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Disgruntled Fat Sluts of the World, Unite!

Roosh brings out the big guns with this post, “The End Game of American Feminism is to Allow All Girls to Be Fat Sluts” (best title for a blog post ever, by the way):

While old-school feminists like the National Organization of Women (NOW) still have legislative goals in the form of affirmative action and ending sex slavery once and for all, the millennial feminist you know so well—who forms the main readership of a site like Jezebel—is primarily concerned with eliminating fat and slut “shaming.” In other words, they want to fuck whomever they want while being a “healthy weight,” which is enigma code for F-A-T. Only once in a while do they write about the unfortunate plight of genital mutilation in some far off African country or sexual abuse in a FSU country that they can’t pronounce.

This is the truth. Feminists love to obscure and deflect attention from their idiocy with two tactics:

  1. “That’s not “true” feminism. Feminism is about equal rights for women!” (Remember that old bumper sticker, “Feminism is the Radical Belief That Women Are People”?)
  2. “There are many types of feminism! Feminists aren’t a mindless collective who all believe the same things!”


If you want to see the future, look at what the youth are doing. Young feminists, of the kind who congregate at JezebelShakesville and Feministing couldn’t care less about female genital mutilation, domestic violence, third-world poverty or any of the real issues that women today face. All they care about is the “right” to stuff their faces with cheese danishes until their flab is spilling out of their XXXL titcurtains, then hop on top of a big bag of cocks without being judged.

Young feminists are the most selfish, narcissistic, and thoughtless creatures on Earth.

Take a look at this sickening story to see what today’s feminists consider to be pressing and important:

Body Exchange, a gym chain in Canada, has banned all males and skinny females from using their gym. Their reasoning? To create a “safe-haven” for overweight women where they can workout without feeling insecure or uncomfortable. They want their plus-size clientele to have a place where they can relate and challenge themselves without wondering if the fitness gurus/everyday gym goers surrounding them are judging them or not.

The bold business move was made by founder and CEO, Louise Green, whose concept was inspired by her own personal experience with weight loss and obesity. In 2000, Green started her weight loss journey where she herself struggled with intimidation throughout the process. During this time was when she learned of her passion for helping others. As of today, Green is a certified personal trainer, wellness coach, fitness expert, and of course, founder of Body Exchange gyms.

This is just like how “plus-size” clothing stores like Catherine’s only hire overweight women so as to not hurt the feeeeelings of the porkers who shop there. Ever notice how fat men don’t get these privileges? It’s only fat women whose egos are so fragile that they need to be surrounded in an ever-expanding bubble of back-slapping and ass-kissing.

Gloria Steinem is irrelevant. The National Organization of Women is irrelevant. What twenty- and thirtysomething feminists care about is the “right” to be a fat slut. And at the end of the day, the youth is all that is important.

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  • Pete Simpson

    This is the absolute truth! The new wave of feminism is to establish that it is OK to be morbidly obese (Just look up HAES) and not worry about your health. “Men love currrvyy women” is horseshit! Men like women who take care of themselves! The opposite is also true! This Fatlogic stuff has to end!

  • Tyler

    No you got it wrong. Right wing guys always get it wrong. The feminists are sexual prudes if anything lots of moral judgement and rape hysteria. Their moral code about sex is a little different than the Christian one but it’s there. They’re not all fat some of them are super good looking, which just makes their claims of victimized all the more strange.