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Debunking “What Do Feminists Have Left?”

The skinny: a few days ago, Roosh posted the below video to his forum, in which a lisping lardball laments that women still don’t get equal pay for doing unequal work, can’t walk alone through dangerous neighborhoods while drunk at four in the morning, and more feminist kvetching.

Littlepdog posted a stellar debunking of the video’s claims on his blog. I left a comment on his post, but felt it was worthy of a post of its own. Here it is with a few added links.


Good work on this. Watching that fat faggot literally made me clench my fists in rage.

The bit on “equal pay” really ticked me off. I’m in the middle of Fracking Country right now in the American West, where oil companies are hiring guys with no experience to work as roustabouts for anywhere from $90,000-150,000 a year. They get paid that much because roughnecking is dangerous (many ways to get killed on an oil rig), the hours are long (guys typically work 100+ hours a week), and the weather is horrible (there’s going to be a snowstorm coming through tonight, and the temperatures can reach up to 70 below zero in winter).

There are almost no women out here. They wouldn’t last an hour on a roughneck crew, both because of the work involved and because the guys out here aren’t politically correct and don’t care to censor themselves to avoid hurting someone’s feeeelings. Out here, the only thing employers care about is if you can do your fucking job without killing anyone or getting wasted on drugs.

That’s why there’s a “pay gap.” It’s because women would rather tend a Starbucks in DC or NYC for $8/hr then relocate to this fresh slice of hell to work a dangerous, demanding but well-compensated roughneck job. It’s because they get college degrees in junk liberal arts subjects like “Ethnic Studies” instead of intellectually rigorous, useful ones like engineering or math.

Also, there are no SlutWalkers out here, because they’d just get laughed at. We have a police force of course, but violent crime and rape is becoming a big problem. That’s how boomtowns work. Lecturing the scumbags in this town about how rape is wrong is like trying to tell bees that stinging people is wrong. Rapists gonna rape; you can’t eliminate rape anymore than you can eliminate war or death. The few women here are smart enough to know that they are responsible for their safety first and foremost. If you do something dumb here, no one will feel sorry for you when you face the consequences.

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