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Dildos, Takers & Makers: Part Three


This is a guest post by Admiral Boom.

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The business of winning elections is crude when compared to the pantheon of ideas. Getting to 51% is not a chore for high-minded philosophers, especially in this day and age when a higher percentage of Americans can elucidate on the precise spherical dimensions of Kim Kardashian’s ass then tell you who their senators are.

What do Detroit, Illinois, and California have in common? They are all run by GimmeDems, and are all going bankrupt (or already are on paper, only just awaiting insolvency). They are governed horribly, yet sizable majorities still keep voting back the Dems into power. Solutions to the problem are framed as taking something away. People are not seeing the end consequence. The only thing that differentiates the U.S. Government is that it can print its own money to finance the debt. Easier to ignore it and fall back to your drug of choice as long as the beat goes on. Perhaps a national phenomenon? S&L scandals in the 80’s, Enron and the dotcoms in the 90’s, and banks/bad mortgages in the oughts… self-delusion is our new national pastime.

Scott Walker beat them in Wisconsin… but it was a bare knuckle brawl. He proved they are not unstoppable. One of my biggest frustrations with the so called “conservatives” in the GOP establishment is that they routinely buy into this idea that negative campaigning doesn’t work. Believe that and I have a bridge in London I could sell you.

Negative campaigning does work and should always be employed if the message is true. By the measure of his own promises, Dear Leader’s first term was a complete disaster. He promised to lower the oceans (lozozolzlzlzlzl!). He promised to cut the deficit in half, and yet he doubled it, raising our debt to record highs. His policies have not led to the creation of enough jobs for the people that dropped out of the workforce to get back in. We have record poverty in this country. The middle east is in flames, with an ally in Egypt turning into a government that will fund more terrorism. The flag of al-qaeda was flying over our consulate in Benghazi. And a majority of Americans voted to keep this grotesque carnival going for another four years. You cannot beat these people by playing with country club rules. Cherish the rule of law once you assume office, but cherish the law of war during the campaign. They play for power. They play to win. Nice guys finish last.

Ronald Reagan is remembered as a kind uncle that won the Cold War. Conservatives use him as the measuring stick for their presidential candidates. But they forgot something very basic about him: he was a great retail politician. (He also had giant balls and amazing charisma.) He understood that people care more about how they feel when you talk to then rather than what you say. Oh yes, there is game applicability in politics too.

He was a gifted man, but not some naïve philosopher that voluntarily fought with one arm tied behind his back out of a misguided sense of noblesse oblige. And he played to win. (Remember the famous quote that got the left wing media up in arms when they asked him about his foreign policy with respect to the Soviets? “We win, they lose.”)

This is reality: we live in a republic with two parties that have the resources to win, and they coalesce around certain groups’ interests. One of them must be shaped to represent ours. It will never be the gimmeDems. For those of you that would rather see this whole thing blow up, go fuck yourselves. If this country collapses, do you think some magical savior riding a unicorn with a bow strung by angel hair will sprinkle some pixie dust and instantly restore this country to 1910, or 1797, or whatever your dream world fantasy is?

We need look no further than Detroit. It will be trench warfare. Ugliness. Gangs of thugs vs. gangs of thugs, while Russia and China loot the silverware. A new dark age as people subjugate themselves around the equivalent of feudal lords with land, food and guns. Personal freedom? You pledge your fealty and kiss the ring or die in the wasteland. How many of you own guns and know how to properly use them for this purpose, or have gone through survival training? How many of you could plant enough food, raise livestock, and DEFEND IT? That’s what I thought. No more iPhones, no more medicine, no more cars. No more freedom. Most of the countries that would be nice expat options would get swallowed up. The global economy would become a nub of what it is now.

So how do we go about stopping the damage? One step at a time, the same way the takers got to where they are. We didn’t go from a constitutional republic to a kleptocracy overnight. Our current course, as fraught with danger as it is, and seemingly impossible to turn around thanks to the newest entitlement program we can’t afford, the Affordable Health Care Act, is not set in stone.

First: we need to get real about the fiscal situation, and explain it in a way that people understand and help them realize how it threatens their self-interest. The Gimmedats don’t give a shit, but working people do. A lot of them didn’t vote, because they were too busy, or too disengaged from the inundation of bullshit into their living rooms.

We also need to get real about our national defense policy. Maintaining the edge in terms of technology, weaponry, and means of delivery (via air, sea, and ground) is crucial if the world balance of power is going to remain as it is. Our competing powers are not stupid. If that is the case, better to trade with us than fuck with us. That said, we need to get our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Letting our boys get blown up by IEDs while we tie their hands is incredibly fucking stupid. Romney could have won the election if he checkmated Obama in the third debate about the Libya fiasco. His consultants were afraid to let him do it because he’d be perceived as a “warmonger.”

Let’s also get one thing straight: Americans don’t have an issue with being a warmonger if it means winning (Washington, Lincoln, FDR). What they do have an issue with is being a warmonger that loses (LBJ, Bush). By comparison, we’ve inflicted far more casualties on al-Qaeda than they have on us, but you wouldn’t know it from the media. Right or wrong, they think we lost.

No more nation building. It doesn’t work. The doctrine needs to be: leave us alone, and we’ll leave you alone, but pull any 9/11 shit on us again and the strikes won’t be surgical. We’ll just vaporize you. Why do you think these nutjobs haven’t dared to attack Russia or China’s embassies when their governments have comparatively worse records (see: Uighurs, Chechnya) than us on human rights for Muslim agitators? You think Vladimir Vladimirovitch would send terrorists that killed Muscovites to Club Med? Most of the peoples in the third world don’t have the knowledge to respect high-minded ideas, but they do know enough to respect power. It is the way of that corner of the globe. National interest uber alles.

We need to get real about energy. This country runs on fossil fuels. We need to harness our natural gas reserves and use them to build power plants and run the trucks, trains and ships. We need to develop our own oil through the use of fracking technologies and offshore drilling, and then we won’t need to worry about the Middle East. That’s the only thing keeping us there: the Strait of Hormuz. We need to forge a stronger energy partnership with Canada and Norway, countries that would be more suited to being our natural allies.

The trillions that we send overseas could be re-invested here. This would have a real impact as all the jobs that would be required to support the infrastructure would then give this economy a huge jolt. The investment dollars would be there and they in turn would be reinvested here, instead of giving it to a bunch of sheiks to blow it up their noses and fund terrorism.

Social issues. A majority of Americans find most of what Planned Parenthood does, or financially supports, abhorrent. Focus on the shit that wins elections. Call out the Dems for supporting, implicitly or explicitly, partial birth abortion which amounts to infanticide. This is unspeakably evil shit. 80% of this nation is Christian. We believe in the Testimony of Jesus Christ: that our rights are endowed by a Creator. But start babbling on about legitimate rape—with a left wing media—and frankly you deserve to lose. You are a fucking moron, qualified to speak neither of God nor country.

Get real about winning elections. Make people see the takers for what they are and how it threatens their self-interest. Our standard of living didn’t just happen. It requires energy, transportation, and power delivery infrastructure.

Stop this idiotic foreign policy that results in the reporting of our casualties but not those of our enemies. Stop claiming to be fiscally responsible and voting for budget deficits. Stop attacking welfare handouts to individuals and granting them to farms and corporations. Stop fighting for the involvement of the State in marriage while clsoing your eyes to the abomination known as family court. We can’t afford this anymore.

Stop giving the leftist media weapons to use against those of us that would see this country restored so that the greatest constitutional freedoms in the world can be preserved, and not eroded brick by brick while the so-called “progressives” are in power. Do you have any idea what’s about to happen when a $3.5 trillion a year government that couldn’t respond to a category one hurricane without leaving people stranded, cold, hungry, and in gas lines starts assuming greater control over our health care?

Get out of the way so that the next generation of builders, dreamers, and visionaries can get on with the business of bringing our golden goose back from the brink of death and keeping her well-fed. These shores, starting with the foothold established by the Founding Fathers, have been paid for with the blood, honor, and lives of countless men through the generations that believed in the dream: that this country was ordained by God to provide the faithful with the freedom to worship Him, and fulfill the maximum potential from the gift of life which He so generously bestowed upon the entire world. We owe our forbears that sacrificed all a tremendous debt. We owe the takers nothing. We win by uniting the makers under a common goal of restoring America: for real this time.

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