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Your Diet and Cardio Are Everything

This is a guest post by the Captain Power.

How important is cardio and dieting? Check out these before and after pictures of me:


Believe it or not, I was actually using the exact same weight lifting routine when both pictures were taken. The only difference is that with the picture on the right, I was using a low-calorie diet combined with 3 days a week of outside cardio, while on the left I was only using weightlifting. That is an example of how much of a difference your diet and cardio can make in your overall physique.

Often you will hear bodybuilders say “the diet is everything.” I don’t want you to believe that your diet is everything per se, but to be honest with you, it probably determines a large portion of your total physique. You can always “overeat” a hard workout. That is also another reason why I’m not a big fan of slow, long-distance cardio. You don’t need to do an exorbitant amount of cardio if you learn how to eat properly. There isn’t much of a difference between burning off 500 calories from easy running or just eating 500 calories less. Cardio will help with improvements in your cardiovascular system, but it can also have negative effects if you overdo it. A good example I like to use is marathon runners: even with the miles of training that they do, they still don’t have a very low body fat. I prefer the physique of an Olympic sprinter over any type of long-distance runner.

Once you get on your diet, you have to stick with it, and over time you will start burning away all your body fat. It’ll take a while, but you have to keep persisting until your body fat percentage gets to a really low level. For a lot of people, the diet is the hardest part. It takes a lot of discipline and willpower, but I always found it to be pretty easy once I got into a good routine. There are a couple of tricks that I recommend for when you are ready to shed the extra weight, and they are all available in my latest book, The Official Las Vegas Pool Party Workout.

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