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voter fraud

DNC Leak Reveals System for Automated Voter Fraud

UPDATE: Twitter is attempting to ban me for my analysis of the DNC leaks. Click here to learn more.

I’ve obtained evidence via Wikileaks’ recent DNC leak that the Democratic Party’s state data swapping program enables the party to commit automated voter fraud on a massive scale.

The DNC’s system enables them to delete voters from the rolls, change their registration or anything they want.

The DNC likely used the system against Bernie Sanders’ supporters in the primary this year.

The DNC’s “database” is designed to facilitate voter fraud.

The file in question was brought to my attention by a contact of mine, who had this to say:

One document specifies how the state swap program is run. Basically, this allows a DNC API to exchange and update data between states’ voter rolls twice a year!

This is how purges happen, this is how voters are targeted and registrations switched, or voters made invalid due to any number of changes by this automated system. This is how Bernie Sanders voters got removed from voter rolls and party affiliations switched.

The state swap program ostensibly allows individual states to trade voter data with the DNC.

voter fraud

The system is designed to allow the DNC to automatically rewrite state voter rolls twice a year.

voter fraud

Effectively, the DNC’s state swap program allows the party to rewrite voter rolls as they see fit, purging voters or changing their registrations at will.

My contact concludes:

Basically, the DNC voting software is not just a database, it is a hydra of servers that update voter information and can pass updated information at the state level with a short explanation (such as voter
moved, re-registered, etc.) even when those events don’t actually happen.

I sum up my findings in the video below:

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