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The Death Rattle of the Hungarian Left

Imagine there’s no leftists. It’s easy if you try. No protests in the streets, and in front of us, only cute white girls. That world exists, and it’s called Hungary, where the left is tiny, impotent and despised. After ruling socialist Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány admitted to lying to the public to get reelected in 2006 and also complained about Hungary being too conservative for his liking, the left was bounced out of power in 2010 in a landslide.

Incumbent PM Viktor Orbán of the right-wing Fidesz party set about remaking Hungary along traditionalist lines, promulgating a new constitution that defined marriage as between a man and a woman and kneecapped cultural Marxists in other ways. When Muslim rapefugees began streaming into Europe two years ago, Hungary said “HELL NO” to the European Union and built a border wall to keep them out. 98 percent of Hungarians voted to keep the EU from bringing migrants into their country last October, and when the referendum failed due to turnout being slightly too low (leftists boycotted the vote), Orbán announced plans to scrap the turnout requirement entirely.

For their efforts to keep Hungary Hungarian, Orbán and Fidesz were rewarded with a second landslide victory in 2014. Even after the left-wing parties formed a coalition, they could only win 38 seats out of a 199-seat legislature. MSZP, the largest leftist party, is now roughly the same size as Jobbik, an overtly nationalist party that thinks Orbán hasn’t gone far enough. Now Fidesz is going a step further by kicking George Soros-funded NGOs out of the country, depriving leftist parties of their biggest source of support.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? In America, a mudsharking homosexual of partial Jewish ancestry can’t hold a speech without antifas starting riots and calling him a Nazi, all while the police sit and watch. In Hungary, antifas don’t dare appear in public lest they get bathed in wood shampoo. After realizing that Orbán wouldn’t bend to their temper tantrums, the Hungarian left just gave up, and the few remaining stragglers are forced to engage in ever more desperate stunts to stay relevant.

I saw this last week when I attended the “Füttykoncert,” an anti-Vladimir Putin protest organized by leftist opposition party Együtt in Budapest. Putin made a state visit to Hungary last Thursday as part of a deal he’s making with Orbán to help construct a nuclear power plant, and the leftists decided to register their disapproval by… blowing whistles at his motorcade. I’m not making this up. What, did they think blowing raspberries at him was too juvenile?


I attended the protest with Hungarian nationalist YouTuber Melissa Mészáros, who also translated for me. The leftists had already gotten off to a bad start before the Füttykoncert started, after police quashed their plans to hold their protest at Kossuth Lajos tér (Kossuth Lajos Square), just outside the Országház (Hungarian Parliament), where Putin and Orbán were meeting. They were forced to relocate to a desolate street corner along Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út, barely within eyeshot of the route Putin’s motorcade would take.


The protest itself had pathetically low turnout: barely 300 people, not counting the cops. In an embarrassing twist for Együtt, which fashions itself a liberal, democratic party (Együtt is Hungarian for “together,” recalling the campaign slogan of a certain failed American presidential candidate), the crowd disproportionately consisted of elderly communists with a bone to pick against capitalism. The remainder of the crowd consisted of a handful of pot-addled hippies, foreign journalists, and what Melissa described as “creepy-looking rat people” looking to start arguments and fights. Every so often, the protesters would start whistling in a migraine-inducing symphony; indeed, Együtt was handing out free whistles at the entrance.


The protesters were wielding EU and anarchist flags as well as signs comparing Putin to Hitler, decrying Orbán’s cooperation with him and alluding to the 1989 revolution against communist rule in Hungary (an irony considering all the literal communists in attendance). Bizarrely, there was also a large contingent of Ukrainians there, wielding Ukrainian flags and drawing far-fetched parallels between Russia’s annexation of Crimea and Nazi Germany’s expansionism in the 1930’s. A babushka with osteoporosis handed me a poorly-photocopied English-language flyer decrying Russia’s recent military incursion into Ukraine. Soros must have cut his Hungarian rabble-rousing budget.

The actual speeches didn’t begin until 6:15 pm, 15 minutes late; I guess tardiness is a universal feature of leftism. Együtt chairman Viktor Szigetvári took the stage at the beginning, and you can watch his speech below:

Szigetvári peppered his speech with little English phrases here and there (such as “Orbán is Putin’s puppet”), even though he was ostensibly speaking to a Hungarian crowd. He was clearly hoping the globalist media would take notice of his dumb little protest and egg on a Ukrainian-style coup. Given what he did next, a coup is the only way he’ll ever become prime minister.

About midway through Szigetvári’s speech, he got word that Putin’s motorcade was passing by. He suddenly yelled out, “Let’s send Putin a message!” The crowd began whistling at full volume, loud enough to make me momentarily nauseous, and Szigetvári and several of his comrades gave Putin the finger as he sailed by.


Think about that for a second. Szigetvári and Együtt are ostensibly serious people who want to defeat Fidesz and win control of the Hungarian government. And their response to a foreign leader they don’t like is to flip him the bird? How childish can you get? And they’re wondering why Együtt is polling at one percent.

The rest of the protest was similarly retarded. After Szigetvári was finished, Zsuzsanna Szelényi took the stage. Melissa described her as a “Hungarian liberal Sarah Palin,” a apt description, right down to her bizarre Midwestern-inflected accent. Szelényi began her speech by making a dumb joke about how it felt like she was in Moscow (the temperature was unusually cold that day by Budapest standards) and spent the rest of her time whining about how Putin was a dictator and Hungary’s future lay with the European Union. She also complained about Orbán’s plan to kick George Soros’ NGOs out of the country, because then she might have to get a real job.

Afterwards, Együtt co-chair Péter Juhász gave a speech about how Hungary needs to accept refugees (hahahahahahaha):

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Interestingly, there was no talk about helping the Gypsies, Hungary’s own hometown racial minority, known for stealing bicycles and swiping sugar packets from McDonald’s. As Melissa explained to me later, even Hungarian leftists hate Gypsies and want nothing to do with them. Unlike in the West, where leftists use minorities as a club to beat white people with, there will never be a “Gypsy Lives Matter” movement.

After Juhász was done speaking, the protest suddenly dispersed. Seriously. That was it. The Füttykoncert was scheduled to end at 8pm, but everyone left less than a half-hour after it began, wandering off to discuss what they were having for dinner. Apparently, taking down the evil fascists Putin and Orbán is less important than watching TV.

The experience was illuminating and pathetic all at once. Keep in mind that Orbán and Fidesz have been in power for less than seven years. In that amount of time, they’ve so gelded and crushed the left that they’ve been reduced to doing performance art pieces on dirty street corners in the vain hope that someone, somewhere will notice them. If Fidesz loses power, it’ll be to Jobbik, a party that is even more right-wing. With Congress, the Supreme Court and the majority of state governments under Republican control, President Trump has the power to do in America what Orbán did in Hungary.

So the next time you watch antifas throwing Molotov cocktails and setting off fireworks to keep a man who shoved a buttplug up his ass on live television from speaking at a university, think of Hungary. The left can be defeated, reduced to sideshow acts, because Viktor Orbán has already done it in his country.

This too shall pass.

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