Matt Forney
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Democracy, Monarchy, and the Fall of Neoreaction


In this video, I give my thoughts on democracy vs. monarchy and how race and culture influence the government’s effectiveness. I also discuss neoreaction and the fall of the Dark Enlightenment.

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  • William Tarbush

    A great video. I feel that NRx died when LaLiberte disappeared and the Hestia Society supposedly “took over Neoreaction.” As if anyone can own an idea. I left Twitter recently, but I see your points and believe Jack Donovan’s ideas have much further to go. One question: We did not get a good look at the flag behind you. What is it?

  • Paracletus

    Can you make a video about Louis-Ferdinand Céline and his books? I’ve only read Journey to the End of the Night, and it didn’t impress me to be honest. Perhaps its because so many authors have copied his style that I thought that it was nothing new. Are his autobiographical books about his escape from Vichy France to Germany and finally to Denmark worth reading?