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Defining Misogyny Downward


If you need an extra-concentrated dose of aggressive stupidity, check out this article “Pick Up Artists” at Counter-Currents Publishing. The author, apparently a woman, rages against game with the usual screeching hysteria and general irritability you expect from women on the Internet. I’m not interested in countering her thesis, dumb as it is, but commenting on the opening of her article:

On a recent date with a semi-suave Australian venture capitalist, I experienced what all western women currently go through to find a proper mate. Things started out nicely. Over VIP treatment, he complimented me on my natural beauty and told me that he was impressed with my “real” conversation skills – only to demand a short time later direct control of my nether region’s grooming habits.

“Do you mind if we order dinner first?,” I casually replied.

Welcome to modern day misogyny, a.k.a. the Seduction Community: an online community where lust-filled beta males devour techniques of trickery to strip unsuspecting members of the opposite sex of their panties along with their honor. As Andy Nowicki has said, game is a “reverse feminism” that has become a national “machoism” phenomenon.

Asking a woman on a date about her pubes is “misogyny?” No, it’s not. It’s rude, presumptuous, uncalled for, but one thing it is not is misogyny.

This is a problem that’s been getting worse in the past couple years: the defining down of various “bias” terms. For example, Ava Moretti here describing a lame attempt to get into her musty vagina as “misogyny.” Pointing out the biological realities of female reproduction is “misogyny.” Expecting your girlfriend/wife to stay skinny and attractive is “misogyny.”

Misogyny used to refer to hatred of women, but now it’s used to describe anything that makes a woman uncomfortable.

It’s the same thing with racism. Anything that mildly upsets a black person is now called “racist.” Anything that mildly irritates a gay man is “homophobic.” These terms are being watered down and diluted to the point where they don’t mean anything.

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