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Dominate by David de Las Morenas

What does it mean to dominate?

We can understand the results of dominance: getting paid, getting laid, mastering a skill and so on. But what is the essence of dominance itself? And more importantly, how can you dominate in your life?

If you’ve ever wanted to achieve mastery in anything, Dominate is the book for you.

The latest book from How to Beast author David de Las Morenas, Dominate is a laboriously written and research guidebook on how to dominate in your personal life. David is no keyboard jockey; he’s a legit success in life and he has the proof. In Dominate, he breaks down the secrets of success in simple, illustrative terms that any man can understand and apply to his life.

Dominate is divided into six parts and nineteen chapters, each focusing on a particular aspect of dominance. Each chapter begins with a brief biography of a famous historical figure (Spartacus, Alexander the Great, 50 Cent etc.) who embodied the concept being discussed, closing out with an anecdote from David’s own life to reinforce the book’s lessons. In an interesting innovation, the very first part is about death and coming to terms with it:

But if you do step past this hurdle, and bring your fears to light, you can explore them on a more conscious level. Like the gladiators who recognized that they were better off dying while fighting for their freedom than dying as slaves, you too will realize that you’re better off facing your fear and failing than cowering under its pressure and becoming its slave.

David’s writing is very direct and unpretentious; he won’t win any awards, but his prose conveys his lessons forcefully and gets the point across. He makes the occasional misstep—for example, he refers to Vladimir Lenin as a “controversial” historical figure, which is like saying that Satan was “kind of a dick”—but otherwise, the book is a breeze from beginning to end.

In fact, Dominate reminds me of Robert Greene’s book The 48 Laws of Power, except where Greene is a self-congratulatory nerd more focused on jerking off to his own brilliance than actually teaching anyone, David just states the truth as plainly and simply as possible. As a result, I’d heartily recommend Dominate over Greene’s book because it’s actually geared towards giving you advice that you can implement in your real life:

It happened during a competitive men’s summer league season a couple years ago. I’d recently read a book that preached the importance of positive affirmations. So, before each game, I’d remind myself that “I’m the best player on the court” and that “I can score at will.” If I ever began to struggle during a game, I’d tell myself these things again and again.

The only area where I can truly fault Dominate is in, as I mentioned already, the book’s occasionally weak prose. Additionally, the summary at the end of the book seems a bit unnecessary; the book is short enough that having to restate its main points seems like padding.

Aside from that, Dominate is a book that will teach you how to kick ass and achieve your dreams. If you’re tired of your mediocre life, it’s a book you need to buy.

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