Esmay has decided to plant his flag on this false accusation with an article on his blog called “Inside Matt Forney’s Rape Club #RooshRecitesShahada,” in which he doubles down on his lies:


Esmay also simultaneously posted this article to A Voice for Men, meaning that they are complicit in his lies against me:


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  • That dude looks like he should be playing in a Foghat cover band at the local Applebees

  • Dave Of Mars

    People need to recognize where their crusade begins and ends.

  • evilwhitemalempire

    I like how this guy defended the muzzies on the grounds that it’s misandry to jump to conclusions and believe women when they say they’ve been raped (because you never know when she’s just being butthurt over buyers remorse) but then has no problem with making false rape accusations himself when he’s butthurt just because 98% of the manosphere thinks he’s in the wrong when he tries to frame the Cologne situation as “to kill a mockingbird” .

  • Jeff

    Why did you falsely accuse Dean of denying the Cologne attacks?

  • Phero

    Desperate attempt at attention whoring from another who sees himself as the voice of MRAs when in reality he seems to be more like a feminist.

  • john

    Don’t pay any attention to any MRA types, especially those associated with AVFM. They are as effective in combating the gynosphere as herbal supplements were in combating Steve Job’s pancreatic cancer.

  • Jeff

    So you’re just fine with taking a tweet from Esmay and make grand conclusions but Esmay can’t do the same with your article? Hypocrite.

  • Manuel

    Cause he’s a loser neckbeard?

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