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Dildos, Takers, and Makers: Part Two

This is a guest post by Admiral Boom.

To those of you that believe only Dr. Ron Paul could save America, I’ll remind you that two GOP Senate candidates in flyover states were absolutely eviscerated by the leftist, multiculti media establishment and hung like an albatross around Governor Romney’s neck, scaring the bejesus out of enough women voters after the tingles from the first debate wore off to put this in the bag for Dear Leader. (The doubling down on the epic failure of America was really locked up when, after the storm, he stood next to the fat man in New Jersey looking oh so dreamy in his bomber jacket with the pretty bird embroidered on it.) Can you imagine what they’d do to Dr. Paul, Heaven help him? He’d be lucky to replicate Goldwater’s showing in 1964.

So where does that leave us? Let’s face it, this country was on the road to ruin long before most of us were born when Lyndon Johnson signed the Great Society into law. Could Governor Romney have stopped this?

Who knows? He may have bought us some time by balancing the budget, and businesses probably would have started investing the $2-3 trillion in cash they’ve been sitting on thanks to Dear Leader scaring the shit out of them over the past four years. (There’s a great video on YouTube of Steve Wynn, a registered Democrat, Vegas magnate, and all around mack daddy laying it all down.)

And let’s be honest: the man’s sterling character would have led him to make far better decisions, especially around foreign policy, than our current president and his Farsi handler. It would have been nice to see a president with some alpha cred re-assert America’s national geopolitical interests rather than flitting around the world on Air Force One and bending over in front of Hu Jintao and Vladimir Putin.

If there’s going to be any hope of saving the greatest gift known to mankind in the history of the world, power cannot be placed in the hands of people that would unwittingly bankrupt the treasury to buy votes in the next election, or purposefully put America on the course to being a second-rate world power.

Once our military becomes comparatively weaker than Russia or China’s, the game is really up. Look forward to $10-20 gas as they take control of the world’s resources and tell us to go screw ourselves. Develop our own? HA!

Can’t wait to see what happens to electricity prices once the EPA starts shutting down coal- and oil-fired power plants. Green energy is just a grift; look at all the companies going belly up because they can’t sell the technology. Check out what happened to Spain’s economy. They can’t sell it because it’s not as efficient at generating power as the combustibles, plain and simple. The only thing that comes close, and is actually pretty green when you think about it, is nuclear. Thanks to a few morons in Japan building a plant on a fault line, that’s going to be a tough sell for awhile. The future is fracking, and once the EPA shuts that down it’s all over. Adios, standard of living.

We now live in a country that worships celebrity personalities in its popular culture, and yet at the same time reviles success and rewards failure. If you don’t work, cash and prizes! If you fuck up a sizeable company and are well connected enough, cash and prizes!

If there is to be any kind of resurgence, a new governing coalition would have to start by framing up a new form of economic populism. It’s the only way to peel off enough of the basically decent but uninformed guys that voted Democrat, or didn’t show up, because they were still pissed off at Bush, or at Mitt Romney for looking a little too much like the asshole bankers that almost finished us off a few years ago, or the guy that fired them (nice job Axelrod!) or worst of all, the boss that their ex-wives were blowing during their lunch breaks. They thought he was the guy that kept them out of work for the last two years while the jobs they would otherwise be applying for got shipped to China due to the cost advanages.

The reality of the situation is that the handouts being offered by the Dems are being financed by money we don’t have. The more we borrow and take away from companies and individuals that would put it to profitable work, the more the pie will shrink. As the pie shrinks, so too will the little crumbs the takers are being offered, until the whole thing comes spectacularly crashing down.

The declining value of the dollar is leading to higher food prices, gas prices, and is basically a tax on the people, and yet no one really articulated this effectively during the campaign. The Fed’s monetary easing is now corrosive rather than stimulative. Arguing for lower income taxes doesn’t quite cut it when the real enemy is spending and inflation. That frame would even resonate with private company union guys and their wives that have families to feed.

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