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Autographed Copy of Dirty Projectors’ Swing Lo Magellan for Sale

I’m back in upstate New York temporarily on a work assignment, and I had the opportunity to see Dirty Projectors performing at the Westcott last Sunday. There’s not much to say about the night: I had a damn good time, I didn’t get molested by any drunk women, and the Westcott is a dump that smells like stale Keystone Light and has disgusting, filthy bathrooms.

There are also way more hipsters in Syracuse than I thought. I can only assume that they hibernate during the winter.

While I was sobering up enough to drive home, I met Dirty Projectors’ frontman Dave Longstreth and got an autograph. Because I buy CDs for patronage reasons rather than because I need them to listen to the music, and because I’m trying to get rid of as many unnecessary possessions as I can, I’ve put my signed copy of Swing Lo Magellan up for sale on eBay. It’s in near-perfect condition—comes in the original jewel case, has the liner notes (with Longstreth’s signature on the front) and original paper sleeve, and the CD has only been played a couple of times—so if you’re a fan of Dirty Projectors, indie rock or you just like to collect autographs, you’ll want to snap this one up quick.


Opening act Delicate Steve. I don’t want to say that they sucked—their riffs were catchy enough—but they didn’t leave much of an impression on the crowd. Their frontman remarked that everyone was “quiet,” probably because it’s damn difficult to get into songs that don’t have lyrics.


Dirty Projectors taking the stage for “Swing Lo Magellan.” Haley Dekle and Olga Bell joined the band after this song.


During “Cannibal Resource.” Despite Dirty Projectors’ pretentious sound, Dave Longstreth is a pretty funny and copacetic guy in person. I’m guessing that a band that still has to play dives like the Westcott can’t afford the luxury of blowing off its fans.


Amber Coffman doing a cappellas during “Gun Has No Trigger.”

Midway through their set, Dirty Projectors pulled off what may be the dumbest attempt at product placement I’ve ever seen anywhere. Nat Baldwin, the band’s bassist, suddenly whipped out a can of Coke, to which Coffman struck up a canned conversation. All the while, Longstreth told everyone that this was a “mandatory” part of the show.

“What’s that you’re drinking?”


“How does it taste?”

“It’s cool, refreshing and bubbly. Buy some.

All I can say in response to that is this: I’m really glad I bought that Swing Lo Magellan CD.


While playing “Just from Chevron,” one of the band’s amps broke down, forcing them to stop mid-song while the hipsters in the crowd tittered and took sips of Swallow Wit. The Syracuse University reporters on the scene seem astounded that the crowd was so well-behaved, apparently surprised that the kinds of people who enjoy songs like “Temecula Sunrise” are not the kinds to pitch fits and start riots.

I’ll have some more thoughts on how Syracuse has changed in the past year—and trust me, it’s changed a lot—later.

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