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voter fraud

DNC Leak Reveals System for Automated Voter Fraud

voter fraud

UPDATE: Twitter is attempting to ban me for my analysis of the DNC leaks. Click here to learn more.

I’ve obtained evidence via Wikileaks’ recent DNC leak that the Democratic Party’s state data swapping program enables the party to commit automated voter fraud on a massive scale.

The DNC’s system enables them to delete voters from the rolls, change their registration or anything they want.

The DNC likely used the system against Bernie Sanders’ supporters in the primary this year.

The DNC’s “database” is designed to facilitate voter fraud.

The file in question was brought to my attention by a contact of mine, who had this to say:

One document specifies how the state swap program is run. Basically, this allows a DNC API to exchange and update data between states’ voter rolls twice a year!

This is how purges happen, this is how voters are targeted and registrations switched, or voters made invalid due to any number of changes by this automated system. This is how Bernie Sanders voters got removed from voter rolls and party affiliations switched.

The state swap program ostensibly allows individual states to trade voter data with the DNC.

voter fraud

The system is designed to allow the DNC to automatically rewrite state voter rolls twice a year.

voter fraud

Effectively, the DNC’s state swap program allows the party to rewrite voter rolls as they see fit, purging voters or changing their registrations at will.

My contact concludes:

Basically, the DNC voting software is not just a database, it is a hydra of servers that update voter information and can pass updated information at the state level with a short explanation (such as voter
moved, re-registered, etc.) even when those events don’t actually happen.

I sum up my findings in the video below:

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More revelations to come. Follow me on Twitter for more updates. Read my previous report on the DNC leak and how the Democrats’ exposed their donors’ credit card info here. My report on evidence of insider trading in the DNC leak is here.

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  • Kestrel Blackfeather

    I don’t see anything in here that shows the DNC being able to rewrite state voting records. This sounds far more like data being exchanged for some software called Vote Builder. Can you point out exactly where the DNC is shown to be able to rewrite a state’s voting registry? I’m missing it.

  • Susan Posey

    What is discussed in this article is ELECTION fraud which is real and insidious and probably is responsible for the theft of the primary. “Voter fraud” is fraud done by voters and is pretty much nonexistent. Please fix the article!

  • Janice Archer Weaver

    It’s amazing how the Democrats never police themselves!

  • zapster

    This only refers to info exchanged between state *parties* and the national one. Not state *registrars* or Secretaries of State, from what I can see. How does it get into the actual State voter rolls? They’re not controlled by the party.

  • Andrew Jackson

    I don’t want to get in the way of dirty tricks but the emails don’t say what you are alleging.

  • Lyme Stats

    It’s not “voter fraud” but election fraud. Please correct. Voter fraud is virtually non-existent and is when the voter is at fault. What you are referring to is election fraud by the party. Thanks!

  • Daniel Pejchl

    Wasn’t Debbie relative in charge of computer systems counting the vote …I read a while back .. before Iowa there was an concern from Bernie camp.. and again somewhere else that there was a tie between Debbie and the computer voting machines.. anyone here know more about that?

  • CTPatriot

    I hope Matt reads the comments. Title of the article is very sloppy. Facts contained within the article don’t provide enough evidence to support the conclusion that the system can be used for ELECTION FRAUD (NOT VOTER FRAUD – please fix that).

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  • yougetmequestionmark

    You lose credibility by calling this voter fraud. As others have pointed out, it’s election fraud.

  • MartinTruther

    “on a massive scale” implies ELECTION FRAUD, not VOTER FRAUD. Please get the terminology straight. This is important. We can’t afford to play into the hands of those who are trying to deflect the seriousness of this issue by blaming election problems on individual voters when the real problem is systemic. If we don’t get our terminology right, we’re likely to get their “solution” (more stringent voter ID requirements that disenfranchise more people) instead of a real solution like paper ballots counted by hand and the scrapping of every single e-voting machine in the country.

  • hackajar

    ENGLISH! There are a bunch of words in this article, but they do not amount to a solid thought. Are you trying to say:
    DNC has an API that can update a registered democrat in CA to not be a registered democrat?
    Are you saying the can register people that have not before?
    Are you saying they can remotely vote for the person?

    WORDS! use them!

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  • Califemme

    And now YOU know why the data director for the DNC, Seth Rich, was offed.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Who a person voted for is kept secret. It’s not associated with any name.

    How did Bernie Sanders voter records get purged when that information does not exist anywhere?

  • jdgalt

    At least in my state, all ballots are numbered and the number is written down by your signature when you vote. So it would be very easy for election officials to find out who voted for which candidates and which way on which propositions.

  • CoffeeShopGhost

    Having worked with voter files, the author is, I believe, incorrect in his assumptions. This is a typical data merge under discussion. It does NOT allow the DNC to “purge” info from the States’ rolls at all. It is discussing an independent data build based on inputs via state-level sources. They are building a a new database and merging existing records to refine a picture of the individual voters. Any discards are removed from their database; they are not removed from the States’ records — meaning the official voter rolls of a state.

    In other words, people register with Ohio. Ohio makes these records (which are pretty incomplete – voter ID, name, address, sometimes phone, very rarely email, etc.) publicly available to pretty much anyone. They are public records after all. The Dem party of Ohio collects these, adds to them things like that they know Voter #123456 is a precint person for them and so adds another column of info. Maybe they know they own a business. Maybe they are a donor. Whatever. These records are the ones they are talking about merging/purging with the DNC files, which are much more complete with things like consumer behaviors (yes, they know what you buy, magazines you read, and so on). All of this is to create a more complete and, thus, more target-able voter profile. This way, if they know you are pro 2nd Amendment, they know not to send you mailers that tell the truth about Hillary’s plans. Instead they send you things about the many (many!) giveaways the DNC has for you.

  • CoffeeShopGhost

    Exactly right. The author here is making a leap of assumption and missing the other side.

    Remember: just because someone has a blog, it doesn’t make them accurate.

  • roninkai

    Sorry you didn’t get your magic unicorn.
    Getting tired of the people who won’t let go.
    If Bernie is cool with Clinton, maybe people like the author can un-clamp their butt cheeks and get on with life.
    BEFORE they cause the Republicans to win.

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  • dianaf

    In my state – NY – the ballots come bound into pads, each page is perforated across the top so that the poll workers can easily detach each ballot for the voters. The numbers you refer to are printed only on the bound stubs that are left after the ballots are detached – they are not on the ballots themselves. Once a ballot is detached from the pad, there’s no individual identifier on it and it can’t be traced back to the voter.
    You need to have the ballot stubs numbered so at the end of a day of voting you can account for every ballot, and be sure that no ballots were added or subtracted to the cast totals.

  • PogmoThoin13

    Voter fraud is when an individual voter violates voting laws (like voting twice). What you’ve described in this article is not voter fraud.

  • JERM

    *election fraud

  • MdmPhx

    Interesting. Hadn’t considered this connection. You have source/ link? Clearly something is amiss based on new available DNC info. DNC’s BSD created massive spreadsheet which was heavily modified during Tim Kaine’s tenure as DNC chair.

  • MdmPhx

    The posters asserting nothing of importance can be found in leaks haven’t read the docs and/ or haven’t read prior leaked docs. We should all play nice lest we forget online postings are permanent and searchable. The leaks should unite, not further divide.

  • Rapunzel46

    Does anyone know if the Trump campaign has seen this I assume they know, but if not they shoud.

  • Bee Elvy

    Not voter fraud, ELECTION FRAUD!

  • ladyfrancesca

    That’s a big leap from exchanging and updating voter data to purging or swapping. Perhaps it happened but I don’t read anything above that specifically outlines that scheme. I don’t doubt there was election fraud, I just need to definitive data. It is clear that SOS were involved with the DNC in some states, but nothing earth shattering here

  • rdl

    Please fix title to Election Fraud not voter fraud. Would like to post.

  • Skippy2Ton

    Can you show the source for your findings. Please walk us through with relevant references. Will happily share if you do.

  • dhazard

    Exactly – unless he is just not using english correctly this would only apply to a states DNC voting records, not the actual voting rolls used by the state for elections. I can assure you a state’s Secretary of State would not allow an outside source to access their voting roll.

  • Rand0Mone

    As others have mentioned, this is NOT voter fraud, it is election fraud.

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  • jsbw


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  • Eric Siegel

    It’s not a link between the DNC and the actual state voter registration file, it’s a link between the DNC voter database and the state Democratic Party databases. There’s a HUGE difference.

  • Eric Siegel

    Wow, that really addresses the actual content of the issue.

  • Eric Siegel

    It’s also not fraud. It’s a connection between the DNC and the State Democratic Party databases, not between the DNC and the actual state voter registration lists.

  • Eric Siegel

    It’s not linked to actual state voter registration files. It’s a link between the NDNC’s national voter list and the individual state Democratic Party organizations. It’s for GOTV purposes.

  • Eric Siegel

    The DNC can share voter list data with the individual state parties. There’s no connection whatsoever to the actual state voter registration files.

  • Lauren Demascola

    Who gives a shit if Bernie is “cool” with clinton? (Which I Don’t Think He Actually is) That Doesn’t Make What She does/Did ok. What if he robs a bank we’re supposed to think that’s OK too?

  • Mitch Powell

    Can you point to the actual emails that absolutely prove election fraud on the part of the DNC, or is all of this just “possible evidence,” “may be indicative of…” etc.?

    I’m searching WikiLeaks database with search terms I expect will show me some actual proof, but I’m not finding anything.

    Thank you,

  • Jim Williams

    Matt, please post links to the leaked documents that identify the workings of the swap program and reveal the contracts that authorize the DNC to do these swaps.

  • Ian F

    Look up Assange hints Seth Rich is the DNC leaker. He hinted strongly at it on Dutch TV and Wikileaks is offering a reward for any leads.

  • Ian F

    Indeed Matt you need to get on this broseph! This story hasn’t gotten traction yet, because it’s not quite there in the linkages. I saw screen caps of a Powerpoint that showed exactly how to do voter registration switching. Those are part of Guccifer data dump. Need to verify those and link to this, but in the mean time it’s ELECTORAL FRAUD!!!! Voter Fraud is the BS thing Republicans talk about to limit the right of minorities to vote.

  • AndyJacobs

    They didn’t know how voters were going to vote beforehand so purging voters would hurt both equally. Is there a record of Hillary voters having their registration tampered with?

  • AndyJacobs

    Not would it matter because even if states purged voters it would affect both Hillary and Bernie voters. They couldn’t know which candidate someone would vote for ahead of time.

  • David Taylor

    Facebook is actively censoring this article.

  • hightek

    Aside from the authors opinion, I don’t see anything in the above attachments that indicate the abilities he’s claiming. And of all the people registered as democrats in a given state, how would the DNC know which ones were going to vote for Bernie? Candidate preference would not be included in a state voter registration system.

    And lastly, if there were that many Bernie supporters stripped from state voting roles and unable to vote in the primaries, where are they? If millions of Bernie supporters were barred from voting, I’m pretty sure that would have made the news.

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  • Marty Kirschner

    you should unclamp your butt cheeks because you are obviously full * sh*t

  • ladyfrancesca

    I understand that. I was a campaign manager for a Congressional candidate and used VAN and another database. I’m not seeing any proof of anything yet. Hopefully something undeniable will come to light

  • Marko

    Are you serious ? You don’t think they have good data on voting tendencies and candidate support ?

    Does anyone remember ” Big Data ” Obama blowing everyone’s doors off in ’08 ? Well , those systems are another order of magnitude more sophisticated now.

    The obvious fact that a voter can literally change his mind in the seconds before he votes has absolutely no bearing on whether voter roll purges are effective. The purges are targeted based on probabilities – absolute precision is not needed to succeed in shifting a vote in the desired direction.

  • JonathanNathan

    This post is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how the software works. We as Democratic campaign staff do not have access to voter rolls. We have access to the *contents* of them, but not to the official rolls themselves. Basically, we can see the data that’s in the voter file, and we can even make alterations to *our* copy of that data, but we cannot make alterations to the official voter file.

    I was a Bernie campaign staffer and remain devastated that we lost, but the fact is that we did lose.

  • roninkai

    He’s on the road stumping for her.
    Clinton has done nothing illegal or she would have been charged by now.
    Trump is not a viable option to move the nation forward.
    So, yes he wants a Democrat to win.

    Rather a pathetic attempt at a false equivalency.
    Maybe you should go study the Republican playbook a little harder…

  • roninkai

    Ass-hats like you are going to throw the election into the lap of the Republicans. We cannot afford another administration like the Bush disaster.

  • roninkai

    A non-issue, gerrymandering by the right is going to prove much more effective in swaying the votes.

  • Gary Dexter

    Stolen election! We need the UN to come in and supervise our elections. Money and greed have rotted this country to the point that we can no longer conduct honest elections.

  • Disappointed

    Trump is against Bush and Clinton.
    That’s why he is so passionately supported as an outsider.
    Clinton/Obama are a disaster.

  • roninkai

    How the fuck do you figure that?
    The economy has recovered (no thanks to the sit on your hands do nothing Republican held Congress). Stocks are back to record levels, Jobs are up, unemployment is down. People who don’t live in regressive red-states have better options for health care.
    If you must be disappointed—be disappointed in yourself for being a blind-as-a-bat, racist-woman hater.

  • jdgalt

    Jobs are still way down from 2008. Unemployment stats are phony because they don’t reflect all the people who have given up on finding work. And the do-nothing Congress does deserve credit for things not being worse. If YOU must be disappointed, be disappointed in yourself for being economically illiterate and too stupid to know real racism and sexism when they bite you on the ass.

  • roninkai

    You need to revisit your numbers.

  • roninkai

    Oh, Unemployment stats are phony because of some pitch to buy some guys book is, “numbers”?
    I would also ask you to track Congress’s voting record on job expansion.

  • jdgalt

    I do; but that takes a realistic understanding of what creates jobs, which you apparently lack. Stimulus bills do not create any jobs. Letting businesses keep more of their own money and make more of their own decisions does.

  • roninkai

    Really? How about those business’s pay what they owe?
    Reagan and his failed bullshit policies have driven this nation to the point it’s in. Render unto Ceasar baby…
    Where do you think the nation would be if we had not given stimulus packages after that moron Bush left office?
    Please take your, realistic understanding and shove it up your ass.
    Damn fucking NeoCons and their fuckng-failed-broken-ass-bullshit.
    What a national disgrace.

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