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Did Federal Agents Deplatform After I Exposed the Right Stuff’s Head of Security for Being a Fugitive Felon?

Last Tuesday, my (now-former) web host Hostinger decided to suspend my blog and other sites (including Terror House Magazinedue to a “report” that my blog contained “hate speech.” This came after I had done several livestreams reporting on how Jayoh de la Rey, the head of security for alt-right site The Right Stuff, had bragged about being a fugitive felon on an anarchist podcast back in 2012The Daily Stormer, which has also been covering the Jayoh story, was deplatformed by their DDoS mitigation service around the same time.

According to Jayoh’s own account, he operated a heroin ring in Detroit several years ago and was raided and arrested by federal agents. They let him go after he pledged to become an informant, after which he fled to Latin America to avoid further prosecution. Jayoh later became involved with The Right Stuff in 2015 and marched at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, having apparently never served a day in prison for either selling drugs or fleeing the law.

His involvement with The Right Stuff also began before the federal and Michigan statutes of limitation on drug conspiracy charges expired.

In addition to this, as part of his involvement with The Right Stuff, Jayoh de la Rey also claimed to have served as a mercenary in South Africa, killing black people on the government’s payroll.

As TRS’ head of security, Jayoh is responsible for vetting anyone who wants to attend real-life events that the site puts on, meaning he has access to everyone’s real names, addresses, and other sensitive personal information. You can read a summary of the allegations against Jayoh here.

Knowing all this, there are only two conclusions that can be drawn:

  1. Jayoh de la Rey is telling the truth about being a fugitive felon, meaning he is a federal informant who has access to TRS subscribers’ dox.
  2. Jayoh de la Rey is lying, indicating that he’s a federal informant and/or compulsive liar who tells grandiose lies to ingratiate himself with fringe political groups and gain access to users’ dox.

Either way, he is totally unfit to be involved with any dissident right group—much less as the head of security—and should have been fired immediately when this information came to light. Eli Mosley, a former TRS employee and the head of Richard Spencer’s brief-lived Identity Evropa knockoff group Operation Homeland, was fired by TRS over a year ago when the New York Times revealed that he had lied about his military record, a lie far less damaging than what Jayoh de la Rey admitted in his own words.

This also comes after Right Stuff employees were caught associating with Christopher Cantwell, an admitted federal informant and doxer. Cantwell gave testimony to the FBI that resulted in several members of RAM being indicted for their involvement in Unite the Right, he assisted failed congressional candidate Paul Nehlen in doxing Ricky Vaughn, he has collaborated with left-wing journalists like Jared Holt to deplatform his rivals, and he has also doxed his own customers and people who have made fun of him online.

Cantwell is a snitch who should be totally shunned, but TRS employee Morrakiu recently appeared on his show, and Jayoh de la Rey is a member of Cantwell’s private Telegram group along with Matthew Heimbach and Tony Hovator, formerly of the Traditionalist Worker Party, a defunct costumed Nazi group perhaps best known for the “cuckbox” incident.

Not only has Jayoh not been fired by TRS, TRS is refusing to address the issue at all, instead sending out a B-team of surrogates to assassinate the characters of anyone asking questions, and now they’re resorting to deplatforming those people as well.

How Was Deplatformed

On Tuesday morning, I woke up and discovered that all of my sites had been suspended by Hostinger for “abuse.” I contacted technical support and asked them what was going on. This was their reply:




The articles that “promote domestic violence” were a tongue-in-cheek article about spanking I wrote to troll feminists and a re-post from my defunct Virginia’s Secret Garden blog, a site I ran over five years ago to troll the manosphere under the guise of a happily-married Christian housewife who blogged in nauseating detail about her sex life, a parody of the “red pill women” who were popular at the time. (You can read more about that site and my motivations for running it here.) The “hate speech” articles were ones I wrote criticizing feminism and female behavior back in 2013.

I wanted to get my sites back online so I could migrate them to a new host, so I opted to pull down the posts temporarily. Hostinger restored my sites and I figured all would be well, but the next day, my sites were suspended again. I again contacted technical support and this was their response:



The article in question they wanted me to delete was a post from 2012 in which I called an ugly feminist ugly. Apparently stating the truth is now “hate speech.”

At this point, I was done dealing with Hostinger and opted to pull down my blog temporarily so I could do an emergency migration. I decided to go with DreamHost, which was recommended to me by a friend for their strong free speech policy (they used to host the Daily Stormer, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and other controversial sites), but when I signed up for an account later that day, I received an automatic rejection:


Over the weekend, I migrated my sites to a small, independent web host, whose owner gave me his word that he would not deplatform me unless I started advocating illegal activity (which I don’t).

I blame myself in part for this happening; I didn’t scrutinize Hostinger’s terms of service closely enough. I urge all of you to avoid doing business with Hostinger because they aren’t just censorious, they’re extraordinarily unprofessional, deplatforming their paying customers and forcing them to jump through hoops to get an explanation. Their actual service is also substandard; I had been experiencing constant technical problems with them prior to the deplatforming, such as site outages and issues updating my software.

Did Wignats Deplatform My Sites?

While it’s entirely possible that my site was deplatformed by the left, the fact that the Stormer—which was also extensively reporting on the Jayoh story—was deplatformed at roughly the same time suggests that it was the alt-right—and their friends in the federal government—who were behind it. The left has largely ignored me in recent years; the only serious deplatforming attempts I’ve faced have been from wignats. For example, Richard Spencer has reported the Terror House Magazine Twitter account multiple times for making fun of him.


More than two weeks have passed since the Jayoh allegations were made public and TRS has refused to directly address them. The closest they’ve gotten is Mike Enoch doing a dismissive Tweet thread where he tried to downplay the allegations and Daily Shoah host Alex McNabb accusing Andrew Anglin, weev, and myself of collaborating with SPLC reporter Michael Edison Hayden to take down TRS. I can only speak for myself, but I have never spoken to Hayden or any other left-wing journalist; Hayden attempted to contact the Terror House Magazine Twitter account, but we ignored him:


TRS has left the dirty work of dealing with the allegations to a team of misfit surrogates. Chief among them is Hunter Wallace (real name: Brad Griffin), an SPLC agent who once hacked a right-wing forum and doxed its users and who was also once involuntarily committed to a mental hospital by his parents. He is also known for using sockpuppet accounts to harass his enemies. Wallace was trotted out by The Right Stuff to attack myself and others who were pursuing the Jayoh de la Rey story, and he’s written close to two dozen blog posts since the story broke, trying to smear the characters of everyone criticizing Jayoh and TRS.

Other B-team toadies TRS has deployed to attack me include Matt Parrott, the former second-in-command of the costumed Nazi group Traditionalist Worker Party. Parrott was permanently discredited last year when he discovered Heimbach having an affair with his wife, picked a fight with him, lost, and ran crying to a Walmart to call the cops. Parrott is a suspected SPLC agent—they were the first people he talked to following the incident—and has a long history of collaborating with the police.

Richard Spencer, the discredited head of the National Policy Institute and one of the organizers of the failed Unite the Right rally, has also joined in the fray, re-Tweeting Hunter Wallace’s smears against me.


What’s bizarre about this is that TRS threw Wallace, Parrott, and Spencer under the bus last year. Wallace was banned from the 504um, TRS’ forum, early last year because he refused to stop attacking the Daily Stormer. Action!, the Traditionalist Worker Party’s official podcast, was unceremoniously deplatformed from TRS around the same time, with TRS host Seventh Son admitting that he always disliked Parrott and TradWorker. Finally, Spencer was banned from appearing on TRS shows later that year, purportedly due to the influence of Identity Evropa/American Identity Movement head Patrick Casey. Why they’re white-knighting for TRS now is anyone’s guess.

Did Jim Goad Deplatform My Site?

(This is more drama-related, feel free to skip this section if you’re not interested by clicking here.)

Additionally, I suspect that Jim Goad, a bitter failed Boomer who has been stalking me for over a year (and possibly longer), helped deplatform my sites. Goad is a convicted felon who served prison time for attempting to murder his ex-girlfriend, Anne “Skye” Ryan, an insane groupie who he had an affair with while his first wife Debbie was dying from cancer. Goad has attempted to suck up to the alt-right in recent years to revive his career; he is a regular guest on Richard Spencer’s show and TRS podcasts, he is friends with Daily Shoah host Alex McNabb, and he allegedly has long-time ties to fed-infiltrated white power groups such as Creativity (formerly known as the Church of the Creator). Goad also once bragged about getting a blowjob from a little black boy and divorced the mother of his severely autistic son so he could sleep with other women.


Goad apparently learned nothing from his experience with Ryan, because he’s spent the past year carrying water for my ex-girlfriend Ann Sterzinger. Sterzinger is a failed middle-aged writer with borderline personality disorder who has admitted to being committed to mental hospitals and likely suffers from Korsakoff syndrome due to her lifelong alcoholism, giving her severe memory problems. You can read more about her here.

I used to be a fan of Goad’s but stopped paying attention to him years ago, and in May of 2018, I did a livestream criticizing his Taki’s Magazine article “In Defense of Degeneracy.” I tried to avoid personal attacks (I called him a “coward” at one point but later apologized) and criticized the substance of his argument. Three months later, he contacted me challenging me to a debate, alleging that he had hated me for years.


We agreed to do a live stream on Davis Aurini’s YouTube channel later that week. He spent the next few days bragging on his podcast and on Twitter that he was going to “murder” me, and posted snippets from an email exchange he had with Sterzinger trying to get dirt on me.

On the livestream, Goad alleged that earlier that week (after we had agreed to debate and he had already contacted Sterzinger), Sterzinger had been violently raped by a black man. When I questioned the story (due to the suspicious timing and Sterzinger’s documented history of lying to and manipulating myself and others), Goad accused me of being a “narcissist” for not believing her. He also trotted out a long-discredited lie that I had “raped” Sterzinger myself, a claim she had repeatedly denied (along with admitting that she was attracted to me and continuing to sleep with me) for years up until that point.

ann sterzinger

Later that night, Goad appeared on the Weekly Sweat, and when Shawn (Prince Hubris) also questioned Sterzinger’s rape story, Goad challenged him to a bet.

A few days later, Sterzinger appeared on Jim Goad’s Group Hug where she discussed the alleged rape in detail, and I did a livestream afterwards where I asserted that she made the story up (for example, she claimed that her rapist, a homeless black man, agreed to use a condom).

The following month (October), Davis Aurini was banned from YouTube after a wave of false strikes. Shortly afterwards, I received a strike on my YouTube channel, which prevented me from streaming for three months. Over the next few days, YouTube put several more of my videos into limited state or pulled them offline, and I also received a second strike which I was able to get reversed. After a week, the attacks subsided.

Later in November, I published a clip from the Weekly Sweat where hosts Shawn and Beardson Beardly were making fun of Goad and Sterzinger:

The very next day, I received another strike on my YouTube account. I was able to get this strike quickly reversed, but the day after that, YouTube banned my channel entirely for “spam, scams, and deceptive practices,” disabling my Google Account as well (meaning I couldn’t access Gmail or other Google services). I appealed and got my channel and Google Account restored, but over the next few days, several more of my videos were put into limited state or removed from YouTube entirely.

While I obviously lack a smoking gun, I believe Jim Goad was the one responsible for false-flagging my channel in an attempt to get all evidence of the “debate” as well as Sterzinger’s lies offline. He had attempted to get Pilleater, another YouTuber, banned earlier that year for making fun of him.






Over the course of the next month, I caught Goad using two sockpuppets, “Tom Carson” and “John Brome,” to leave comments on my YouTube channel. A former friend of Goad’s later emailed me confirming that Goad is obsessed with creating sockpuppets (which he calls “shell” accounts) on YouTube, Disqus, and other sites:




That individual also confirmed that Goad had been obsessed with me for years:


At the end of December, Goad began attacking me by name again. He and I appeared on Luke Ford’s show for a rematch a few days before Christmas, after which Beardson Beardly, Shawn, Nick Fuentes, Baked Alaska, and a number of other people showed up to ridicule and make fun of him for several hours. (Click here for relevant timestamps.)

Goad was so thoroughly humiliated by the experience—being made fun of by the young right-wingers he’s desperately tried to suck up to—that he has refused to even mention my name since, only taking passive-aggressive potshots from time to time on Twitter and his podcast.

During that stream, Goad also admitted to sleeping with Sterzinger shortly after she was allegedly raped, claiming that he “fucked the shit out of her and then kicked her out to L.A.,” meaning that he manipulated an emotionally vulnerable woman (according to his own logic) for sex.

When questioned about this on a live stream with John Steele, Sterzinger conspicuously refused to deny it and changed the subject.

Despite this, Goad has kept harassing me through sockpuppets. My day job is as a technical writer and I’m always looking for new clients, and in February of this year, I sent in a resume to Penthouse for a job writing erotic fiction, acting on a tip from a friend and using some old stories I wrote for the Virginia’s Secret Garden blog as samples. Less than 30 minutes after sending the email, an obvious sock account posted a comment on my YouTube channel quoting my email:


Again, I don’t have a smoking gun, but I strongly suspect Goad. I had heard rumors that he worked for Penthouse in the months prior, and whoever ran the Penthouse email account knew who I was and had a sockpuppet account ready to go within a half-hour of me emailing them. The account name, “Melba P. Wyatt,” is also a reference to A. Wyatt Mann, who Goad has been friends with for decades. This also meant that Goad had my dox, as my address and phone number were in my resume, though I’ve since moved to a new apartment.

Over the summer, I was banned from Medium. I also suspect Goad of being behind this, as the only articles on my Medium account were about him and Sterzinger, and I had never once promoted the account on this site or any of my social media channels (I had a brief-lived Medium blog in 2017 but deleted it later that year; I had started this one up in December of last year).

More recently, I caught Goad sockpuppeting on Occidental Dissent, Hunter Wallace’s blog. In this comment, “Matt’s Best Friend” quotes a line from Sterzinger’s email to Goad that had never been published online before. Goad had quoted lines from the email in the comments section of this video, but never that particular line (proof). The unusual formatting and lack of capitalization in the quotes suggest that “Matt’s Best Friend” copied it direct from an email:



Interestingly, in other comments on the post, “Matt’s Best Friend” attacks weev and the Daily Stormer and defends Matt Parrott and Christopher Cantwell. Goad has publicly ridiculed Parrott for years (example here).



In this comment, “Virginia’s Secret Garden” quotes a passage from one of the erotic stories I sent to Penthouse as a writing sample. This passage has never been posted online before; the samples were heavily modified excerpts from an erotic short story collection I self-published under the Virginia’s Secret Garden name in 2014 and removed from sale after ending the blog later that year. Only someone who had access to the Penthouse email would have any knowledge of it.


Again, I don’t have a smoking gun proving that Goad was the one who tried to deplatform my sites, but given his established patterns of behavior and what his former friends have told me about him, he’s a likely candidate. Goad has also stalked and harassed other people who’ve criticized/made fun of him in the past, including Shawn, Beardson Beardly, Mark Ames, Kevin Michael Grace, and many more.

Why Can’t the Right Stuff Answer the Question?

Let’s assume that all the lies and baseless smears being pushed by TRS and their surrogates are true. They’re not, but let’s assume they are.

None of that changes the fact that Jayoh de la Rey publicly admitted to being a fugitive felon.

My personal life or the life of anyone covering the Jayoh story does not change this fact. Even if we all disappeared tomorrow, the podcast where he admitted all of this would still be on the Internet, free for anyone to listen to.

TRS could solve this problem in two seconds by simply apologizing and firing Jayoh. That’s what they did when Eli Mosley was exposed as a fraud, and Mosley’s lies were far less egregious and damaging than what Jayoh has admitted to doing in his own words.

The only reason why TRS would go to such great lengths to avoid confronting the Jayoh issue—and sending retarded surrogates like Hunter Wallace to do their dirty work for them—is because they have something to hide.

Maybe the reason they won’t fire Jayoh is because he’s a federal agent assigned to monitor them. (Pretty weird that TRS is still allowed to use a credit card processor for their paywall subscriptions when right-wingers are getting banned from everything.)

Maybe they won’t fire him because admitting that they made a fugitive felon into their head of security without checking his background is too embarrassing for them to stomach.

Maybe they just have terrible judgment and have no problem allowing compulsive liars, degenerates, and compromised persons into their organization. Their own leader, Mike Enoch, lied about being married to a Jewish woman for years.

By the way, this is not the first time TRS has allowed shady characters into the upper echelons of their organization. Ghoul, a former high-ranking employee at TRS, groomed an underage boy into having sex with him while he was involved with the site. (You can learn more about that here.)

All I know is that I smell a rat, and I intend on investigating TRS to the fullest extent of my ability. The fact that they were threatened enough to try and shut me and others down means that they’re scared, scared of the skeletons in their closet that we’re dragging out.

Plenty of other people are looking into this as well, and what we know about Jayoh, Ghoul, Enoch, and other high-ranking TRS employees is just the tip of the iceberg. There will be more revelations in the months to come, revelations that will make what we know now to look irrelevant in comparison.

For now, I must urge everyone reading this: do not associate with the Right Stuff. Don’t subscribe to their paywall (especially now that they’re trying to keep people from unsubscribing in violation of federal law), don’t go to their real-life events, don’t talk to them at all. They’ve shown nothing but disregard and contempt for the privacy and safety of their fans. They are compromised and you are risking everything when you choose to interact with them.

I can’t control what you do, but if I were an anon right-winger, I would be terrified of being involved with an organization like TRS. Even if they aren’t acting out of malice, they’ve proven over and over that they are so stupid and incompetent that no one can trust them with anything important.

I will continue to update you on this story as news breaks.

UPDATE (9/24/2019): I caught Jim Goad sockpuppeting on Occidental Dissent again. Shortly after publishing this article, Hunter Wallace, who is clearly in a manic episode, published another smear piece on me, his 22nd or 23rd piece about me or the Stormer in the past two weeks. On the post, the commenter “Matt. Loses. Every. Time” quotes my email to Penthouse in full, including header information (which only someone who had access to the Penthouse email would have access to):


As an aside, I don’t recommend commenting on Occidental Dissent for any reason. The site lacks an SSL certificate (i.e. the URL uses “http” instead of “https” like my site does), meaning that any information you enter can be stolen by hackers or by Hunter Wallace himself. SSL certificates have been standard on websites for several years and Google actually penalizes sites that don’t have them; some browsers also display a warning when accessing sites that don’t have them. There’s no reason not to have an SSL certificate on your site unless you’re trying to steal people’s information.

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