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Donald Trump: Zombie Hunter by Jon Davidson

Donald Trump: Zombie Hunter is a true rarity: a cross-genre book that manages to keep the best aspects of both genres.

The debut release of Jon Davidson, Zombie Hunter is a short story (about nine pages) that satirizes modern American politics. In the story, The Donald has become president, vanquishing America’s foes with his might. Yet even as he fulfills his pledge to make America great again, a new scourge rises to threaten our pompadoured savior:

Later that evening, The Donald lay in bed beside The Hot Wife, her arms covering his body in a sensual embrace of affection. With his hands locked behind his head, The Donald flashed a cocky smile which remained glued to his visage like a bad hairpiece on a bald scalp. As the hours passed The Donald began to reflect on his situation, and more specifically how much the world had improved since the day he was sworn into office. Despite years of accumulated financial damage brought about by Obama and his goofy administration, The Donald managed to wipe out the national debt and create a budget surplus by the end of his first term as commander-in-chief of the United States. Now that the Southern borders had finally been sealed off and jobs were no longer being outsourced to China, native citizens and legal immigrants once again had the opportunity to live the American Dream under a flourishing economy. Foreign relations had never been better, and even Putin himself spoke highly of The Donald’s inherent awesomeness on a number of occasions.

I won’t lie: I was fully expecting to despise Zombie Hunter. I am sick to death of zombie movies, zombie books, and zombie video games. Fortunately, Davidson manages to eschew the now well-worn cliches of zombie fiction and create something entertaining, if not truly remarkable. There are also some amusing turns of phrase in the book that help sell it (for example, Davidson always refers to Trump’s wife as “The Hot Wife.”)

I can’t talk much about the book considering its brevity—you can read it in about 10-15 minutes—but it’s far more intelligent than its name and subject matter would suggest.

Zombie Hunter is marred by the usual mistakes of first-time authors: slipshod editing (though not as bad as some other books I’ve reviewed), run-on sentences, and occasionally weak prose. But given that Davidson is a newbie author and the book is cheap (only 99 cents), I can forgive these mistakes.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for an amusing story to help kill the time, Donald Trump: Zombie Hunter is worth the paltry amount you’ll be spending on it.

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